Monday, March 24, 2008

march twenty-four :: 31 days :: day twenty-four :: 25 weeks pregnant

Day twenty-four. Bought 2 items today. But, they weren't for me.

This morning my sister-in-law, her boyfriend and my nephew left. While it's always a pleasure to have them stay with us and see them, I was kind of glad to see them go this morning. My nephew was a handful this weekend. 5 and a half years old, I thought he'd be good and respectful and all that jazz, but he was just a typical kid. A typical kid who threw all the books off of Sean's bookcase (Sean had a LOT of books) and didn't put any of it back. A typical kid who brought things from one room to another (where they didn't belong) and left them there, most of the time not even used. (So no idea why he took it from the room in the first place). A typical kid, that when I got home from being out today, I found my toilet en suite to my office with a poop in it, with poop on the seat. Fun. Didn't even flush the toilet. (GROSS!) That wasn't the first time he didn't flush the toilet this weekend, but that was for the first poop non-flush. I had to constantly remind him to flush the toilet AND WASH HIS HANDS this weekend. Are kids just lazy these days? I really don't get it. Oh, you can say that I am glad they're back home. Poor kid though, he left his "teddy" here, and I'll probably have to Xpresspost it tomorrow back to him, we're possibly going down in 2-3 weekends to see their new house, but I don't know how attached to this bear he is? I only discovered it when I got home today from being out.

I really did have anxiety this weekend the entire time they were here. I'm sorry, but it's true. I just felt like my own space wasn't my own space anymore. My normal routine of doing my "shtick" couldn't be done, because I couldn't be in my office past a certain time because they wanted to go to bed (den where they slept was right next to my office), etc... That kind of thing. But the part that gave me the most anxiety was my nephew and all the things in my house that he touched and made a mess of. I know that kids toys are meant to be made a mess of. I think it'll be different when it's my own kids making that kind of mess, where I can tell them to put things back, clean up, etc. But when it's not your own kid, where do you draw the line? Let me tell you I'm feeling back to myself now.

This morning my mom and sister came to pick me up to take me to my OB appointment. By me not driving I got them to a) watch Sean and b) not have to park and worry about parking meters, etc. My OB appointment went great, spoke to my doctor about a few things. He said that if my blood pressure goes up at the end of my pregnancy (not that it's to worry about now) that he will induce me. He also believes that I will give birth early (he says that most woman who go early in a first pregnancy, the chances of that happening with a next pregnancy is very high) and that he thinks I'll end up delivering closer to my original due date, rather than July. Made me feel better knowing this - but how the fuck does he know? LOL. Mackenzie will obviously show up when he's ready to show up. But if my doctor wants to reassure me that it'll be earlier than later, fine by me! Maybe he's psychic or something - ha ha. Though he told me he does go away to train with the Army (he trains staff there in the medical department) every summer, but that it shouldn't interrupt him delivering Mackenzie. (Though I can't guarantee that he'll be on call when that happens, but he said he is only a phone call away). Him saying this - means he likes me. If he doesn't like you - he doesn't care who delivers you. But I'm liked. I have it "in".... Even with his nurse. If she doesn't like you, you'd think she "barks" at you. Two women while I was waiting for a room after being seen by the nurse this morning were also sitting waiting in the hallway saying how she "barked" at them, etc. Like, "Get on the scale", "give me your arm" (for blood pressure), etc. Ha, she doesn't do that with me!

After the appointment we picked up my grandmother (mom's mom) and headed to lunch. After lunch we went to Walmart. My mom had a return to do (I did as well, but where's the receipt when you need it? No where to be found. It's now found, so I'll have to make a separate trip out to Walmart to now do the return). At Walmart I did buy 2 items. They were Sean items, so not for me.

The first item was rain boots. Now that it's Spring and the weather is rainy. Sean had a rain coat (once the weather warms up) and a rain hat. Both yellow. Now, I learned my lesson with Walmart and Sean's winter boots (I had to keep checking to see if they had gotten them in stock because they sold out VERY FAST). So I wasn't taking any chances with the rain boots. Kids stuff seems to sell out/disappear at Walmart. And rain boots were on the TOP of Sean's need list. Plus 6$ isn't exactly the end of the world. So I splurged. The first item I've splurged for this month.

Sean decided that he liked the boots on his hands. Funny kid. He knows boots don't go there.

The other item I splurged on at Walmart was this Aqua-Leisure Flotation Vest. It was under 20$ and I'd been looking for a life jacket for Sean for the pool for the summer. Impossible to find unless you go to a specialized store and spend big bucks. Like I know I can get one at the pool store where my dad buys all the pool supplies for their backyard, but I'd be spending money there because it's a specialized store for pool stuff. The vest I got for Sean is the smallest size available, which is good for toddlers 20-33 lbs, which is good because Sean is 24 lbs now. (I forgot to mention the day we went to the hospital for Sean's high fever that he was weighed and he's now 24 lbs). Looks like it's made small though, so I'm assuming the 33 lb kid must be thin or something. Anyhow, stuff like this also goes fast at Walmart, so my mom bought one too to keep in her backyard by the pool, and the one I got is for when I go out to other pools, etc. (Always handy to have). It's one of those things that if I didn't buy today, I probably won't see it ever again in their store. (I could be wrong, but most likely that's true).

After Walmart we headed to a mall around the corner from both my grandparents houses, so we picked up my other grandmother and headed to see the animals that were there for Easter. Sean was a little frightened at first, but then warmed up to the animals. Once he was cool with them (even petting them!) I took him on a Pony Ride. He enjoyed most of it, but started to get antsy near the end, so he was glad to get off when it was over. Above is my 25 week belly shot - I'm feeling too lazy to do a mirrored shot right now. (Maybe tomorrow you'll get an official one! If you're nice).

