Thursday, March 13, 2008

march thirteen :: 31 days :: day thirteen

Day thirteen. What a long day.

At 1 am last night Sean had 101.2°F Fever. I gave him tempra and he came into our bed. At 5 am, Sean woke up again, with 102.2°F Fever. He has NEVER yet had fever that high, so it worried me. His face was bright red and he was BOILING hot. I didn't know if this was to be worried about or not, and since he was feeling kind of off last night, I decided to call the Montreal Children's Hospital to find out if I should bring him in. I called, got transferred, got transferred again and got nowhere. So at 5:30 am, I picked up my mother and took Sean to the emergency room. I wanted to be safe than sorry. We got Sean admitted around 6:14 am, and he finally saw the Triage nurse sometime around 6:45-7 am. Then we had to wait for the doctor.... After napping in the emergency room waiting room and getting Sean to keep drinking liquids, we were finally seen by the doctor around 11 am. They deemed Sean's fever to be nothing. No ear infection (though he had been tugging at his ear), no sore throat, everything looked okay. They told me take him home, let him keep drinking fluids and keep an eye on the fever. If it was still there in 2 days, to bring him back or see his doctor (who is out of town right now). I did not bring my knitting, just brought a book with me, but didn't even touch that - so I would have not gotten a stitch knit either.

We dropped my mom back off at home, and crashed. We were both zonked. Mid afternoon the guy showed up to fix my stove (finally after chasing them for 4 months) and Angela also came by. We hung out, Sean napped (thank goodness I was able to get him into his crib) and when Jamie got home from work we eventually got ready and headed out the door for the West Island Knit night.

Knit Night was fun, and I am happy to of gotten out of the house for a few hours. Sean has been SUPER clingy the last 24 hours, which is understandable seeing as though he hasn't been feeling well, but still, I love him, but do need my space sometimes. I got a LOT accomplished on my baby surprise jacket (I'm on row 99 of 114!) SOOOOOOOOOOOO close to being done! Pictures to come tomorrow, it's too dark now to photograph (and I HATE flash!)

Sean was getting up from another nap when I got home tonight, and had no fever. It broke! So happy! Hopefully it'll stay away. Sean will not be going out for the next few days, so we'll keep him cozy at home to get better.

Robyn's Nest has a Cafe Press shop! You can now get Robyn's Nest Swag! I just ordered myself (business item!) this really neat tote bag for shop promotion! Get yourself some swag too! There is stuff for everyone! Jr. size, Adult sizes, Maternity (!!) tops, baby swag, hats, tote bags, mugs, as well as dog clothing! So much fun!

DEAR SWAP PARTNER!: You can find my Fave Color Swap 3 questionnaire here. But if you have ANY questions for me, please email me and ask!

Day thirteen. Dying to spend money on personal items. Half a month almost gone... I think I can do it. I know I can do it....!


Andrea said...

I'm glad to hear Sean is doing better.

Don't give up, you're half way there!

Anonymous said...

Glad Sean's feeling better.

Barb said...

glad Sean's feeling better, OMG I want that tote!!! LOVE it :) i'm going to check out CafePress

Anonymous said...

Just read your questionnaire--can't wait to start shopping for you! (Our favorite colours are different but we do share a similar taste in favorite candy.)

Your Favorite Color Swap Pal

Emily said...

Great idea about the Cafepress stuff! So cute.

g-girl said...

oh goodness. glad to hear the doctors said he was okay but I'm sure you were super worried. Of course you didn't read a thing you were too preoccupied. wow. love the robyn's nest tote. must. wait. until april 4th!!! lol.

Lindsey said...

i am so glad to hear that sean is better! fevers like that can be so scary.

that tote bag is so cute (and so are all the tees and such)!!! what a great idea for a knitting bag! love it!

Tara said...

Since Maxime is going through the exact same thing now (April 11th - sooooo far behind!), I'm going to guess that it was teething causing Sean's fever?