Thursday, May 01, 2008

may one

Wow, it's May. January-February-March-April-May....! What?? It's May?? When did that happen? It's May, and I'm probably going to have a baby in June.

This morning we had Sean's swim class, and we're working on him kicking his legs. The class has 2 levels of kids in it, and since it's not Sean's first swim class there, he's considered one of the "advanced" kids. So, we work on harder things. He has no issues swimming under water, but kicking his feet..... we're working on that.

Speaking on things he does, the other day in the 16 month post - it mentioned "Kicking a ball". I wasn't sure if he could do it, as I've never seen it. But then last night, Sean kicked a soccer ball all the way across the basement, and kept kicking it. So he can do that. I asked Jamie how long he's been doing that, and Jamie was like "Oh, for a while now...". Good to know.

This afternoon I went with Kadi to my LYS Ariadne's shop. I wanted to check out their Lamb's Pride Bulky colors for my Prairie Boots. I want to make them, but won't need them probably until the fall. (Mind you, with central air in the house this summer, maybe I will need them in the house?) I knew I wasn't able to make it tonight to their Stitch N Bitch, so I decided to go this afternoon. Blogless Madeleine was there, as well as a few other ladies.

Sean was a really good boy at Ariadne. He waved at customers coming and going! It was actually really cute. Above he was waiving at some customers who were leaving.

I think we have a future spinner on our hands? Sean was smitten with the Louet Spinning Wheel! Maybe he'll spin his mommy some yarn for Mother's Day?

I got to knit about 2 rows while I was there, which isn't bad at all for chasing around a toddler around the Yarn Shop! There were 2 other kiddos there while I was there Blue's daughter Kaia, and Kate Gilbert was there with Tadpole. Ariadne is very accommodating with children. It's really nice. Ariadne is the only yarn shop in Montreal that I will go into. The lovely staff, Molly Ann & Mary are very sweet. They stock some stuff that I don't carry in my own yarn shop, and don't mind it if I bring my monster with me (if I don't have a babysitter, or someone to watch Sean). They have a great couch area and don't mind it if you come in and just knit and visit. It's a little far from my house, but I don't mind making the trek out there, to see them. The great thing too is that there is free parking outside the shop, and usually are guaranteed a spot right in front! I've never ever had an issue with parking when going there. That to me, is very appealing as well. I have been to some of the other LYS in my area, and well, frankly was turned away. That was another reason why I wanted to open up my own shop. I am just glad that there is somewhere in this city to go to now to knit, that treats you the way you want to be treated and accepts you as you are. And accepts that you also have a yarn shop. So a thank you to Ariadne for being lovely.

As soon as Sean's patience ran out, we had to leave. I basically knew going, that his patience would determine how long I'd be able to stay there.

After sitting in some traffic on the way home, after parking the car in our driveway, we walked across the street to the park that faces our driveway. I let Sean run around for a bit. It was a bit chilly, but the sun was out nevertheless.

I just love this kid's smiles. They brighten my day. It's getting a ton harder to photograph him as he's constantly on the move. He just doesn't sit still!

Playing around with a new photo light I got (but not sure I like it at all):

I photographed my progress on Mackenzie's Judy's Grandmother's Baby Sweater. It's coming along. I'm shaping the neck right now. I hope to have it finished soon, so that I can move onto other projects. The light bulb I used is supposed to mimic natural light, but I don't think it worked out too well. I'm going to play around with adjusting the light, etc, but maybe I will have to look into something else. I'm trying to perfect my little mini home photo studio (non-existent) actually. I miss the days when I was in photography school and had the use of the studio there. I wish I knit back then. Oh the beautiful shots of yarn I would have taken.... LOL.

Here is progress on the Sweet Baby Cap (haven't knit on it in a few days, but getting there! And those addi turbo lace needles..... sweet heaven!

And here, the light worked out great, with the Lamb's Pride. Maybe it just didn't like the angle I was shooting the other stuff at. Anyhow, here is the colors I chose for my Prairie Boots. Dark green for the boot with a fuschia sole. YEY! They are going to look great!

Since it's May, I listed the the June Sock Club kits. There are only a FEW spots left, and it just got listed. The kit was actually sold out for a few weeks now. It's a HOT HOT HOT kit! I managed to get a few extra spots and they are now listed.

In other Robyn's Nest news, SURPRISE! I'm having a 5$, 10$, 15$ & 20$ Sock Skein sale!

20$ Skein Sale:
Colinette Jitterbug
Dream in Color Smooshy

15$ Skein Sale:
Noro Kureyon Sock

10$ Skein Sale:
OnLine Sock Yarn

5$ Skein Sale:
Cascade Sassy Stripes
Cascade Fixation

The sale is currently on until the beginning of next week!


Bea said...

Cute. How quickly he is growing up! Geez...I think he is a lot smarter then his age says he is.

O. said...

Sean is so adorable!
And, your knitting, you're such a pro, I can only watch and learn :)

Tara said...

I think it's great that you're getting Sean accustomed to yarn shops. Then again, you OWN a yarn shop, so that's probably a good idea. LOL!

Big Girl Feet said...

oooh you're making the boots- I just bought that pattern too- i'll need your expert advice tho' it looks a bit on the difficult side for me at the mo'....!

g-girl said...

those prairie boots are cute--a cheaper version of the ones ugg put out this past winter (and much more customizable!). you're very lucky to have a park so close by! wow, where has tanis fiber arts been hiding?? I can't wait for the june kit!

mary j said...

you are very welcome lady! bring your pregnant or post-pregnant self and brood in anytime at all! :) we like the company!