Monday, March 10, 2008

march ten :: 31 days :: day ten :: 23 weeks pregnant

23 Weeks Pregnant. (However I do feel 26 weeks - but that's still another story). My belly has really popped though, I feel great. I don't go back to my doctor until the end of the month, due to being so busy with classes with Sean, and also my doctor's availability.

Day ten. Busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy busy day.

This morning we had our 2nd to last class for this session for the Monday Gym class before the next session starts (it's moved to Tuesdays, so it'll be on Tuesdays at the end of the month). Sean just loves the ball pit. I love taking pictures in the ball pit. The colors!

Today we had a class all about Hamentashens for Purim. First we colored in some hamentashens on construction paper.

Then we actually baked some Hamentashens. The dough was prepared for us though.

First we cut out 3 circles. I was able to get 3 cookies out of the dough, since we made them a little thinner than everyone else. One for Jamie, one for me & one for Sean.

Then you added some prune jam to the center of the dough.

Then you pinch the sides together so it forms a triangle, and then you bake them. We had them tonight after we got in, and they were delicious.

After class my sister came over and hung out with Sean for a bit so that I could take care of some business stuff, and Sean fell asleep on her it was really cute. We headed out late afternoon to bring the Safety 1st stroller back to Walmart. They gave me a huge hassle returning it, but in the end took it back. They were giving me grief because it was opened. Uhm... HOW THE HECK AM I SUPPOSED TO SEE IF IT FITS (ASSEMBLED) IN MY TRUNK IF I DONT OPEN THE BOX???? Geez!

I ran about 4 million other errands this afternoon, only getting home after 8 pm. Jamie went over to a friends place after work tonight, so Sean & I were kind of doing our own thing. We had things to return and dropping things off at people's houses, and also I had to hand in Sean's registration for swimming next session. Tonight at 6pm was the start time for registration and you go and have to line-up, etc.... you don't even find out for a few days if you get into the class, but there is still this crazy process involved - and it's first come first serve. So the earlier you show up the more you are guaranteed a spot - however for a mom & tot class I wasn't worried. Also - because I'm a resident of the city that it's held in, I'm a priority for registration. (People in the neighboring towns get to sign up too, just after us.

I think Sean was SUPER happy when we got home and he didn't have to be in the stroller/basket/car seat anymore. It was a long afternoon of errands!

Day ten. Tempted by stuff at Walmart, I didn't spend money on anything except some business related items that I needed. (They were cheaper than getting them there than from Bureau En Gros (Staples)). (Good to know). I also spent money on food items at Walmart. (Milk, Coffee Cream for Jamie). Not spending money is HARD!!! Holy Moly!

Don't forget that the April Sock Club Kits are on sale until the end of the month, hand painted by Zen Yarn Garden and pattern designed by Not an Artist.


Firefly said...

Your hair looks so cute, I can never get mine to look good once the "hair dressers" do gets washed out, I am currently in hair crisis and resisting cutting it because I want long hair for a little while longer. Then again I want cute hair!

g-girl said...

i agree with firefly--your hair does look cute in that pic! glad you were able to return the stroller after all that hassle. i hate errand days too..and with this daylight savings time, time is just slipping away faster than I'd like it to!

Tara said...

I hate returning stuff at WalMart, it seems like I'm always stuck behind some lady making a fuss about a 1.27$ pair of socks or something.