Saturday, March 15, 2008

march fifteen :: 31 days :: day fifteen

Day Fifteen. Sick.

Upon waking up today, I headed out with Sean to go see a family friend who is a doctor. Jamie had to work, and the family friend called me up and gave me 30 minutes to get to his house (which is 20-25 minutes away) to be able to see me. (I originally called him and he told me he'd call me when he got home. Had I known that I would only have 30 minutes once he got home, I'd have already left). So there was no time to drop Sean off at my parents house, which was the original plan.

I have bronchitis again. (Induced by my mild asthma - that hasn't bothered me in years).

I'm on a type of penicillin for 7 days, and also an inhaler.

This afternoon I baked an apple cake (my Mother-in-law's recipe) and cleaned up a bit in the house. We had dinner guests tonight, (Jamie's ex-co-workers) and we did a Chinese fondue (I think that's what it's called when it's not cheese fondue, lol.... and you're cooking beef/chicken, etc in bouillon).

Sean's slept through the night last night, in his own crib. Phew! The two nights previous since he was sick, he slept in my bed. Poor little guy, I gave him mommy love. But now that he's feeling better, and I'm feeling like the pits, I wanted to get him back into his crib. Not a word, he slept in his crib, and through the night. Actually sleeping in a tad too. Let's pray this continues! Gotta get him back on track.

I've been reading my book, before bed. It's good so far. I'm enjoying it. It seems to be a very fast read, I'm already 1/3 through the book.

Today the shop got some new stock. We've got some Colinette Jitterbug Velvet Series, as well as some Nearly Solid Series. I also got in 2 colorways that were on back order the last time I placed an order, Summer Berries, and Blue Parrot. I do have some other colors coming, that were on slight back order. It's coming! I am in love with the new colors - they're fabulous. I've got some more products to list this weekend in the shop. Keep your eyes posted!

My lungs are on fire. They burn. They hurt. I'm hoping the antibiotics I'm on kick in soon.... dang asthma! I'm really thinking about going to see a specialist, because now I know for sure that my bronchitis is induced by my asthma.... there has to be a lung specialist out there that knows something about this.... and maybe a way to prevent myself from allowing my asthma to bring forth bronchitis. When I was pregnant with Sean, I got bronchitis three times. This is number 1 for this pregnancy. Hoping I don't get it again.

Day fifteen. Money spent on food and medication. C'est tous.

ps- Don't forget to leave a comment with what you think baby boy number 2's name is. There have been some great guesses so far, but I won't give away if the name has been guessed yet or not. That you will have to wait until tomorrow night's post to find out. The clues are marked on yesterday's post. Happy Guessing!


Caroline said...

Sorry you're sick! I hope you feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

Hugs to you. I hope you start to feel better fast.

Amelah said...

Feel better sis! HUGS

ikkinlala said...

I hope the antibiotics work quickly!

Firefly said...

Sorry your sick...I have more guesses and I am still reading 2006 blog entries! I am only as far as September , but I will guess the baby name!!!

Jason wants the computer so I guess in desperation I will guess
Macauley?(does spelling count?)

I was trying to think of a longer name to go with Rae, but I am out of time...

Bea said...

I'm so sorry your not well! I hope you are feeling better soon! Lots of hugs and some bulldog slobber coming your way.

g-girl said...

sorry to hear you're sick again. :( hope this is the first and the last bout you have with bronchitis with this pregnancy.

Tara said...

Man, having bronchitis sucks, but having it while pregnant? I just can't imagine. Maybe your asthma isn't helped by the cat dander?