After the animals, we stopped into the dollar store. My sister needed to get something and I needed to buy super glue for my swift. Like Bea, I've had bad news with it since getting it. It's already had surgery in one spot, and now the whole thing doesn't stay in the base. I needed to glue the base to the rest of it, so that it doesn't fly off (like it's done) while using it! The glue was a business expense, seeing as though some customers do ask me to wind their skeins before mailing/giving it to them. Anyhow, the point of my story has nothing to do with buying the glue, but I wanted to share my displeasure about my swift from the above linked shop in this paragraph.

I got my super glue. I stood in line after my sister who was buying something as well. I paid for my item when it was my turn. The cashier forgot to give me change. So I now had to wait for the next person to buy their stuff so she could open the cash again, and this is what went down:

There was a huge line up already. This woman, came out of no where and tried to shove her items at the cashier. The woman who was actually behind me in line had a full basket and was loading things from her basket onto the counter. So I turned to the butting-in-line woman and said to her "You know the woman right here (while gesturing to her), was in line after me". The butting-in-line woman said to me "What is it your business?" So I said to her that she was waiting in line and now I have to wait for my change, so I thought I would mention to her that there was a line-up. The butting-in-line woman started walking to the back of the line. The woman behind me thanked me for saying something, as she didn't even see the other lady butt in. So my sister comes up next to me and says to the lady behind us "I guess some people just need to run their mouth"... and the butting-in-line lady hears this and starts walking back. Now she's in my sister's face and says "What's it your business?" And my sister replies "My sister is my business". And then my grandmother pipes in "If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything" (to the butting-in-line lady) who replies to my grandmother "All I have to say is nice things". Uhm, I didn't hear anything nice out of your mouth lady-who-butts in line. I finally got my change and left. We were putting on our jackets outside the store when that lady finally got to the cash and paid for her items. As she was leaving the store she shot me dirty looks and I said (not so quietly but not so loudly) for her to keep walking. UGH! Some people. I did nothing wrong. I just politely told her to get to back of the line behind people who'd been waiting in line. I even got a thank you from the lady behind me! I try to do a nice thing and get chewed up for it. Some people!!!

I gave in and signed up for the Wee Tiny Sock Swap. All you need to do is knit a tiny sock for your partner over next weekend and mail it out on Monday. I think I can handle that! I'd been eyeing the contest for a few days now, and it won't cost me anything. I own stamps already, and I own lots of leftover sock yarn scraps. Speaking of stamps, last week at some point, I got in the mail from Canada post a free 10 stamp booklet from them. I'm assuming it's because I filed a report for something that they shipped that they broke, that apparently wasn't covered. I think the really nice lady I spoke to on the phone decided on her own to "take care of me". So I got in stamps the value of what broke. (The item was only 5$) but it was a Robyn's Nest item, and I had to replace it on my own. It's the only reason I can think of for receiving a booklet of stamps in the mail. If it's not from them, then I'm baffled...

Sean got this Basketball net for his birthday from my Aunt, Uncle & Cousins. Jamie finally took it out of the box this past weekend when we realized that Sean was tall enough now to use it. Well, it was missing the net. I called my Aunt, who had purchased it before she left for Christmas break back in December and wasn't sure if she still had the receipt. It would be past Toys R Us's 45 day return/exchange policy. Anyhow, being the weekend, I couldn't do much about it - so I called up Little Tikes today, and they're mailing me (for free) a new net. I still couldn't believe that there was no net in the box! She said I'd have it by April 2-4, so we'll see if that's true. That's pretty good customer service.

Other randomness - I got a LOT of reading done at the doctor's office this morning, he was late seeing patients, and my 10 am 2 second appointment, I finally got back to my mom's car just before 11 am to find my son playing with the windshield wiper lever setting it off in my mom's car. (Hey, they were trying to keep him occupied in a car!) Anyhow, I'm almost done reading my book, and I'm looking forward to the next book I'm going to read. Plus, I think my mom wants to read the book I'm currently ready (I apparently don't read as fast as she does).

Day twenty-four. Bought 2 items for Sean. One was impossible to find, the other, needed for the rain. I still think I'm doing fantastic this month, and allowed these purchases.

ps - April sock club kits are still on sale until the end of the month, but time is running short. Don't forget that they are dyed by Zen Yarn Garden (delicious!) and the pattern is by Not an Artist. Get a kit while you still can! Also - Robyn's Nest is now stocked with Briggs & Little Heritage Anniversary Twist. It's still available to purchase (while quantities last) but at regular Heritage price. (Last year it was on sale for their 150th year promotion). The colorway is just absolutely fabulous, so that's why I restocked it! There is more Briggs & Little coming into the shop as I've received a huge order. (We just received 380 skeins of different stuff!) Yes you read that correctly - 380 skeins! I'm swimming in yarn! I'll let you know when it's listed! Don't forget my Cascade yarns are still on sale - I extended the sale until March 31st, 2008. Cascade is still 20% off!


Kerry said...

Have the March Sock Kits shipped yet? I can't wait to see what Shelby did with the yarn! :-)

Trish said...

You mentioned Banana Split Oreo's a while back and it seems they are a Canadian only item. Is it possible for you to ship me a pack of them? I'll pay for shipping and for the oreo's. i just MUST try them!!!!

Tara said...

Quite the post!!! I bought Emilie some pink rain boots a couple of weeks ago, and she loves them.