Tuesday, May 20, 2008

may twenty

Today was "Beach Day" in class, but pregnancy brain took over, and mommy forgot. So Sean wasn't wearing shorts or a tshirt, nor sandals, but the ice cream still tasted the same. Messy messy ice cream. Sean took a bite out of the bottom of the cone. 'Nuff said.

After class we ran some errands, and within those errands I stopped off at City Hall to ask a few questions at Urban Planning. There, I learned that unless I write a letter and start a process, I'm not allowed to put up a fence in the space that I have a servitude with Hydro Qu├ębec & Bell Canada. They have the right to 1,52m of my backyard at the far back. I do have the right to put up a wooden fence in the land that they have a servitude with, without asking them, but it has to have a door near the electrical pole. This damn electrical pole is causing me issues! (If you are going to buy a house or land to build a house, I highly suggest that you look into the property and what the deal is with any servitudes with the electrical/phone company, etc.) Especially if there is no fence up already in your backyard.

So we re-measured the backyard with 1,52m (just over 4 ft) and it's a bit of a loss in the backyard. I also noticed that not a single neighbor on my street on my side has a fence in the backyard that is completely sealed off. Weird. I am now wondering why. (If it has anything to do with the servitude). So now, that we moved the fence even further into our property, my back neighbor, the one who is bored and causing issues because he has too much free time on his hands, well, he can go twiddle his thumbs elsewhere.... my fence will be no where NEAR his backyard, and it will be no where near his responsibility. It's a damn good thing that he's not paying for half of it... because it would have been an even bigger hooplah.... one that I'm just not interested in issues.

Hopefully the fence will be done by the end of the day tomorrow, but he said if not, by aThursday morning. YEY! A closed in backyard! Space for Sean to run around and I don't have to worry about him running off!

Here is progress on Mackenzie's Sweater. This is what I got out of 1 ball of Cascade 220. I've already done more progress than this, joining the 2nd ball of yarn. I cannot wait for this sweater to be finished. I can't wait to see how it's going to look done. It was really hard to photograph this sweater hanging, but I wanted to capture it at length.

This is my new fave product. Nic's Sticks by Opi. I saw it today on Oprah (not sure if it was yesterday's episode or today's) but I literally finished watching the episode and ran out to the drug store closest to my house that had them in stock. It's available at these stores, if you are interested. I picked up Date Night and Do You Deliver? Two totally different shades of red. I only opened one to start, as the 2nd one was returnable if unopened. However, it's such a fantastic product, that I think I want to go out and get some more colors! I usually don't wear polish because I feel that I do not apply it properly to myself. That was my biggest issue with nail polish. But now, I have beautiful nails, with NO mess and a pen type stick (Think Tide-to-Go!) to carry with me, incase a quick touch-up is needed.

Tonight Jamie & I watched the movie Lars and the Real Girl. It was with Ryan Gosling & Emily Mortimer. Interesting movie. It was definitely "special". It was about a guy who has a relationship with a blow up doll. Some parts were really funny, and some were a little slow. I worked on Mack's sweater while watching the movie, so I am glad I had that to do.

I managed to do a bit of gardening this afternoon, and my garden was saved. The plants withheld the swampage that the rain brought on yesterday. I am so happy that nothing got ruined (at least I don't think it did). We'll see how things turn out, but once again, this year is trial & error.... but I don't want the error to be the mistake of the gutters that were half installed. We'll see what happens. I just can't wait to start seeing things in the garden grow larger & start to give vegetables (and some fruit!) Definitely very excited!

I can't figure out why blogger is not emailing me my comments. Is anyone else having issues? I am wondering if it's a link between blogger & hotmail? I just want to receive my comments at my regular email address - but it's just not working out that way right now. I even tried reporting it to blogger, but got re-directed to some "help group" thing and it was just useless. Ugh! I still see my comments though, because I moderate them. So I've been emailing people back in blank emails, because nothing is getting email to me. I find it very odd. Maybe it'll resolve itself soon?

I really hope Sean is cutting a tooth because well, he woke up FOUR times last night, and Jamie & I both got really crappy sleep last night. I really hope there was a reason behind this. But, then again, soon, once Mackenzie is born, I will be up that many times during the night anyhow, so maybe I should get "used" to it again.


O. said...

fingers crossed for the fence to be up and ready soon!
and thanks for mentioning the 'pens', they really look like fun - I must get some to try. How much are they? (I'll probably be going to Wallmart)

Not An Artist said...

Oooh I may need to run out and get me some of those nail polish pens today too! What a great idea, I can't believe it hasn't been done before.

Love the green of Mack's sweater, that is going to be one well-dressed baby boy when he arrives.

Anonymous said...

if only my nails wouldn't break all the time - that stuff would be perfect for me - I may have to get some for college daughter though

will you be going to Rhinebeck this year? (I know, is it too early to think about it?)

Amanda said...

That's so funny that OPI is making those - I had a bunch just like that in the 80's. They had ones with a brush, and ones that were almost like a felt tip marker. I think mine were Avon. They are pretty cool.

Re: Blogger - no clue what's going on for you, I've been getting my comments normally....

Bea said...

No clue about the comments, mine is sending them to me just fine.

Glad your fence is almost done. Sorry about loosing so much back yard. We have a bit smaller servitude in ours but since it opens right up to the land surrounding the lake we don't worry about it much.

The nail polish is interesting. I couldn't figure out what it was at first.

Zonda said...

Bummer on the fence, but at least nosy neighbor won't have to bug you about it...well I hope :)

Wonder if you can use that stuff on your toes...hmmm going to have to get some this weekend!

Tara said...

OK, this is probably a stupid comment, but did you check to make sure that you're set up for comment notification? I only ask because Blogger once erased my preference, and I had to specify my email address again. So glad that the veggie garden is saved, btw!

g-girl said...

that is so strange that there wasn't already a fence put in place. at least you won't have to deal with that neighbor any longer. those nailpolish pens are cool. what a great idea! my nails grow too quickly when I paint them though so I don't paint them like I used to!