Wednesday, May 28, 2008

May twenty-eight :: 17 months old

Sean is 17 months old today. I can't believe in a month he'll be a year and a half old. According to What to Expect the Toddler Years, at 17 months Sean is right on track. (Actually, he's a little smarter, but shhhh!)

Sean got silly and started sticking out his tongue. He's such a funny little guy. So I joined him. (It's amazing how "slimming" the color black is! If you don't see me from the side view, with my basketball belly), you can't even tell I'm pregnant! That's what I love about this time around... from the back, you'd never guess that I'm pregnant. It's all about the belly!

Today we ran some errands with my mom and picked up Angela at one point, who came out knitting with me tonight. Sean was being such a cutie in the car, I just love this kid. Don't you just love his Pirate Airwalk shoes?? I love little boys clothes!

Oh, ya, shoes don't stay on long with this kid. Socks either. Sean wanted to show you all that he can take off his socks & shoes all by himself. Now I just need to teach him how to put his socks back on as well as the shoes!

And a few minutes later it was nap time. He was zonked, being up early and having music class this morning, running around the gym at the Y... he was tired.

This afternoon my mother, Angela & I hit up the La Senza Sale and I got waaaay too many pairs of pj pants. I just love them from there, and at the price that they were, how could you go wrong? There was this really cute cashmere sweater that I saw on "display" at the cashes afterwards, and didn't see the sweater while inside the warehouse. Anyhow, I wish I'd seen it, I would have gotten myself one, or two, or three (apparently there were 5 different colors). I guess I am just going to have to knit myself something similar. I say this because tomorrow the sale opens up to the public (today was by invitation only) and I'm NOT standing in those crazy line ups that they have when it's finally open to the public for 1 sweater. Grrr! Oh well. I did get some really neat stuff today.

Tonight I went knitting with the West Island Knits group, and I had a lot of fun. Blogless Madeleine had a very interesting knit to show us, which she actually knit for my sister. (My sister was telling us about this pattern last time, and it's just too funny!)

We were 7 knitters strong tonight. (My sister, Jennifer, Angela, Madeleine, Hélène, Eugenie, and myself). I enjoyed the nachos and I got some rows done on the 2nd sleeve of Mack's sweater. It's coming along! Pictures tomorrow.

Can someone please explain to me this outfit tonight on Don Cherry? I know he's into wacky suits, it's his "thing".... but this... is well, just over the top. And GO PITTSBURGH PENGUINS! They won tonight, and Sid the Kid scored 2 of the goals! Whoot! (Jamie's still rooting for Detroit for financial (hockey pool) reasons, but because of Sidney Crosby, I'm rooting for the Penguins to win. They are going to have to put up a good fight to win, but the Pens can still win!!


Jenn said...

OMG, Don's suit was too much! My hubby and I were howling when we saw that one. Go Penguins for sure!! I wasn't sure if they were gonna have their asses handed to them this game, but they came back with a vengeance.
That "pattern" in question is freaking hallarious too, I may have to make one.
I'm the same this time around too..all belly. Love it, it's waaay more cuter. Also..Lovin' Sean's shoes. :-)

Drea said...

ur right in that 2nd pic u dont look preggo at all. crazy!

Bertha said...

Aw! I love Sean's pirate sneaks! I wish they made pink pirate shoes I could get for June!

Anonymous said...

Sean is going to be a little heart throb. He's getting cuter and cuter by the month! And you're right, the black is slimming on you!

Bea said...

I love the little pirate shoes! So so cute. You are totally right about the black. I can't tell you are pregnant, let alone almost all the way along, in that picture.

Casey said...

don't you love reading those what to expect books and find out your baby is ahead? I used to love reading that book with my first, I haven't looked at one in awhile though

Tara said...

That chapstick holder is too funny. I can just imagine the looks on people's faces if I pulled that out on the train! LOL!!!