Monday, March 03, 2008

march three :: 31 days :: day three :: 22 weeks pregnant (Take Two)

I was sooo happy that I made myself an extra cucumber sandwich this morning to take with me in the car on the way to Sean's class. This morning we were running late (what else is new?) and I was happy to have the sandwich to eat. I made myself another one tonight for tomorrow morning before Sean's swimming lesson. Oh, I love cucumber sandwiches. Maybe a new pregnancy craving?

Today Sean played with Play Dough for the first time. It was homemade non-toxic play dough. I'm going to attempt to make some myself (for Sean) and hopefully be able to dig up some tools for it (maybe my mom still has from when I was a kid?) and if it works out (the homemade non-toxic-technically-edible) then I'll definitely share the recipe with you. I hope I have all the ingredients in my pantry, it's apparently made out of every day items. Sean had a blast playing with the play dough. So did I!

Sean also drew with chalk today for the first time. I believe I have a container of chalk in my garage (huge sidewalk chalk), I'll have to dig it out (I think made the trip during our move and didn't get chucked out). I swear, Sean is definitely my kid :: artistic.

After his class we picked up a few groceries at the store, I was out of 3.25% milk for Sean. He's almost weaned off his formula, and we only have 1 2/3 containers left of his formula, which we're trying to stretch out whenever he INSISTS he must have formula over real milk. But I think he'll be okay once we are 100% on real milk. I also stopped by the pool to "register" myself for the spring Aqua-Strollers session (April - June) which I'll be doing the Tuesday class instead of the Wednesday class next session. Sean's swim class registration starts on Monday of next week, so I'll be taking care of that next Monday. This morning I also registered him for the same two classes that we're currently in at the local Y, except his Monday Class is moving to Tuesday mornings, and the music class remains the same. By keeping him in these programs, I get priority for his class in the fall (Sept-May), which he's already in and registered for (and deposit was taken already in January ish) which if he follows that, and then the program after that, he's GUARANTEED the year after that, (I believe it's the year after that) 7$ a day daycare. This is HUGE in our Province, and usually you have to go on these huge waiting lists, and all that jazz... and you are not always guaranteed 7$ a day daycare... (it can get pretty costly otherwise)... but Sean's "IN".... and I'm happy. And because he's in..... baby boy number 2 gets a priority as well. Though, baby boy number 2 (whom I still need to find a nickname for....) will have to go through the same program as well to be eligible, but has registration priority at the beginning.

While at the Pool giving my name for the swimming, when I was done, I went by the library to see if they by chance had a copy of Interweave Knits Falls 2004. They don't even have a single knitting magazine - so the girl said - to which I was shocked (but didn't know how to use the system to find a magazine, so I trusted her answer and left). I have found a copy, and am arranging to get it from the knitter.

We stopped by my parents house for lunch, and had lunch with my mom & sister. After lunch, I headed out with my mom to run some errands, and Sean snuck out of the garage while I was loading the car. Usually I do NOT let him in the snow with his shoes (so they stay dry/clean) but I let him roam around a bit - since he hasn't yet really "walked" on/in snow. He's seen snow... but never actually walked on it! (Like the pile of snow in front of my parents house? It's HIGHER than their house I think! That's where the snow removal guy HAS to put it to get it out of the driveway.... man.... I want spring to come already!)

Sean really had a field day walking in the snow. He was careful though, not to step on the ice. I love this shot of him in his Meathead Hat!

This afternoon my mom & I ran some errands. I got the March Sock Club kit pattern printed (so this kit is actually ready to go early this month! The yarn has arrived, and those of you expecting the kits, they will be mailed out in the next few days (instead of mid-month). Hoping to get it to you all by St. Patrick's Day! (I wonder why?!)!

I also picked up my free pizzas that one of the local grocery stores owed me. (They were out of stock during a promotion about 2 weeks ago and owed me 7 free pizzas!)

I also ran into Walmart (I know! The Evil Store!) I needed something that counted as a food item. Basically I need to plant my seeds NOW for some of my items for my first garden ever. You need to start a green house in your house so that the seeds are ready to plant when the frost is over. (Some seeds take longer than others). So I bought a starter kit to plant my seeds in (hopefully this will happen this week - I need to find the time to sit down and do it). I was only going to buy earth, and plant them in little tiny pots, but the woman in the garden section at Walmart told me that this Jiffy Professional Greenhouse was the way to go. I have 72 little round soils. I also picked up a few packets of seeds that I was missing, that need to be planted now. I count these two purchases today as food purchases for the month. Hopefully this summer, I'll be swarming in vegetables! I can't wait. More details about my garden coming soon.

Amanda of NH Knitting Mama is having a "PMS" Contest. (Promote My Shop! Silly you - you thought the other PMS didn't you!?) All you have to do is link her shop in a blog post and talk about the contest - please tell her I sent you - I get a bonus entry. Good luck - you have until Sunday, March 9th to enter.

Jamie & I came up with the idea of watching the Top 10 All Time Movies. However, I want to see number 11, so we'll be watching that one too! Here's the Top 11 List:

1 Citizen Kane
2 Casablanca
3 Godfather, The
4 Gone With the Wind
5 Lawrence of Arabia
6 The Wizard of Oz
k The Graduate
8 On the Waterfront
9 Schindler's List
10 Singin' In the Rain
11 It's A Wonderful Life

I'll let you know when we get started - and what I think of the movies!

