Friday, May 23, 2008

may twenty-three :: 73 weeks

Sean is now 73 weeks old. He'll be somewhere around 77-80 weeks older than his brother. (That's 38 weeks in, 40 weeks out, and then another 40 weeks in (approx). WOW! (Sean was born at 38 weeks, water broke at 37w5d). So from the last 26 months, I've spent about 18 of them, pregnant.

Jamie and I are not sure if we'll ever go for number 3. It's the type of thing that will be up for discussion when Mack is around 2 and a half to 3 years old. But, thinking about this, made me realize I never did a pregnancy photo shoot when pregnant with Sean. If this *may* be my last pregnancy ever (who knows), then I definitely want to do a photoshoot. (I'm also not as big or swollen as I was with Sean, and feel better about my body this pregnancy). I've emailed a friend, whom I went to photo school with, who will be in town mid June, and providing I'm still pregnant, I really want her to take my photos. (I can't really photograph myself).

Today I got my car cleaned. Total shampooing. You see, I have a son who gets goldfish crumbs all over. I also have a son who figured out how to make his bottle drip milk, and has drawn all over the car window/door with his milk. The back was a total mess. My car now... is clean. (FOR NOW). I don't expect it to stay clean too long, but at least for now, I can enjoy a clean car.

There is an almost all put up fence in my backyard now. The door is not put up yet, but that will be tomorrow, as well as the privacy slats. Oh, I can't wait for privacy in the backyard. I also can't believe how large my backyard is! Even with the 1,52m that we lost due to the servitude with Hydro Qu├ębec and Bell Canada, our backyard is huge! I'm happy with everything that has been done so far.

Speaking of Bell Canada, we'd switched from Bell Canada to the company that gives us cable and high speed internet as well. Since we switched, and I paid the final invoice that we owed, the other day I got a final statement in the mail, stating that I now have a 16.16$ credit with them. GRRRR! Same situation happened with Primus back when we moved. Remember? Well, I never got that money back, the 15.52$ that I over paid Primus. Bastards. They even went to the point of clearing the file and sending me a statement at zero dollars, but I never got the money reversed back into my bank account. I am going to see what I can do with Bell Canada, to get my 16.16$ back. For principal, nothing else.

I ran errands with my mother today while my car was at the car wash. Groceries were needed, and we had to pick up a birthday present fort he lovely Jakob. His first birthday party is next weekend for family and the following weekend for friends. (Sean's a real lucky fellow and gets to see family & friends too!) Sean's really excited to give Jakob his gift.

I am *this* close to being done the book I am currently reading. I hope to get a bit more read tonight before bed. Some mornings I read in bed too while Sean watches the Disney Channel with Mickey Mouse's Playhouse, etc, and drinks his bottle of milk, but most days I just get to knit before bed.

This evening Jamie & I watched the movie Mad Money. Well, I watched it (while knitting) and Jamie napped. Really cute movie. I really enjoyed it. I have a ton more movies I want to catch up on now that it's summer and there is nothing really on TV.

I got great progress on the sweater I'm working on for Mack. I should be able to finish the main body tomorrow and then start on the sleeves! I can't wait for it to be finished already.

By the way, sign ups for Secret Pal 12 have already started. We're capping it at 300 participants, and there are some new rules, etc, but it's going to be a lot of fun. I'm hostessing again (for my 3rd round as hostess, and my 5th round participating). I am looking forward to it! There are 2 groups this time, the 30$ group (spending only 10$/month over 3 months) and the 60$ group (spending 20$/month over 3 months). If you're interested, please go sign up! Read the rules first though.

Alright, I'm beat. Between waking up in the middle of the night and getting interrupted sleep due to a little cutie who is probably cutting yet another tooth (does it ever end?) and doing a bunch of errands today (chauffeured by my mother), I'm just, well.... beat.

ps- Does anyone have unused Pampers points? I am *THIS* close to getting something, but I'm missing a few points. If anyone can help out - please let me know! I'll be forever grateful and I'll see if I can hook you up with something in return!


Drea said...

are you should def. get maternity photos then! i love having mine from caleb and taite. fun to compare. although the ones with taite are much nicer hah. i also swelled up a lot less w/ the 2nd than the 1st.

we want a 3rd.. im thinking later this year ;-) that way taites potty trained. :-)

Bea said...

You and Sean are so cute. I hope you get to have a portrait session!

Thanks for the secret pal sign-up link. I've missed it the last several swaps. I've signed up this time though!

Firefly said...

Sent you an email to your hotmail account, that's the address I have on my laptop.

See you soon!

Tara said...

You've got me tempted to sign up for Secret Pal 12... I'll probably do it later today (if there's still room!)