Saturday, May 24, 2008

may twenty-four

This morning my mother and I went in our area to two community garage sales that were happening. I wanted to get out of the house, even with a sore throat. I woke up and it hurts to swallow, as well my ears are ringing a bit. But just sitting in the house all day resting is not that comfortable anymore. Mackenzie doesn't seem to like any position that I sit or lie down in. So being up is good too. The first one we went to was in a parking lot of a pool around the corner from my house, which is also around the corner from my parents house. I got a bunch of books for Sean for .25¢ each. Books that are in excellent condition. Cheaper than going to the used book center. Sean loves to look at books and be read to. I really think he'll be a reader.

At the 2nd garage sale, that was held in the parking lot where Sean's swim classes are (as well as the library/city hall), I didn't get anything but my mom got a neat toy boat for the swimming pool and a musical bus for Sean to play with as well.

Garage sales are usually other people's junk, but sometimes you find good items. Like books. And like a pair of vintage knitting needles (Boye) for .25¢ as well. (I am starting to collect vintage needles).

Somehow, (not sure how), my car (with the parking break on) rolled into the street from our driveway. The fence guy noticed it when he finally showed up to work today on our backyard. I'm really not sure how this happened?? I think I'm going to have to get my parking break looked at. I've never had this happen to me. And, the funny thing is, there is no real incline on our driveway. Yes, I'm sure it's not 100% level, but there is no slope, no hill, nothing....! My car was just sitting there, pretty, in the middle of the street... I wonder for how long, and I wonder how many neighbors were curious as to why my car was in the middle of the circle like that!

Houston, we have a fence. Well, it's almost done anyhow. Just our luck, the door the fence guy ordered doesn't fit to the size fence we have, so he has to get a new gate door on Monday.

The privacy slats were started today too. Guess what? Just our luck, the fence guy didn't order enough. There is still a side and a half to finish. Though, we have two full sides up now and I love that I don't have to see into the back neighbors yard anymore. I can't wait to have full privacy in our backyard. I'm very excited, let me tell you!

This afternoon Sean & I enjoyed checking out everything in the yard while Jamie did work in the backyard. Sean enjoys stopping to smell the roses. I mean, the lilacs. (We still think we may actually have a rose bush in the backyard, we're waiting for it to flourish, etc). But the lilac tree is doing well, and Sean loves it. I love this picture of Sean smelling the flowers.

It's a good thing that I like purple now... we certainly have a LOT of purple flowers in our yard! Though, I have to tell you that I miss my purple flower plant (and my orange flowers too) that I had in my duplex.

Right now, due to the fence being put up, we only have this little mini flower/plant garden in the backyard (excluding my vegetable garden), until the fence is finished. Here's some close ups:

My Iris'.

A filler plant, that I just love the shape/leaves/color of.

The bamboo plant growing strong. I am wondering if it starts back out "small" again next year?

On to some fun vegetable gardening sightings.... in the 1 week since planting my garden, my radishes are starting to sprout. I think their little leaves are just too cute. Apparently radish only take 21 days - 28 days for full maturity, so we should have radishes in another two or three weeks! I plan on planting more once these are ready to be eaten.

Though, in another section of the garden.....

I cannot for the life of me understand what the heck is going on with my cucumber plants. I am really upset.

This second cucumber plant is looking a little healthier than the first, but I don't understand why the leaves are wilting and it looks sad & pathetic. Anyone with vegetable gardening experience have any advice for me? The cucumber plants were the ones that I was the most excited about (cucumbers are my absolutely FAVE vegetable). I really don't lose them. I think I may start some new seeds tomorrow *just* in case.

Late afternoon we did a few things in Sean's big boy room, lining the drawers in his new dresser so that I can move his clothing over from what will be Mack's room to Sean's big boy room. Sean decided to climb into his hamper. Silly kid. He likes playing peek-a-boo, little does he realize, it's see-through!

I love playing around with color and photography, and just love this photo I took today of one of Sean's wood toys. The lighting, the colors, the composition.... love it! So simple, yet so... what's the word?

Tonight, I finished the body on Mackenzie's Judy's Grandmother's Baby Sweater. All I have left to do is the sleeves. Jamie and I watched the first Stanley Cup play off game, and I got to knit. I'm rooting for Pittsburgh, (I'm a Sidney Crosby fan) and Jamie, for financial (hockey pool) reasons, is rooting for Detroit. (Otherwise he'd be rooting for Pittsburgh as well).

Tomorrow I start the sleeves. Hopefully this will be a finished object within the next couple of days! Next to finish, is Sean's Cabled Pullover and then many other projects (including Sean's blankie). Trying to get as much knitting time in as possible before Mack's born.

Did you hear about this German couple who lost custody of their 7 month old baby for posting an ad on ebay to sell their child? That is just insane.


jane said...

The 'filler' plant looks like it's a Lily, it will probably flower later on in June or July.

And the 'bamboo' plant is a variegated Japanese fleece flower (Fallopia). It dies to the ground each year, but grows vigourously during the growing season.

If you want to replace the purple and orange flowers you had at your last place, the purple is a kind of hybrid clematis and the orange looks like a standard issue day lily.

g-girl said...

have you tried thrift stores for books for sean?? I used to find tons! That's so weird that your car just rolled out into the street. Something similar to that happened to one of the dads in my class (though his car was running!!). Thank goodness there wasn't any damage (different story for the dad in my class though!). Did you overwater the cucumbers? I don't know what to tell you. :( hey, I can already Mack in that sweater (sleeveless) and he's gonna look like a lil present! ;) yeah, heard about that couple but didn't know their child got taken away from them. good!

Jenny said...

I just love that sweater! The color is my fav (green) and the design is super cool!

Zonda said...

Nice flowers and oh..lilac's I love them, but they die here in the south. Nice fence, hope they finish it soon for you :)

Bea said...

Sweater is pretty. Such interesting construction. I think your fence looks great. Hopefully they get it finished quickly!

Love the flowers. The lilacs especially.

TopVeg said...

Your veg garden is growing at a great rate. They all look so healthy!

Tara said...

The filler plant is most definitely a Lily. And Émilie used to love climbing into her hamper (it was shaped like a lobster) with a bunch of books and just chilling out.