Thursday, March 06, 2008

march six :: 31 days :: day six

Day six. Stayed in all day in last night's pj's..... 'nuff said!

Sean's afternoon nap today, he crawled up on to the couch, and cuddled up and passed out. I didn't even have to "get him to sleep" today! Great! He's so cute napping on me!

Today was just one of those days, but I managed to get a lot accomplished, that's for sure. Sean only gave me 1 nap today, for about 45 minutes. Sad. The kid just doesn't want to nap anymore.

We got mail today, but I'm assuming due to the lack of anything for me today, that I didn't miss much yesterday when my mailman didn't deliver (due to the amount of snow that fell, and my stairs not being cleaned). I'm one of those obsessive mailbox checkers, until my mail actually does show up. I heart mail. Want to mail me something? Even a postcard? I'll give you my address. Really! Leave me a comment if you do! What's really interesting is that when I lived in the city, my mail was brought by a mailman on foot. He just brought our regular mailbox mail. Anything that didn't fit into my mail slot (my mailbox was through the door in this tiny little slot), was brought by another mailman, who drove a truck. Here, in my new house, my mail is brought all together at once, by the same guy - in a truck. So I only get the doorbell once, not twice a day (if there's parcels on top of the regular mail). And this postman at my new house, doesn't ring twice. I thought the mailman always rang twice?

Alright, that's probably more information than you wanted to know on my mailman.

This evening my parents came over and tired Sean out a bit and I got some laundry done & folded as well as a few other things around the house since Jamie went to a friends house to watch the hockey game (We won 4-2 against Phoenix tonight). GO HABS GO!

I did a LOT of organization today. I completely took out everything in Sean's big boy room that didn't belong in there and organized his room a bit better. The crib we're borrowing for his big boy room (since we thought there was no point in buying a crib for a few short months), won't be coming until mid-April, but I wanted to get a head start on organizing his room. I also brought a bunch of my things that should be in storage out of the living room - which will/is starting to be the kid's play room. We don't have furniture for that room, so it's a playroom for as long as the kids will use it as that. No need to have a den and a basement to hang out in, and a living room that we won't really use, right? The size of the room makes a great play room! The room was a dumping ground for everything we didn't know where to put when we moved in, so there are still a last few items in there.

Tomorrow my car is going back to Acura first thing in the morning. My mother is going to be taking Sean & I to do a couple of errands (like a return at Walmart, a return at Winners, I need to go to the bank, etc... and I also have about 3 full bags of cans to bring back to the grocery store for my recycling refund... I wonder how much money I have sitting in those 3 bags... at .05 cents a can.

Tonight I got an email from Primus with a statement of my account. I hadn't heard from them since they told me that I over paid my account and that they don't have an accounting department to issue me my refund. A large company like themselves don't have an accounting department? Come on! To make a long story short, we were using Primus as our phone service (residential) in our duplex since they were cheaper than Bell Canada. When we moved, Primus said that they couldn't move us, so we'd have to sign up with Bell at the new house, and then once settled, we could have them move our account over to the new house. Of course, I'd have to pay the 55$ activation/new account fee with Bell at the new house. Oh, and of course, then I'd have to pay the 55$ fee with Primus to move my account. Yeah, I don't think so. Bell offered us a great deal at the new house, so we signed up with Bell for November 1st, since we took possession of the house on November 1st, and we needed a phone line in place for the alarm system. We canceled Primus for November 17th (the day we moved out of the duplex). Sometime mid-November I received a statement stating that I owed them 44.96$ for my final bill. So of course, I paid it, on time. Then in December (On the 5th to be exact) I got a new e-bill from them, stating that they owed me 15.52$ as they reviewed my file and decided that I'd over paid since I was charged the wrong amount. Since I wasn't with them anymore, and no longer had a phone line with them, I called them up for a refund. That phone call didn't get very far. I spoke to some employee who told me that they didn't have an accounting department to issue me a refund that I would have to call my bank and have them do a charge back. I asked to speak to the manager and he told me that he is the manager. I hung up the phone really mad. I called the bank the next day and they told me that charge backs can only be done within the first 14-21 days after the transaction was done. I can't remember if it was 14 or 21, but either way, it was longer than 21 days, so it didn't matter. And even if they could do it for me, there would be a charge of 25$ for the service. Geez. I wasn't going to pay 25$ for a 15$ over payment! No way!! A bit later, (a few weeks) I finally sat down with Jamie and we wrote a letter to Primus. It was the same night I wrote a letter to Huggies as well in regards to their defective package of diapers. (Huggies if you recall got back to me right away, within 2-3 weeks with a coupon for a package of free diapers, as well as some rebate coupons). Anyhow, I heard nothing back from them. Saturday night, Jamie's best friend and his girlfriend were over for dinner/game. Somehow the subject came up, and I mentioned the whole story, and Jamie's best friend happens to work as a teller at the bank that I belong to. He told me that a charge back is not the correct thing, that he can just put in a request for a refund adjustment for over payment (at no charge to me!) and I would most probably get my money back. All I had to do was scan my bank statement with the date of the transaction that I used online banking to pay Primus, and give him copies as well of the final bill that I paid in full as well as the credit note that they issued me for over payment. Anyhow, to make this story not too much longer, today I get an email from Primus with my e-bill, that my account is now at 0 (zero!) and there was a refund of 15.52 being granted. YEY!!! I should see that in my account in the next few days.

