Monday, May 19, 2008

may nineteen :: 33 weeks pregnant

Today, I'm 33 weeks pregnant. 49 days to go. (It' s hit under 50!) The list of things to do is increasing, though slowly things are getting done. I finally pulled out the preemie clothing as well as the 0-3 month sized clothing. I want to be prepared this time in case Mack is born tiny. Sean, at full term was preemie size at 5 lbs 5 oz, dropping to just over 4 and a half pounds during this first week. If I have small babies, then there is a very good chance Mack could be at full term a little guy. So I'll be prepared at the hospital, and not have to take a road trip to Walmart on the way home from the hospital, like we did with Sean, to get preemie Huggies and preemie pj's & clothing. This way, this doesn't happen again. (Empty legs!)

Today it rained all day. It's very possible that a good portion of my garden is ruined. You see, half the gutters were installed in the back of the house, and well, it drained the roof onto my garden, creating a swamp. I really do not know what the extent to the damage is, but it looks like it may be most of my tomatoes (which I started back in March!) and who knows what else. I won't really be able to assess the situation until the weather clears up and I can get back into the garden.

Tomorrow we also have to call a company to come take a look at our Central Air. The machine is blowing air, but not cold air. So I have no A/C. It's been (LUCKILY) a cool weekend, but at over 8 months pregnant, and the middle of May, Central Air (Air conditioning period) would be lovely. If there is a problem with the unit, we're going to go after the previous owner of the house to replace whatever it broken. At the time that we bought the house, we were unable to check the machine to see if it was in good working order, since it was the end of the October that we put an offer on the house, and the heating was already on for the winter.

Today, I finally finished a necklace that I made for Jamie's cousin. She'd bought the pendant, and wanted a necklace made. I've been toying with different looks and beads, and finally got inspired tonight to finish it. I love it. I hope she does too. I'm mailing it off to her tomorrow. I of course had to photograph it before sending it off! As with any piece of anything that I create.

Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry has just signed a multi-year deal with ABC, locking him in to the dramatic comedy until May 2011. So what's with the way they ended last night's episode with "Five Years Later"? I just finally watched it. I guess that's something that we won't find out why they did that until next season starts up again, which I assume will be in the fall. But that definitely was not the series finale, since they are signed on for more seasons until 2011. (Another 3 seasons). The article I read also said that 2011 may not be where it ends either, that they'll re-negotiate in May of 2011. I just don't get the ending. Any one have any ideas why they did it that way?? Also, the name Susan named her baby boy, Maynard..... very interesting. Not a name I'd ever choose for my son!

Speaking of baby names, I must find Mack a hebrew name. We need it by his Bris (Circumcision ceremony). We have time, but I want to decide before he's born. I have a few names bouncing around, we'll see what we end up with. Jamie basically left the hebrew name up to me, like he did with Sean's hebrew name. (Which is Chaim Dov. Chaim was my late grandfather's hebrew name and Dov means bear, and I just thought that the two names "went" together). Mack's hebrew first name will be after my late great-grandfather Moe and the middle name is just going to be something that goes with whatever "M" first hebrew name I decide to choose.

I finished 1 full skein of Cascade 220 for Mack's baby sweater that I am working on. (Pattern: Judy's Grandmother's Baby Sweater). I'm about 70% done the sweater, I'd say. I wound skein number 2, and I think I'm going to go knit a few more rows before going up to bed to read. I also want to watch tonight's episode of Bones to find out what happened to Booth. They can't kill him off!! He got shot last week, but who knows what happens.... I should take a photograph of how much 1 skein gave me, I'm curious to see how much of skein 2 it'll take. I don't think it'll need the full skein 2. The baby sweater is 6 month size, I surely hope that it won't need skein number 3!

I have a TON of stuff to knit before Mack is born, for both Sean, Mack and myself. I wonder how many FO's I get get done before he's born and I have even more less time on my hands!

Hope you all had a great Victoria Day holiday today! The only thing that I hate about having holidays is the fact that there is no mail! We only receive mail from Monday - Friday here (unlike the USA who gets mail on the weekends too! Or at least on Saturday anyhow). I just love going to the mailbox around/just before lunchtime and getting the mail. It's one of my fave parts of the day.

I now have under 100 pages left in the book I'm reading. I'm hoping to get it done soon, so I can start another book. Another thing I want to do a lot of before Mack's born. Who knows how much personal time I'll get after having 2 kids in my life! I'm totally NOT complaining about losing personal time, I guess I just want to take advantage of what "alone" time I have now, I guess.

I'm going to go reposition myself, I think Mackenzie is rearranging my organs inside my body. Going to knit and then read some. That's the plan.


Hattie said...

Man, I do not miss being preggo at all! I'm glad I am done with that at least for now lol. Who knows what the future might bring?

Pretty necklace, I've been trying to pick up beading, etc for a bit, and it's just overwhelmed by my knitting. :)

I can't believe your munchkin was that tiny when he was born! My son was 8lbs 6oz, and well I can't recall what my daughter was, and now I see her baby book has gone missing...but she was close to 8 lbs. I could care less what they weigh, so long as they are healthy!

Bea said...

Sorry about the garden and the AC. That sucks. I hope all is not lost with the tomatos.

I love the picture of Sean in the footies. He was so so tiny!

twinsetellen said...

Hang in there. I'm sure you recall that the last month is the longest half of the pregnancy!

Tara said...

I can't believe you did all that work and your garden might be ruined!!! Of course, you can always buy more tomato plants.

g-girl said...

mack is rearranging your organs?? i can't even imagine what that must feel like! that's exactly it--you want to make the most of the time you have now, before you officially have two little ones to take care of. :)