Thursday, March 20, 2008

march twenty :: 31 days :: day twenty

Day Twenty. Now the countdown begins, 11 days to go.

Today is Sweater Day in honor of what would have been Mr. Rogers 80th birthday. I better get knitting on my first sweater ever for myself... still have it on the needles.

In honor of Purim (which is tonight), I decided to finally pull out the costume that I borrowed from my wedding photographer Wendy and take pictures of Sean. I was hoping that it would still fit him (just barely - it's 6-12 month size, but I managed to get him into it), and had fun snapping away. I hate flash, so I used daylight only, and it was fun to do a photo shoot during a power failure! We lost power for a bit this morning, and what a great way to pass some time!

Oh, I just love this kid. He makes me smile every day, and he's just too darn cute. Look at that face!

I asked him to show me where his head was..... he's a smart cookie. He can even tell you where my nose and mouth are...!

Oh, I love Tom Arma costumes. Tom Arma is the one who made Sean's Halloween costume. I love some of the others, we'll see what Sean will be for Halloween this year. I already have Mackenzie's Halloween costume (actually I have 3 costumes that Mackenzie will most definitely fit into at Halloween. He'll be approximately 3-4 months old around Halloween depending on when he's born), and they're 3 month size costumes that I got on liquidation. Oh, I can't wait to dress him up and he's not even born yet.

Here's what I found out about the Baby Surprise Jacket:

On Ravelry I found: Girls’ - holes are on the right and Boy’s - holes are on the left.

In general I found: For a woman's or girl's sweater, make buttonholes on right front and sew buttons to left front. For a man's or boy's sweater, make buttonholes on left front and sew buttons to right front.

But now, here is my question, is that when the sweater is facing you, or as if you are wearing it?

The copy of the pattern that I have for the Baby Surprise Jacket doesn't have button information. I'm sure if I had the Elizabeth Zimmerman book it's in - there would be information in there - but I only have the pattern (from Webs).

The reason for the buttonholes is on both sides is because back before Ultrasounds, you didn't know until after the baby was born the sex, so it would give you an option to put the buttons on quickly after the baby was born. And you sew the buttons on the side that you need to - closing up the holes. Genius really.

Today I stayed in all day, not leaving the house. This afternoon Sean took a nap on my bed, and after I did a few things, I joined him. Woke up with a headache.... oddly.

I frogged the beginning of the project that I started yesterday. I wasn't doing the edging correctly (I should have kept reading the instructions before starting!). So I re-started it, and it's looking four hundred times better now. I've even gotten further than where it was before, and I like how it's turning out. I can't wait to see it actually start turning into something! Oh, if you want to know what it is, it's Judy's Grandma's Baby Sweater from the Knit Cafe Book, which I borrowed until I can get my own copy once my Slow Month is done.

For dinner tonight I defrosted my meat sauce and threw some pasta on the stove. I absolutely LOVE my home made meat sauce. Store bought just doesn't compare anymore. Bland, non-tasty... I could eat it over and over again, every day, if I could. I'm so happy that I still have some in the freezer - but I'm sure my stash is growing thin, and I'll have to make another batch soon. MMmm, leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

Tomorrow morning we finally get to go to Sean's new music class at this new place, we missed last week because Sean was sick. I am very excited to see what new faces we'll meet. I do know one mommy in the class, she's coming with both her sons, (her older son is in Sean's Monday class, actually next week the new session starts and it's on Tuesdays). But maybe we'll know someone else, or maybe we'll meet new people - I can't wait! After class we'll spend then day with Jamie since he has off for Easter.

Tonight I sat on the couch with Jamie and we watched some TV. Sean's been going to bed consistently at 9 pm lately, and sleeping through the night! We don't mind that Sean goes to bed at 9pm, because it gives Jamie time to spend with Sean after getting home from work, and then it still gives Jamie & I time alone to hang out after Sean goes to bed before we hit the sack for the night.

Day Twenty. Still hanging on in there. Very excited for it to be over though, let me tell you.

Don't forget that my contest entries must be in by tomorrow evening, March 21st, 2008. (As long as they're in by the time I wake up Saturday, the day of my 1000th post!) So if you've found 10 items in your house that you've bought but never used, you qualify! Just photograph them, make your list and then let me know that you've blogged it! Also on Saturday, I'll announce if I've hit the 3616th comment, so keep commenting to see if you've won. Details on my 1000th post on Saturday. Cheers!


Nea said...

Sean looks so cute in that elephant costume!
EZ continually amazes me, from buttons to shaping and everything in between.

Anonymous said...

You're killing me with Sean cuteness - hahahaha

He's so incredibly adoreable - but you already know that!

LizzieK8 said...

Get one of your blouses and one of your husband's shirts. Compare them. That will answer your question of where the button holes go.

Emily said...

The button thing is from the perspective when you're wearing it.

Firefly said...

Very brave making a grown-up sweater. I dare not start any new projects because I know the next STR package should arrive next week and then my Robyn's nest April Sock club will be after that! I am just finishing the toe on a sock today and then I will be done! Although I do have 2 WIP's gathering dust somewhere, maybe I can finish one off before the next round of sock frenzy. Happy friday!

Lynn said...

I don't have a blog, so have nowhere to post the ten items. Can I just post the list as a comment?


Lindsey said...

OMG you were right...sean looks absolutely adorable in that elephant costume! that is the cutest thing i have ever seen! what a good boy he is too...he doesn't look fussy or irritated that he has it on! good for him (and good for your photoshoot)!

Shelley said...

My nephew has had halloween costumes like that since he was born...they are just so adorable. I was sitting here trying to think of them all (there should be 5 because he was 4 months old for his first halloween, and he'll be 5 in 3 months). All I could come up with was a giraffe when he was a baby, then tigger...but I think he was 2 then...a lion...and an elephant...there should be another one in there but I can't recall what it is. Anyway, Sean looks so cute in his costume!

Shelley said...

Oh...forgot to mention about the buttons. I believe they go on the side as if you are wearing it. The reason the women's buttons are on the opposite side from the man's is because once upon a time, rich women used to have someone dress them and it was easier for the maid or whoever was dressing her if the buttons were on that particular side. I read that somewhere.

Bea said...

oh my! Your little elephant is so so cute. Can't wait to see you dress them up together!

I think which side the buttons are on is dependent on how YOU would wear it. But if you have a blouse with buttons you could lay that out and do a boy version with the buttons on the opposite side?

halloweenlover said...

Gabe's Halloween (and Purim, since he wore the same one) costume are also Tom Arma. I'm obsessed! The costumes are so amazing.

That elephant is the cutest! I'll have to take another one of Gabe now that he is a big boy.

ikkinlala said...

Sean is adorable in that costume!

summer said...

What adorable pictures of Sean!!!

Caroline said...

I also make my own meat sauce and it's soooo much better than any sauce from the store (though I still love Classico's vodka sauce once in a while).

Sean is adorable in his constume.

Kimber said...

I love the elephant costume - toooo cute!

I have that book - let us know what you think of the pattern as you go.

Amelah said...


Jennifer said...

cutest lil elephant i've ever seen!!

g-girl said...

that sweater you started looks adorable! wow, you got lucky that you were able to get sean into that elephant costume!

Tara said...

Sean is really adorable in that costume. Where did you get those, anyway?