Friday, May 02, 2008

may two :: 70 weeks

Sean is 70 weeks old today. He'll be approximetely (give or take) 77-78 weeks older than his brother. I'm 31 weeks pregnant on Monday. My doc doesn't think I'll go past 38 weeks (which I'm hoping is correct), and so that brings Sean somewhere between 77-78, to 78-82 weeks if I should go past my due date (I sure hope not, I can't take being overheated anymore!) I really feel menopausal or something. Hot flashes all the time, I'm sooooo done!

Sean was all giggles and smiles after his bath today, I just had to snap up some adorable photos of him in his cute towel.

Yep, he's sticking out his tongue. And he thought it was funny for like 20 minutes afterwards, he kept sticking his tongue out.

His curls are back!!! Slowly growing back out since his February hair cut. I missed them a lot.

I found a new spot for my vegetable garden starters.... my dinning room window. I didn't realize how much sunlight actually comes through this window, and it's fantastic. I think I planted WAAAY too many cucumber seeds, because each starter had 4 seeds in it (oops) and they are all growing healthy and strong. Apparently cucumber grows and grows and grows and takes over gardens, so we'll have to see about how many to keep. Anyone with experience with cucumbers want to tell me how many I should actually plant? I've got 6 starters with about 3-4 seeds in each (again, oops!) and there seems to be almost 20 cucumber plants. Oh my! Anyone want a cucumber plant?? My pumpkins are also doing well, I planted 3 pumpkins to make sure that I at least got 1 for Sean and 1 for Mackenzie. It's pretty darn cool the way it's all sprouting, I'm just not sure how to take care of it all until it actually goes into the earth in 2 weekends. Also, I assume that I need to rip the netting around the pellet starters open at the bottom so that the roots can grow? Otherwise they are caught in this little pellet starter thing, that has netting around the earth in the pellet.

We did some cleaning up around the playroom and I brought out this set of extra blocks that I'd gotten for the playroom, and upon taking it out, I noticed a block that had a ball of yarn on it. I love it!

I also finally put the foam letters on the doors. I bought Sean's name and Mack's name for their doors. I think it looks great! And fun too, at the same time!


Missing, 3 toddler size socks. Missing after wearing and sometime before folding the clean load of laundry. If found, please call Master Sean. He has plenty of other socks, but is missing these too.

(Where on earth do baby socks go?? I check every garment carefully before folding the pieces and putting them away as we've lost way too many socks in the past - and found them inside other clothing. This time, I'm not finding anything....)

Missing 1 slipper of each, 1 frog with glasses and 1 parrot. 18-24 month size in both cases. Gone missing recently. If found, please contact Master Sean, he likes his slippers before bedtime and after bath time as well.

Today was a chill day on the couch (much needed!) with some blog reading catching up and some emailing (gotta try to keep my inbox cleaner!), Sean took a late nap (we kinda got up late - Whoops!) we had dinner at the in-laws, and ti was delicious as usual. (Love my Jewish-Italian mother-in-laws cooking, tonight it was homemade Lasagna). My sister-in-law and her boyfriend came in from out of town for a party, and it was good to see them. My nephew (who didn't come in) lost his first two teeth and is very excited that he got a visit from the tooth fairy. (Must remember to finish putting together a little something I have for him and mail it off to him with a congrats on losing his first two baby teeth!) I got some knitting done on Judy's Grandmother's Baby Sweater, which I am loving the way it is coming out! It's great to be able to knit a few rows while other people (in the family) watch Sean. When I'm alone with him, he lets me get NO knitting done.


Karen said...

always love the pictures of Sean - he always seems so bubbly :-)

Laural Dawn said...

I love the letters on the doors. So cute!
Thanks for stopping by my blog.
Oh, and yes, I finished Toddlers Gone Wild :)

sharon said...

the socks have gone to play with a couple of pink ones...
I love that overheated comment from you - I was so cold during my pregnancies and have never really 'heated' back up since. My SIL is now a week over due and no sign of number 3....

Tara said...

Wow, I really like those letters on the kids' rooms. Maybe I'll try something like that!

g-girl said...

look at all those plants sprouting!! I had no idea that cucumber just grows and grows. I'll have to plant some next time! I did the same thing as you did--planted more seeds in each lil thingy in case one of them didn't sprout!

Maaike said...


Plant only two cucumber plants in your garden, three if you're adventurous, and you'll have more than enough cucumbers to feed your family (even the extended family) as well as your neighbours. Cucumber plants produce a LOT of produce. If you have a trellis or something, it's nice if you can get them to climb up, so that they don't take over the whole garden.

For the pumpkin, one plant will produce more than enough pumpkins for the whole family, my one pumpkin plant usually makes 4 or 5 actual pumpkins. They also take up a LOT of space in the garden.

Just be warned that the vegetable garden that looks bare and that it won't make nearly enough food at planting time will soon overtake your life. These plants get big -- fast!

Good luck. Give me a call if you need vegetable advice, I've had a vegetable garden for the last 6 years now.

Amelah said...

The Plasnts - your cats don't attack them?? I once got a plant from a friend and put it inside on the window sill in the kitchen & the cats knocked at it until it fell into the sink!!!

Aww his curls!! I love this kid!! And those pictures of him giggling is what makes me smile!!! I love hearing the giggles too!!

I may have a sock or 2 and am holding them for ransom!! Jokes :) Ur too funny!!!