Sunday, May 25, 2008

may twenty-five

Woke up with a cold. Nose started sniffling last night, but I didn't think much of it. Today I' m feeling okay but with a cold. Not fun. This evening though, I feel as though it's passing, so that's good news.

This afternoon Jamie did some more work on our gutters and cleaned up outside. The gutters will be done shortly, there was a piece missing to connect the middle piece, so he had to run out the hardware store, so hopefully it won't rain too badly this week to cause any swamps in my garden. We're almost in the clear for that. Things are slowly getting accomplished around here, so that is a good thing.

I re-planted my sunflowers from a small pot into a larger pot outside. I can't wait to see them blossom! Now, does anyone know how long it takes for sunflowers to reach their full 6 feet and blossom? (Apparently they are that big!) And, do I need to replant a new seed next summer or will it come back? How does it work with sunflowers?? I planted 2 this year, as an experiment. We'll see what happens.

This evening we went to dinner with my entire immediate family, and Sean drew a picture with crayons while waiting for the food to come. He really likes arts & crafts, to which, I will not complain one bit!

Today I worked on Judy's Grandmother's Baby Sweater and started one of the sleeves. I'm about half way done 1 sleeve. More knitting time tomorrow. I'm very excited to be finished with the sweater already. Tomorrow I'm 34 weeks pregnant, and I figure I've got (on the short side) only 3-4 weeks left before Mack is born. (Could be more if I go to the end or overdue, but I'm hoping not!) So in the next 3 weeks, I'll be getting a LOT of stuff accomplished. (Hopefully!)

This evening after everyone went to bed (Hubby & Son that is), I'm started doing some more cleaning & laundry (the laundry has been doing all evening actually) and I think it's more nesting. Nothing wrong with cleaning though. Especially since I'm having some out of town guests for lunch tomorrow.

I have like 25-30 pages left in the book I'm currently reading, and can't seem to get it finished. I have a bunch of other books that I'd like to read as well, and I'm hoping to get this one done already!

I've got a busy week ahead, though, I should be just taking it easy. It just seems like there is just always something to do and things to take care of. I finally did write down a list of things TO DO before Mack's born. My dad recently gave me a "lecture" (if you will) on my disorganization with my time. Yeah, I admit, I'm a little disorganized at times (or always), I've never been good with time management. And I fear it will only get worse once Mack's born, which is not a good thing. I guess it's a little too late to start correcting it now, eh?

I'm boiling hot in the house, and can't wait for the guy to come on Tuesday to take a look at the Central Air unit. I really hope it's an easy fix. I say this because I'm very pregnant and very hot.


Bea said...

Sorry to hear you are sick!

Tara said...

That reminds me, I've got to clean my AC filter and make sure the unit is working properly after the long winter! I'm glad yours turned out to be an easy fix.