Thursday, May 15, 2008

may fifteen

I finally washed Sean's name sippy cup, and he got to use it today for the first time. I think it's really cute, and Sean likes it. I think he's deep in thought in this photo! I wonder what he's thinking about.

We also played around with Elmo's Video Camera for kids. It's really cute. We'd gotten it on liquidation at Winners not too long ago. I thought it would be neat to take a photo of Sean through the camera's lens. He thought it was funny.

I've gotten a request for images of the picot edging for the camera cozy I'm making. I tried my best to photograph it, but I'll do better photos when I have some more time tomorrow. It's my first time making a picot edge on anything. Très simple. Loving it.

What do you think?? I'm loving the way it's stitched into the piece while knitting it up, and not seamed afterwards. I'm going to make a pattern after I'm done my cozy, it's very simple if you ask me. I'll turn it into a PDF and make it available, for those of you whom have an iPod touch and want to make a cozy! I'm using lightweight sock yarn scraps, and it's very easy.

My Iris' are looking good. One has blossomed already! They are GORGEOUS! WOW! I can't believe that I have more than 1 of these plants. The others will be re-planted once the fence goes up in my backyard. But the plant you see is not affected by the backyard renovations.

Isn't it just beautiful? So beautiful I had to play around in photoshop with the image:

It felt so good to play around in photoshop for a bit. Hadn't worked on a photo like this in months. Yes I color correct and fix up my images before printing or blogging them, but not playing around, etc. I need to keep up with my skills! (I have a degree in both graphic design & professional photography, even though currently I'm not practicing my degrees officially).

Finally spoke to my neighbor, and he tried to input his opinion on the color choice for the fence, but if he is not going to pay a penny, he's getting no say in anything. My fence is for me, not for him, and it's going up on my side of the line (which he's making me re-measure again tomorrow). Ugh! I'm hoping that my garden area will be ready tomorrow, as I will be gardening hopefully over the weekend (hopefully there won't be any rain). When I got home this evening there was yet another message on my machine from my neighbor, as well as a letter in my mailbox. Oh, I really want to make sure that the fence is going up 100% on my side so that I have no issues in the future from the neighbor. Why are neighbors sometimes really annoying and "special"?

Tonight, I went with the West Island Knits group to a pub for some knitting. We were 6 of us, including a new member! I hope she returns and wasn't scared of us! It was a lot of fun knitting in a pub, which was a little dark, but because there was a TV screen behind us, it wasn't so bad.

Information is now up for the July Sock Club! June's is completely sold out, so I listed the July kits early. July's kit will be the last kit for a little while, as Robyn's Nest sock club is taking a mini-vacation until early fall, just while I get adjusted to having a newborn and toddler in my life. Once things get back to normal, the sock club will resume (I'm thinking for September 2008). In any case, I'm doing something a little different & special for the July kit, since I decided to do a mini-vacation from the sock club being at the end of my pregnancy. I think I'll have my hands full for a bit with the two boys.

PLEASE NOTE: Robyn's Nest will STILL remain open for business, it's just the sock club that is taking a mini-vacation.


Bea said...

I think your picot edge turned out really lovely. The iris is GORGEOUS!

Zonda said...

Pretty Iris! Geesh, that neighbor is being a pain!! Wish you luck on that!

Tara said...

(Shakes head at special neighbor) I really hope things work out, but in my experience, the way things are going so far, you're going to have issues with that neighbor for a while!