Tuesday, March 11, 2008

march eleven :: 31 days :: day eleven

Day Eleven. Hand-me-downs Rock!

Some mornings Sean wakes up after 6 am. Those mornings, as long as it's after 6 am, I let him (probably shouldn't) come into our bed to snuggle until it's officially time to get up. This morning, he woke at 6:30 am (around) and when I finally got up (1 minute before my alarm was to go off!) I found him next to me, but facing the outside of the bed (not the foot or the head of the bed) and his legs were crossed like so. I love his little (BIG) feet. They're so cute. I could eat them right up!

This morning we had Sean's 2nd to last Tuesday morning swim class. This morning Sean was the only boy, and he was a BIG flirt and very splashy this morning. In a very good mood in the pool. The teacher that will be teaching his Thursday morning class next swim session was replacing our teacher for this class today. Sean charmed her. And here is the 2nd to last towel that I have not photographed Sean in yet. It's another dog towel. (The other towel is beige). He's just too cute in these and all the old ladies in the arthritis swim aerobics class always Oooh and Ahh over Sean! (That bottle of milk was DEMANDED after his class, he couldn't even wait to be changed).

Here he wants to show you that he knows how to take off his towel all by himeself.

Sean passed out in the car on the way home from a playdate. He gave me about an hour this afternoon to do some things while he napped in the car. And then he was a HUGE handful this afternoon until his father got home from work. When his dad got home from work, I headed off with my mom for dinner and the Habs game!

Tonight's game was VERY important. We won 4-0 over the New Jersey Devils, and we just knocked them out of first place! Tonight we reclaimed Eastern Conference Lead. The final minute of the game was played throughout a sustained ovation which was punctuated by a load roar from the customary SOLD OUT crowd of 21,273 at the final siren. Not only are we first in the Eastern Conference, but we're first in the NorthEast Division. Boy does this standings feel good!

Tonight at the game, the gentleman next to me (also a Season ticket holder) introduced himself to me (Jean-Marc). He seems really friendly, an older French guy. He asked me what I was knitting, and told me that the color palette was just right for him. He also asked me if I had a boyfriend, told him I was married, and then he joked about me making him socks before the end of the game. Funny people! He's the first person to ever comment on me knitting at the game. My mother & I thought it was really funny. My mother made a rule though, apparently I'm not allowed knitting at the game if I get to go to the playoffs. This, I don't understand, because I can do both at the same time. I usually do not have to look at my knitting (unless for decreases or increases, etc). I may have to fight this rule.... that's just not fair! Habs games and knitting just go together! For me anyhow!

Since my mom took the two books I wanted to read (in the same series) from my sister on Sunday night, my sister yesterday gave me the new book Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella that was just released. I just started it last night, I'm already 3 Chapters in. So far, I'm liking it. We'll see how fast this ones goes. I've not been disappointed yet in a Sophie Kinsella book. To my readers who asked me about what kind of books I like to read, I like chick lit - especially British Chick lit. You'll find a LOT of that in my person library. I used to read a LOT more than I do now. And I think when baby boy number 2 arrives, I'll have even less time to read. But I'll just have to make time. Right now I want to read a chapter or two each night before bed. Last night I read three and then couldn't keep my eyes open any longer.

Day Eleven. So far so good. Today was less tempting to buy things. Two items are the have to have list - which I do (eventually) plan on getting are these two items: Roots Diaper bag (great for 2 kids - as per recommendation from more than one mom with two babies) and this 5-stage Feeding Seat. Sean tried it out today at his playdate and it's great! I don't want to buy a 2nd high chair, since Sean will be a big boy, but to keep him on an adult chair worries me at 18-24 months old, maybe even longer? So I think this will be our solution.

On my wish list for Sean, I'd like to get him a Little Tikes Cozy Coupe, (we have PLENTY of space in the huge half furnished basement), and Easel, (for the play room), and I'd LOVE to get him (and his brother) a Kidkraft Train Table (or one just like it). But those things will eventually come. Also, I need to start thinking about a small gift to get Sean from his new baby brother, which his baby brother will give to him the day he comes home from the hospital. I was given this suggestion from a few other moms, so that the jealousy is as little as possible, and he feels special from some attention from his baby brother.

As for myself, on my wish-list (since I can't shop this month) is some books from my Chapters shopping cart. They're waiting for me.... but I heard my name being called - very loudly...

Oh - and not forgotten is my Pampers review. I have not forgotten, just been extremely busy, and we're still using some Pampers, so I'm just refreshing my memory. But I think I'm sold... I'm switching from Huggies to Pampers. That's the plan.


Bertha said...

It's funny because I tend to HATE adult feet, but June's feet are probably my favorite part of her! They are so delicious!

Shelley said...

Sean looks so cute in those towels! I love that picture of his little (big) feet (as you put it).

Firefly said...

I miss hockey so much, it sucks that we can't see any NHL on tv here. If you make it to the end of the "no spending" month you are a frickin' saint, I am dying!!!

Knittymuggins said...

That photo of Sean's little feets is *so* adorable! I can see why the ladies at the pool would ooh and aah over him! And that older French guy sounds like a sweetie too :)


Caroline said...

I never knit when I go to Habs game! I don't think I'd be able to concentrate on my knitting... especially during the playoffs!

Bea said...

Cute feet!

g-girl said...

oh no..no knitting if you get to go to the playoffs?? what if it was your knitting that helped them get to the playoffs??? ;)

Jennifer said...

so i'm finally catching up on your blog and i wanted to ask if you think that 5-stage feeding chair would be a good idea to get instead of a traditional high chair. does it sit on the table when used w/ an infant? seems nice and small compared to a big high chair, but i know nothing about this stuff, so i figured i should pick your brain since you've btdt. thanks in advance!

ps - go habs! that's awesome that they had a sold out crowd. and i agree w/ g-girl...what if your knitting is what helped get them to the playoffs? you can't make changes for that sort of thing, i tell ya! (there's my superstitious side showing through lol)

Tara said...

Didn't I see an easel when I went to your house March 31st? I guess someone bought it for you ;)