Tuesday, May 06, 2008

may six

Some little sweet angel (okay, toddler) touched my alarm clock at some point and I had no idea it was over an hour off. 1 hour and 6 minutes to be precise. So this morning, we did not make it to Sean's class. To be honest, I am not disappointed as the sleep in (Yes! Sean's been sleeping through the night as of late - no complaints here) was much needed.

I took care of a few things around the house, including folding about 6 loads of laundry that were done before the washer & dryer were sold (to move our new machines into the laundry room). I hate folding laundry. Though, I don't hate it more than I hate sweeping & moping the floors. (Maybe that's why I have a cleaning lady?)

This afternoon I ran some errands with my mother, and did a few things that needed to be taken care of. I always love doing errands with either my mother or sister, they are a big help to me these days, now that the belly is super big, I can't carry as much groceries or even Sean for that long.

This evening I was glad that we just had leftovers in the fridge for dinner. Thank goodness we had leftovers, I wasn't in the mood to cook or bake or think about dinner. Though, tomorrow I plan on getting off my lazy bum and making dinner. I also have an idea for Thursday night's supper too. For a while (except for last week) we were ordering in a lot, and I'm honestly sick of take-out, as easy as take-out is!

This evening my father came over and helped Jamie wire an extension for the dryer. I wanted them stacked (to be able to add in a shelving unit) and well, the dryer extension was not long enough to reach where the outlet was for it.

I am so happy to have extra shelving space just off my office. I am also super excited to have my new washer & dryer in place. We'd gotten them in June 2007, and they finally got installed sometime in July or August 2007 when we finally brought our old washer & dryer that we had up to our tenant's before they moved in for University in the fall. Then I used my new washer & dryer from about mid-August ish or so, until we moved in November. So they got about 3 months of good usage before the move. Then we moved to our single family home and it came with a washer & dryer, which we tried selling. It took until last week to sell them and until this weekend to get them out of the house. I'm super excited to test out my "new" washer & dryer. I forget how they work! I'll have to check the instruction booklets and refresh my memory. I also can't wait to put my laundry room back in order/place, as all of the stuff that was stored on top of the washer & dryer was dumped into my office. What a mess! Slowly but surely it's all being put back together. Which I'm happy about. I hate mess, even though I'm the queen of clutter, LOL. Go figure!

No knitting today. Just didn't have the energy or time. Maybe tomorrow, I'm hoping.

Though, I did receive my Sheep Birkenstock Clogs in the mail today. Oh, I heart them. And they better be worth the disgusting UPS brokerage fee I paid for them. (Dear UPS, I hate you, Love A Knitter Who Had to Have Sheep Clogs).

Robyn's Nest June Sock Club is just about sold out with the extra spots we added to the shop! A few spots left! You will be getting a skein of sock yarn, an exclusive pattern that you will NOT be able to get in any other yarn shop or store but in this kit, and lots of goodies including matching stitch markers to the club kit! If you miss out on June's kit - I will be listing July's kit shortly, once June's sells out. I'm doing something extra special for July, and very unique. (But you won't get to know what it is until you get it in the mail!! Don't you just love surprises??)


Amelah said...

Looks good! Are u returning the 2nd shelving unit?

No prob! I love spending time with Sean & You and dont mind doing errands! Can't wait to meet Mack & hang out the 4 of us!! xoxo :)

Bea said...

The clogs are great!

Zonda said...

Love those birki's...must...resist!
Glad you were able to get your w/d stacked as you wanted it :)

Jenny said...

I love those birkis--too hilarious!

Caroline said...

Oh my God! I seriously need these clogs!

Tara said...

Those clogs are da Bomb!!! And I totally agree, UPS is evil.