Saturday, March 22, 2008

march twenty-two :: 31 days :: day twenty-two :: 1000 POSTS!

Day Twenty-Two. Happy Easter!

1000 posts!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This morning Jamie's sister and her boyfriend and my nephew came into town for the long weekend. We were lacking in the grocery department so we caved and went to McDonalds for lunch. It was my first time at a restaurant where I was able to use these Table Toppers that I got a while ago. (They're apparently not available anymore online as they were on liqudation). I've always thought that restaurant high chairs are absolutely NASTY and I'm not a big fan of them. I have a booster seat that we take for Sean (stays in the trunk of my car) but sometimes it's not feasible to take out with us or just annoying to carry. These Table Toppers are my absolute fave! I was able to let Sean eat off the tray and not have to worry about how many kids did what to it before him! I am not sure how I lived life with a child without these. I wish I'd known about them the minute Sean started eating solids on his own.

Sean had a great time having his nugget happy meal at McDonalds. It was good to get out of the house.

This afternoon Jamie and the gang went to go visit his mom at the hospital, since it's her 60th birthday today. Sean's not allowed to go in where his mom is, so I stayed home with him (plus I'm still on antibiotics for my bronchitis, so going into a hospital isn't exactly the greatest idea). Sean made his grandmother a card, which she loved.

While they were gone I tried for TWO HOURS to get Sean to nap. We were supposed to be at Jamie's step-Aunt's house for 5pm. When does Sean finally fall asleep? Somewhere around 4:30pm just a few minutes before Jamie and the gang got home from visiting his mom today. During those 2 hours I tried to get him to nap he terrorized my den and then my bedroom. There was stuff everywhere by the time he finally feel asleep in my arms when I literally had to strap him down to the mattress to get him to sleep. Forget two naps a day, I'm fighting him to even give me ONE nap! Some days he is very good with napping, others.... not. We left him sleep in my bed until about 5:30pm, I got ready while he napped, and then got his things ready, and just before we were ready to go, we woke him, changed him and headed out the door.

We finally left around 5:45 pm. My nephew wanted to come in my car as he wanted to sit next to Sean. We had to go in 2 cars anyhow, because we were 6 of us, and we all own 5 seater cars. (My Acura EL , Jamie's Audi A4 and my sister-in-law has a ford focus - are all 5 seaters). 4 adults and 2 kids.... not happening. (Though, I'm thinking my next car will be an SUV - I'm looking into Hybrids SUV's if they exist?) I don't want something that gas guzzles... but I still have just over a year left on the lease of my car, so I have time. Anyhow, it's been a while since I had more than 1 kid in my backseat - and the last time there was another kid in my car, it was a baby younger than Sean. To have a 5 year old in a booster seat was different! They had a good time singing songs (Sean just giggled most of the way there). (Damn glad he got a nap, or I'd have gone nuts).

Easter dinner was nice, Sean was the center of attention of course, and didn't really want to know who I was most of the evening. Too many kids running around to want to know of his mommy! My father-in-law took pictures, but I was feeling lazy and left my camera in my purse.

Anyhow - onto more important things - (the reason why you're here... right?)

Those who participated in my 10 "New" Items Scavenger Hunt are:

1. Adrienne. Her 10 items posted here.
2. Ammerins. Her 10 items posted here.
3. Rhoda. Her 10 items posted here.
4. Marga. Her 10 items posted here.
5. Bea. Her 10 items posted here.
6. Nicole. Her 10 items posted here.

Thank you all who participated. I guess my scavenger hunt wasn't that good of an idea.... seeing as though only 6 of you participated. That's okay, I thought it would be fun - maybe it was a stupid idea? I've been known for stupid ideas...

THE WINNER IS: NUMBER 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That would be you, Marga! Congrats girl! I will be putting together a specialized prize for you, and getting it in the mail

And yes, we reached my 3616th comment and it was left by:

At 3/19/2008 6:04 PM, Blogger Barb said…

that face Sean makes when he doesn't get his way is TOO funny!! you and your mom look a lot alike, so do my mom and I.

Congrats Barb! I will be putting together a prize for you too! Since both you and Marga are knitters it will most definitely have knitting related items in the prize package!

Thanks to all those whom have commented on my blog - I've been trying to email each person back individually (for those whom I have email addresses for), but keep on commenting. I appreciate your comments and love hearing from you. I will definitely be hosting another contest before my October Blogaversary, so stay tuned. (Maybe around my birthday).

A shout out to my friend Robyn in Arizona, who's 27th birthday is today. I cannot find her - so I'm hoping she still reads my blog and will email me her new email address/mailing address!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL!

Have you seen these super cute knitted animals? I need to learn to knit animals!

Alright, must get off the computer, we have out of town guests still staying with us and it's getting late (they're sleeping in the den right next to my office).

Day twenty-two. Only spent money at Macdonald's at lunch. C'est tous.


Barb said...

WOW I won :) congrats to Marga, your other winner!!

Mathgirl said...

Happy 1000th post! And happy Easter!

morkirlan said...

Congratulations on your 1000th post! The contest wasn't a stupid idea, it was novel and interesting. I would have entered except I can only buy something new when I absolutely need to at the minute so nothing ever doesn't get used. It was fun to see other people's unused ten though.

Jules said...

if it's any consolation at all, I worked at McD's throughout my adolescence and we always cleaned the highchairs (tray and seat) with a sanitizer before putting them back to be used. But, if you used it from someone else's table, who knows how dirty it was. And also, who knows how clean the current McD's employees are?

Also, thanks for visiting my blog! I'm in MTL, but haven't gone to any knitting meetings yet. Can't remember where I found the link to your blog - either yahoo MTL knits, or through google reader. Hoping to get to a meeting soon, but work is crazy!

Anonymous said...

no, no - I'd have done the scavenger hunt - somehow I missed the posting day in the midst of a rather frantic week, and then couldn't refind the rules....
Bummed not to have played :)
Congratulations on the 1000 post :)

Kimber said...

My next vehicle will be a hybrid SUV (we just have to get through another year with our piece of crap mini van - no payments!).

For has a hybrid Escape (but it only has 4 cylinders so what is the point?)
Toyota has a hybrid Highlander
and my personal choice once it comes up here is the hybrid Yukon. The Yukon is larger and also is a V8 and being an Alberta girl that's important! Apparently the hybrid Yukon has a 50% better fuel economy (and emissions) over the regular Yukon... :)

Jennifer said...

I think the contest was a good idea, not a stupid one! :)

"Strap him down to the mattress"? How'd you do that??

Jennifer said...

congrats on the 1000th post! (woohoo - i'm almost caught up!)

g-girl said...

you'll be glad to hear that there are hybrid suvs out there! i just saw something in the paper for a chevy tahoe. i think chevy currently makes a flex-fuel suv as well-so you could either regular gas or ethanol.

g-girl said...

you're in luck! there are some hybrid suvs coming out. chevy has a hybrid tahoe out. i think they also make flex-fuel vehicles as well so you could get either regular gas/ethanol (in case you can't find the hybrid suv you want!). congratulations on 1000 posts!

Tara said...

I just posted my 100th post this week, I can't believe you reached 1000! Congrats! :)