Sunday, March 23, 2008

march twenty-three :: 31 days :: day twenty-three

Day twenty-three. Chilled day at home.

Last night Sean slept in our bed. He refused to sleep in his crib. We had guests sleeping in our den (still in our den now), so I couldn't just let Sean scream until he fell asleep. I let him do it for about 5 minutes and then had to give in. Not fair to our guests. Sean has quite the scream. Needless to say, I had a very bad sleep last night, I'm sore, and I'm cranky. (Well, I was cranky, not so much anymore).

Today I stayed in. Jamie ran some errands, his sister & her boyfriend took his 2 kids that live here in Montreal to the insectarium and my nephew stayed here to play with Sean. We hung out here all day. Sitting on the couch/in the den, just chilling out. I like that. I'm cool with that. We were invited to go to the insectarium, I just wasn't in the mood to get off my lazy behind today.

This evening my in-laws came over and brought Chinese Food for dinner. MMmmm, chicken fried rice. I had been craving Chinese Food for a bit now, but hadn't gotten around to ordering it! I've gotten my fix and even have some leftovers! (Dinner tomorrow night!)

This evening since there was so many people around, Sean was preoccupied and I got away into my office for a bit and took care of a few business related items. Packed some orders that'll ship tomorrow morning, and all that jazz.

I had received in the mail the other day something I'd ordered a while ago. One item was on back order, so they shipped these since they had them in stock, but the other item is still on back order. A little baffled - can you see why? Apparently Mackenzie gets a PINK sippy cup. The company I'd ordered it from has been giving me great customer service, and he's looking into getting me another cup with Mackenzie's name on it, in ANY other color but pink. PINK! For a boy! I understand that Mackenzie can be a unisex name... but when it comes to unisex names, shouldn't sippy cups be in unisex colors?? Especially since every name only comes in 1 color combo. Names like Ashley or Jennifer are girls names. And names like John or Matthew are boys names, CLEARLY! But Mackenzie...! Unisex... and the way you choose the names, it's not telling you if it's a boy or girl list, they're all mixed in. Or shouldn't I have been able to specify the color I'd like to order it in?? Anyhow, I'm waiting on a response, but I do have to say that the company has great customer service.

As promised, an update of my progress on Mackenzie's Judy's Grandmother's Baby Sweater. I am loving the Honeycomb stitch. Looks great. I can't wait to see how this turns out, but so far, the color is kicking arse and it's knitting up smoothly & nicely. I'm hoping it'll be a quick knit. I didn't have time to concentrate this weekend (having out-of-town guests staying with us) but I plan on seaming Mackenzie's Baby Surprise Jacket and sewing the buttons on this week. Maybe tomorrow afternoon after my OB appointment/lunch date, etc. We have a busy day tomorrow with family, so we'll see when we return home. I don't want to get home too late tomorrow, I do want Sean to nap at a decent hour tomorrow. He skipped his nap today (fought us) as there were too many people over, and his nap yesterday was cut short due to leaving for Easter dinner. The kid must nap.

Day twenty-three. A breeze considering I didn't leave the house.

ps- I want to win some Malabrigo! Check out this contest over on Cinnamongirl93's blog. Contest ends Tuesday 7pm.


Maggie said...

You should be happy you can find both their names! No one ever has Oliver (Olivia yes, but never Oliver) and growing up I could never find my name on anything either.
Although I agree unisex names should be a neutral color.

Snarsh said...

Interestingly enough. Ashley is also a unisex name. Think Ashley McIsaac.

Kimber said...

I agree Mackenzie is unisex. I hope they can find you another colour.

The sweateris looking good. I just found my copy of that book and I might have to knit along!

Jennifer said...

It's so silly to put unisex names in a gender-specific color! but it's true- at least you can find stuff in their names! Jakob is going to hate me when he's older- there will be plenty of Jacob stuff but I don't think he'll find much Jakob stuff!

I really like that pattern. I checked it out on ravelry and saw some really cute ones. I can't wait to see how yours turns out!

g-girl said...

did you hear back from the company that makes those cups? I've seen those cups before and remember seeing mackenzie in a girly color. I was looking for one for my niece but didn't like the base color it came in. :) fingers crossed they can make you a boy version!

Tara said...

I agree, MacKenzie is unisex, but I guess most people tend to associate it with a girls' name? If you can only get the cup in pink, I mean...