Monday, March 17, 2008

march seventeen :: 31 days :: day seventeen :: 24 weeks pregnant

Day seventeen. I want to curl up and sleep forever - I hate being sick. Busy day though, regardless.

24 Weeks Pregnant? Or maybe 27 weeks? Look at that belly! I feel massive! When the belly sticks out much (MUCH) further than the b00bs (I know I spelled that with two zero's, I don't want pervs to google me!) then maybe I'm a tad farther along than the U/S technician thinks. I'm still thinking I'm having a small baby. But I guess we'll see when Mackenzie decides he wants to make his grand appearance into this world. I swear, though, I laugh (or rather chuckle) each time someone asks me when I'm due. My response.... "According to my doctor or according to the UltraSound technician?"

I received a lovely package in the mail today - and it can only be from one person - DAWN! She knew how much I wanted (badly!) to even TOUCH Koigu KPPM Sock yarn, so she ordered me some! YUMMY! I am in love with the colorway - wowzers. These will be nice sockies for me! And hopefully one day I'll have a girl and she'll get the leftovers in her blankie. I am in the middle of putting together a thank you package for Dawn, which will go out in the mail as soon as my "Slow Month" is over & done with. Thank you Dawn. I'm going to go shortly fondle the Koigu some more!

This morning was Sean's final Gym class for the winter session. He had a lot of fun this morning soaking himself in the water play area, (thank goodness I had a spare outfit in his diaper bag) and then played in sand (before I changed him!) He was a mess! I think all the kids this morning were a little more "hyper" than usual... it was just chaotic! We got to bring home all the artwork that Sean did from this session, I'm totally framing his first piece that he ever did. It's going on the wall. I'm sooooo freakin' proud. Next week we start the same class again, but on Tuesday. (Keeping busy because once Mackenzie arrives, it's a whole other story with life!)

On our way home Sean fell asleep in the car. I let him sleep in the car in the garage, and stayed in my office so I could hear him. I did some work, he let me get some done. After he woke up, my sister came by and watched/played with Sean for just over an hour while I got a ton of work done. Made phone calls, took care of business stuff and when I finished I felt four hundred times better that it was accomplished. Thank you sis! Really!

After I got my work done we had some errands to run. I had to check in a store in the city to see something that someone out of town asked me about, and next door was Walmart. I had 3 returns to do, and then to pick up some groceries. They also had a blue shirt that I had the black one of, but I wasn't sure if I wanted to keep the black one, so since I like the blue one better I got the blue one to replace the black one (EXCHANGES are allowed during Slow Month). I also picked up Banana Split Oreos, (Never seen them before?) but the pregnancy craving thing happened, and I had to taste them. They're good!!! (When I told Jamie about them this evening he made a face). Ok, I have an odd taste palette, what can I say?

After Walmart we headed to Costco where I needed food items and food related items. I also picked up a baby sleeper in 2 different sizes to replace ones that I have at home that have zippers. Those will be going back in exchange for the new ones. (Once again, exchanges are allowed during slow month!) You see, the baby sleepers from Costco are SUPER cute, and the ones that have the buttons, rock. The ones that have the zippers - they wash funny and then when you put it on your child - it's all warped and funny looking. And the problem with Costco is that they always have FOUR MILLION girl options and girl sizes. For boys? Slim picking and next to nothing. Either everyone in the world is having boys, or they aren't bringing in enough stock.... hmmm....! I picked up stewing meat for a slow cooker recipe, I just need to decide what I will do with it.

The baby Surprise Jacket is all done in the knitting department. I need to seam it (hence why it looks all funny on top), and possibly block it. Maybe I'll block it first then seam it. That sounds like a wiser choice. (That will get done tomorrow while Sean is at my parents house). I need to dig through my button stash and see what buttons will look best on Mackenzie's sweater. I'll let you know what I decide.

Next up in the knitting department, I want to work a bit more on Sean's blankie project, as well as I need to finish the Cabled Pullover I started for Sean. He is in 18 month size now, and I want him to wear it before he outgrows it. I will need to cast on for the front asap. (The back is done, so there's the front to do and then the sleeves). And then.... four million other projects that have been started and that I want to start! So little time.

I feel like I'm coughing worse now on the antibiotics than I was before I started taking it. I'm hoping that is a good sign that the medication is working and that I'm "coughing out" the bronchitis to get rid of it? Crossing fingers. But to be honest, I feel/felt like shit today.

Tomorrow morning Sean has his last swim class for this winter session. I can't go into the water (bronchitis) so my mom is going to go in with him - I'll be able to take pictures, that's for sure!! That I am excited for! Let me tell you. I really don't want to risk making the bronchitis even worse, even though I've now been on medication for it over 48 hours. Sean gets a report card tomorrow (oddly enough), I can't wait to see what it says.

Tomorrow after swimming Sean is spending the day with my mom (and maybe my dad? Not sure what his plans for tomorrow are). Anyhow, my mom is hanging out with the kid so that I can do some Robyn's Nest stuff and also tackle a bunch of stuff on my TO DO list (that Sean doesn't allow me to do when awake). Very grateful that my mom & dad live 5 streets away.

