Friday, May 09, 2008

may nine :: 71 weeks

This morning we put in a pot roast into the slow cooker (a new recipe) and then headed over to Blogless Kate-the-Enabler's house to help her out with her blankie project and drop some stuff off for both Kate & Tara. I gave them both some cucumber plants and Tara got some zucchini as well. I still have a few left if anyone else in the Montreal area is interested.

Sean is 71 weeks old today.

We ran errands all afternoon, including stopping by my dad's work to visit everyone there including my sister, brother who were working at the time. They helped me watch Sean while I did a few things there that I needed to do, and then we headed off to do more errands! I had pictures to print at the photolab that I wanted a) on time for Mother's Day, and b) on special that ended today. I hadn't printed anything of Sean since December 2007. (A little behind let me tell you!) The guy must have goofed, because I had 493 photos (including duplicates and such) and he under charged me by over 100 photos. I ain't complaining! I only realized when I got home, and he did double check my order twice!

This evening dinner came out alright, the new slow cooker recipe I tried. Well, the meat came out perfect, it's the rest of the ingredients that I goofed on. Whoops. So we just ate the meat and made do with other stuff, and I learned my lesson. Next time, I know what to do differently.

Tonight we just sat on the couch, and watched some TV. My laptop was reformatted due to the virus it had on it, and I am hoping that I didn't lose anything important. Most items I had already backed up on my desktop computer, but not everything. I'm just hoping it was nothing meaningful that I lost. And in any case, most files are replaceable. I'm just glad that it's working again. That's the most important thing. It just sucks that it had gotten a virus. Not even sure how.

It's a busy weekend ahead with Mother's Day! I'm looking forward to it! No knitting got done on my end today, but I did help out Kate with her blankie project. I hope to find some relaxing knitting time over the weekend! And maybe some reading time too!

I just realized that ticker countdown for Mackenzie hit under 60 days left.... Woah!


Tara said...

Got you beat! I just got some pictures printed a couple of weeks ago, and it turns out I hadn't had anything printed since July of 2007!

Jennifer Lori said...

What did you do wrong with the recipe? Tell me so I dont' make the same mistake! :)