Wednesday, March 19, 2008

march nineteen :: 31 days :: day nineteen

Day Nineteen. Sean napped 3 hours this afternoon allowing me to accomplish a LOT!

This morning was brutal to wake up with an even worse cold. FEH! I think I've gone through 2 kleenex boxes today alone. The nose just won't stop running. It's worse than yesterday. Hopefully today will be the last day of the cold. They usually don't stay too long when I get them. Today would be day two.

This morning we had our 2nd to last music class for this session. After next week, the new session starts (at a later time!) the week after, with this time an older age group, and I'm hoping Sean will not be the only walking one in the class!

I hung out with Sean a bit in the morning upon getting home and then he crawled up on me, curled up and fell asleep. Not sure how long I'd have, I set him in his crib and started to get things accomplished.

Upon Sean falling asleep I got a lot accomplished. First I started out and attempted to make Play Dough from the recipe that Sean's class teacher gave us. I didn't think it mattered that I used whole wheat flour instead of regular, but I'm not sure I made it right, so I will have to bring it to her next week and see what she thinks I may have done wrong? Or maybe I just have to let it sit a day? I'll see how it looks tomorrow. For now, it's sitting in a container (above).

Then on my list from yesterday that I didn't have time, I wanted to bake some easter themed cookies.

All nice and pastel colored cookies just in time for Easter weekend. (I'm positive my husband will be finishing them before the weekend even arrives).

Then it was time to plant the seeds for my garden that needs to be planted 6-8 weeks before the last frost. So today I planted my peppers and tomatoes.

They are now safely in my little greenhouse (I decided to stick with this greenhouse system due to the easiness of it). Maybe if it works out this year, I'll get "more professional" with my seed starting next year. For now, this works for me. (Well, hopefully it'll work out in the end!)

I also planted one pot with chives. I'm planning to do the chives as a windowsill plant, as they grow like weeds if not contained. We'll see how this works out.

Then from ING Direct, I got these two flower kits as part of their RRSP season marketing. I kept them, as I knew I wanted to try it out, so we'll see what happens and what flourishes.

I'm supposed to soak them overnight and then plant them into a little pot with some earth. So that's where I'm at right now. The soaking stage.

Yesterday I started the finishing touches on the playroom (our living room that we have no living room furniture for (since we have a fully furnished den as well as basement with entertainment areas/couches) we didn't need to have a living room that no one would use). What a better idea to turn it into a playroom. When we first moved in though, it was a dumping ground for all our boxes. Well now, there are practically no boxes left, so we now have a playroom!

The only thing that remains odd in the playroom is our old kitchen table (next to the playpen). We're not sure what we want to do with it - but we do not want to throw it out (yet). Right now (until we get a Wall Unit for the playroom for the TV I want to put in there (for Sesame Street and Caillou for the kids), it's housing some DVDs and my Globe. Sean loves his new playroom. It definitely doesn't lack any toys! That's for sure.

Sean gave me about 3 hours today. What a great nap he took and he woke up in a fantastic mood. Now, why can't he nape like this every day? That would be great. I don't think it's asking too much, is it??

This evening I headed into town for the Montreal Knits meeting in NDG. It was so good to get out of the house, even if sick with a cold. I've been on antibiotics since Saturday and was like "I can't get any more sick"... I had a good time being out, met some new people. I also started a new project (didn't feel like seaming the Baby Surprise Jacket tonight, hopefully that'll get done tomorrow and then I'll figure out the button thing on that sweater. (Still can't figure out why there are button holes on both sides?) (Anyone for ideas?) New project details to come.

Day Nineteen. Spent no money. Feels great to not spend any money. I was going to spend money on food tonight at the knitting meetup but they didn't have any salads left - so I was angry that they didn't so I didn't get anything else while there. More than half-way through the month... Only 12 days to go....!

Speaking of 12 days left, you only have 12 days left to purchase an April Sock Club kit - hand painted yarn by Roxanne of Zen Yarn Garden and a super gorgeous (I got the sneak peak just recently) of Michelle of Not An Artist's pattern! Wowzers..... I'm excited!


Bertha said...

The playroom looks great (and so do those cookies! Yum!). I'm actually thinking of buying this month's sock kit, since I love both Michelle & Zen Yarn Garden! Trying to resist though, I certainly don't need more yarn (I can't believe I just said that!)

Jules said...

for the buttons, did you think about using a double-ended button? (kind of like a cufflink - it has a button on either end and either a rod or a string connecting them) - you could avoid sewing them on that way, or just lightly baste one side so as not to lose them.

Jennifer said...

EZ designed the sweater to have buttonholes on both sides because in those days few people found out the sex before giving birth. That way you could knit the sweater, and once the baby was born just sew the buttons over the buttonholes on the proper side (I forget which side is boy and which is girl).

I love EZ. :)

p.s. did you tag me for a meme recently that I forgot to do??

Kerry said...

There are buttonholes on both sides so you can knit the jacket ahead of time and then put the buttons on the correct side (boy/girl) after the baby arrives. I can't remember which one of EZ's books I read this in or if it's later on in the pattern itself but that's the reasoning for it. :-)

Anonymous said...

The only thing looks like that it's the whole wheat flour, but I think it might not be a problem. The cookies do look yummy, yeah for sprinkles!

Robin said...

The playroom looks wonderful!! Nice job!

missfee said...

Jennifer is right EZ designed the pattern so you could make it for either a boy or a girl and then add the buttons when you knew, the the buttonholes as a guilde for where to sew the buttons.
"When you know if it is a boy or girl, sew the buttons over the buttonholes on the appropriate side. The baby be probably be UNMOVED by this offering, but the mother may well be charmed, and your friends will be AMAZED" EZ Knitting Workshop the capitals are all hers....

Lesley said...

Hey, to answer your question on my blog, I bought it off of Itunes.

Firefly said...

The new project looks interesting, great colour!

Bea said...

The playroom is a great idea. I just noticed in the first photos that our countertops look the same. Can't wait to see the sweater, I hope you can figure it out!

Drea said...

LOVE UR PLAYROOM. arent hardwood floors fun! they make any room look beautiful. i love ur car mats 2. very cool

Kim said...

I'm curious. What is your greenhouse method? Do you have an actual greenhouse? I need to start my seeds as well, but only have limited windowsill space.1 I know tomatoes need more light and warmth than that.

Knittymuggins said...

Wow! That Playroom is *awesome*! You've got lucky little ones ;)

So sorry about your cold! I hope you feel better soon!


Barbara B. Solbrig said...

Just to let you know, the use of the whole wheat flour changes the consistancy some, will make it "break" when rolling out, and most of all, will make it prone to mod very quikly! Eapicially if you don't refrigerate it.
Hope that helps.

Dawn ;) said...

Not fair! Its just not fair how you tempt me w/sock yarn knowing I need to stay off the stuff. Hmmm...maybe I can get it before I start my slow quarter. ;D I'll think about it but not sure if I have enough moola left after shopping on ebay last week. LOL

Love the pics and posts. Hope hubby feels better soon. ;D

g-girl said...

wow, what a nice playroom! Sean and Mackenzie are quite lucky! good luck with the planting. I'm wondering about your greenhouse method too! So fill a girl in. ;)

Tara said...

OK, I'd seen it in person, but thanks to this post, now I have playroom envy! I wish I had that kind of space! Isn't there a house for sale on your street? LOL!!!