And it's not for the 15.52$, because that money really won't "make or break me"... it's for the principle. If they're not issuing me a refund for my overpayment (which I had thought I was paying the right amount), then how many other people are they doing this to, and running away with their money?? Seriously. How many other clients are told that they don't have an accounting department and Primus is running away with their money? Let's just say I will never go back to Primus, and I do not recommend them either. That's for sure.

Well, that's one thing off my list to cross off that has been taking care of in full.... phew!

Speaking of diapers, I have been so busy I've forgotten to do my review on the Pampers. It's on my list of things to get typed up this weekend - I've collected my notes and I'm going to sit down and tell you what I think!

I've even done a bit of knitting tonight, and I'm on row 63 of 114.... getting there! I'm hoping the sweater comes out nicely.... I'm totally not sure of the way it's knitting up, for the size, etc... but I guess there is no way to tell until the end.

After bath time. I just love Sean's towel collection... makes me want to be that size again! Or that they made these hooded towels for big "kids" (LOL). I have 2 more towels that I haven't showed you yet - those will come next week at swimming!

Day six. Didn't leave the house, didn't spend any money. (I think that's the best way for me to do it - is stay in.... I won't spend money!!)


dawn said...

You can bet if you owed the phone company money they would most certainly get a hold of you. I guess it's the game they play to see if you'll forget about the money they owe you. Good for you getting that money back!

Barb said...

I love getting mail too, i'm an obssessive checker too!! expecially when I KNOW something is on the way, like swap packages or an order from you ;)I love mail!!!

Shelley said...

I love getting mail too. Unfortunately I don't get much here in Korea (costs a lot to send stuff here). I can't wait to get back home and join in on the SPs again...I really enjoyed that.

Our mailman back home brought the mail and small packages. Bigger packages were brought on the truck by a different mailman.

Amelah said...

Finally [in regards to primus] i was with yuo when the guy said he was the manager! Boy that was a fun conversation! What idiots! I got mad just listening to you get mad! LOL! Happy you FINALLY got your money back!!! :)

ikkinlala said...

I'd be happy to send you a postcard or something if I could think of anything to write!

Bea said...

I love getting mail too. Mostly we just get things that have to go in the recycle bin because they are just catalogs and things.

I'm glad you got your refund. It is weird they "don't have an accounting department". Who handled it when your bank requested it? I think they were just seeing if you'd give up.

I think your right about the staying in thing. I have to stay off etsy too I think!

Anonymous said...

I don't get anything anymore in the mail - well, take that back, I've been getting stuff due to graduation. I would love to go in a lil mail swap thingy.

halloweenlover said...

I cannot believe he curls up on you like that. Gabe would NEVER do that! Crazy! That picture is adorable.

Also, where do you buy the towels? Gabe needs some big towels because his are too small. Do tell!

g-girl said...

I think everyone loves mail. I particularly love packages. lol. Staying home isn't good for me--that makes me want to spend money more particularly if I'm sitting in front of my computer! glad you'll be issued your refund soon. our mailman only comes to our door with packages and everything that fits in our slot gets put in the slot. Talk about stupid. lol.

Tara said...

Right. Primus bad. Gotcha. ;)

Anonymous said...

Awesome post. Really enjoyed reading your blog posts.