22 Weeks Pregnant :: Take Two. Though, I feel like the 25 weeks that my doctor still thinks I might be. This makes this pregnancy sooooo difficult, because I don't really "know" when I'm due. Though, I've really popped during the last week - or so everyone is telling me. The belly is huge now! And getting bigger by the week. It's getting really difficult to pick up Sean and hold him. Though, I'm not sure what that kid would do without his mommy... holding him. (Oh yeah, I heart my main bathroom mirror....) (Not too fond of the lighting in the bathroom though.

Sean loves loves loves loves Bubbles. Did I tell you he loves bubbles? We've made bubbles part of his bath time routine, as I won't use them anywhere else in the house, and it's too cold to play with bubbles outside. He does get a dose of bubbles on Monday & Wednesday in his class though. His teacher uses them in both of the classes. And he is just hysterical for them! Literally!

Ok, I know I promised contest details. I have everything set up for tomorrow's post... this post got a little too long & out of control - LOL. So stay tuned (if you even care to play!) But, I'm still looking for commenter 3616, so keep on posting comments! I will announce on March 22nd, the day of my 1000th post, the winner of the 3616th comment. So until then... comment away!

Day Three: Food Purchases at the grocery store & at Walmart for the Greenhouse & seeds (for food), unavoidable as they needed to be planted now. Otherwise, I'd have waited until my slow month was over. But, it was completely inexpensive. (The greenhouse was 7.97$ and the seeds I got were 3 packets for 1$ and I spent 3$).

New to Robyn's Nest are Saving Nine Creations Earrings. Check them out! A great accessory for any knitter! They're real Boye Needle ends!


Mathgirl said...

I love the meathead hat on him. It's so cute.
I've only seen two of those movies "Citzen Kane" and "Wizard of Oz". The first due to dating a film studies major who kept making me watch classic movies I hated. Though that one I atleast found watchable... And you must stop torturing me with the cucumber sanwiches. I can't get to the grocery store until Wednesday!

Emily said...

I love the bubbles pic! What an easy way for you to make him SO happy. =)

Shelley said...

It's good that you got Sean all set up for day care. It's a huge cost in NB too and really sucks becauses the day care workers don't get paid much for wages either.

Sean looks (and sounds) like he's enjoying his classes, and sounds like Mommy is enjoying them just as much (re: playing with the play dough, lol).

Kimber said...

I like you new haircut! $7/day daycare! Wow that is inexpensive. We pay almost a thousand a month here (dayhomes are less by a couple hundred).

I hear yah about spring. I get so overheated now for no reason and the Uggs are getting too hot (and the winter jacket) but there is WAY too much snow for flip flops!

Bertha said...

It's a Wonderful Life is one of our favorite movies ever! We have it on DVD and watch it every single year on Christmas night. I think you will like it!

Caroline said...

That's cool about the daycare. A lot of people are telling me I should put my future kid on a waiting list right now, even though we're not planning on getting pregnant for months! The waiting lists are so crazy.

Summer said...

The last picture of Sean is so adorable!! His expression is priceless!!

Balkan Style Bloggers said...

You are so lucky! I was just in a 2-hour meeting this afternoon where the discussion got quite heated about the child care crisis here in Ontario. Our provincial government has got it all screwed up! I feel a rant coming on . . . An infant spot here runs at least $40 a day! And that's only if you are lucky enough to get one. I am lucky in the sense that the littlest is 5 now and will be in school full time next year. Phew!

By the way, the earrings are fantastic!

Bea said...

Art class always looks so fun. I need to have art class some morning during the week. Do you think my boss would care if I just stopped what I was doing for an hour to doodle pictures??

Jennifer said...

Sean looks adorable in the snow and the tub! Love the earrings, although I wish there were some on posts...I'm not a dangling earring girl, unfortunately.

Fyi - I read your post the other day and am now completely hooked on cucumber sandwiches...yummo! Thanks for sharing!

Nichole D. said...

Mine loves bubbles, too. Totally obsessed.

I so miss mountains of snow! Looks like Sean had fun.

Kim said...

I know you're frustrated and confused about your dates. Don't forget that you "pop" earlier with subsequent pregnancies. Your abdominal muscles aren't tight from your first - so they stretch easier. It can be so confusing, but hopefully they'll do another ultrasound to determine the size of baby - and not just go by your belly size.

AliP said...

Sweetie, call me anytime about gardening advice or help. I am in garden obsession mode.
The Walmart dink sold you a load of horse poo when he sold you that "jiffy" green house. They work, but you didn't need to buy it, there are other methods that are as good or better and can recycle/reuse stuff from around the house.
That said, yay you for grabbing the gardening bull by the horns on your own. Gardens are a great lesson in patience and humility and the joys of getting connected with the earth. What are you growing? Drop me a line when you can.

g-girl said...

hmmm, did you share the recipe yet? I've been swamped with school! I love the pic of sean looking down at the snow. so has he touched snow yet? I can't believe it's only $7/day for daycare. That's insane. you haven't seen 'it's a wonderful life' yet? I'm going to have to re-check that top 10 list to see which ones I've seen myself!

Tara said...

I've seen some of those "Top 10" movies, and I was a bit disappointed, actually. I find that what movie critics go nuts for isn't usually what regular people find entertaining, you know? Same thing with literature, come to think of it. Maybe I just have no taste? :)