Day seventeen. Spent money on food and food related items. Also spent money on an 2 items that I already had at home in a different variation, but the old items are going back as an exchange (too bad they weren't with me, I could have done a straight exchange - but how was I to know?) So far, so good. More than halfway through the month. It's tough, but I'm hanging in there! I guess I'm just used to getting what I want, when I want - which is bad! LOL.... It's also teaching me this month to not spoil Sean as much as I have been. The kid really has too many toys. I just want him to have everything, and that's bad.

Though, I do have to say, I was in need of a new diaper bag. Got one off Craigslist last week for free. It's the one I wanted, perfect for 2 kids. Friends with more than 1 child recommended it. They had listed it as "like-new".... yeah right. I don't think so. But, I took it anyhow. Last night I took out the wipes and started to first disinfect it. There was a lot of dirt that came out. Then, today I ran it in the washing machine, and you know what.... now.... it's "like new".... Really! It's so spotless, it's amazing. I was worried about hygiene, and what not (throwing pacifier's and stuff in there), etc. But you know.... I think it'll be okay! And this new-to-me diaper bag is a great new thing for me, this month. All it needed was a little cleaning and it's good as new. I'm okay with that. It's hanging to dry in my laundry room right now. I can't wait to put away Sean's diaper bag, which is now useless. Really. (And it's our 3rd diaper bag that we've had). I guess I haven't yet found a system which works for me. Here's to hoping that the new-to-me one does! I will never turn down hand-me-downs or free stuff, especially for the kids and especially since they outgrew things so fast. I hate spending full price for brand new items for how fast they outgrow things. However, I do have to say, it is indeed rare that I do spend full price on baby clothing, I'm the queen of good deals.... I just know where/how to look for them, I guess. However, I'll have to save my talent for next month. No need for them really this month, there is no shopping going on!

Alright, I'm going to read a bit in bed, and then close my eyes. I think I'll have to set my alarm for my next dose of antibiotics. 3 times per day every 8 hours. (I'm not even awake for that many hours!) GRRR!

ps- Might still be looking for commenter 3616.... keep on posting comments! Getting closer - oh so closer - to 1000 posts (THIS SATURDAY!!)


Kimber said...

I've been wanting Koigu PPM too - you lucky girl!

I love your BSJ- looks good and those colours are devine! You are making me want to make another one and at the rate I am going I just might!

Jennifer said...

The sweater looks great! I keep meaning to knit it but never get around to it.

Glad to see you're doing well on the slow month. It's almost over! (well...halfway there, anyways) :)

I think you look closer to 27 weeks. When is your next ultrasound? Is it at the date according to the doc or according to the technician?

p.s. if you've wanted to fondle Koigu, why didn't you order some (prior to the slow month). I think I have that exact colorway in my stash!

IrishGirl said...

Love-love that sweater. I can see it with a little pair of jeans! Congrats on Mackenzie, too. Sean will sure get a kick out of being a big brother.


Bea said...

The sweater looks great and that koigu yarn is so so so pretty. I can see why you want to pet it.

Barb said...

love the Koigu, it's not available here either, for a Canadian company you'd think it could be available in Canadaian LYS's I want to try some too, just need to figure out how :) hope your feeling a little better

Emily said...

I love the idea of the "new to me" bag. I love getting or giving away used items like that, because they develop their own life stories.. a history!

adrienne said...

the koigu is absolutely lovely!

mack will look so cute in the baby surprise. i think you should just seam the shoulder before washing it. that's what i do. i "pick up" the garter stitches along the front with a knitting needle and then match them to the cast-on stitches on the back.

hope you are feeling better soon. rotten to be pregnant and sick. although it could be worst, pregnant and sick in the SUMMER!

Bertha said...

What a gorgeous color of Koigu! Awesome!

I'm trying to decide whether or not to sign June up for swim classes again this week. We took them last summer when she was only 6 months old, so I was going to do it again this summer, but the summer session doesn't start until July, if I want to get in on the spring session, it starts next weekend (the classes go for 8 weeks). I didn't want to start going again so soon (it's still cold out!) but I don't want to have to wait until July either...hmmm.

ikkinlala said...

What a lovely jacket!

I think spelling it as b00bs might just get you the geeky pervs instead of the regular ones... but then again, I might just be reacting to some of the Very Strange People I've met in some of my classes.

Lynn said...

I hope you are feeling better very soon. If your not feeling better after 5 or 6 days on the antibiotic, I would call the doctor to see if he suggests a different antibiotic.

The sweater is so cute. I may have to do one for one my friends who is expecting.

Take care,


K. said...

Sorry that you feel like crap still, but having a day to yourself might help (even though you'll be working)...that KPPM is hot hot HOT!

Dawn ;) said...

Woohoo ~ I scored. ;D Glad you like the KPPM. Congrats on your slow month progress ~ I've not started. LOL I've decide to do it from Apr-Jun since I've been a spendthrift over last 30 days.

Hope you feel completely better soon. Have a great week! ;)

~ PS: your blog posts crack me up, I enjoy reading them. Thx

Melanie said...

the jacket is so cute! Hope you feel better soon!

Bea said...

I'm going to post my 10 things tomorrow!

Firefly said...

That yarn looks like a similar colorway to January's STR, which I loved! What diaper bag did you egt? I am all about researching baby things, and there is some super cute stuff out there. I am just waiting to seee what wrap you settle on and what stuff my other friends end up "keeping" befoer i invest...oh yeah and I have to wait until I am actually pregnant, whoops.

sharon said...

Koigu is amazing!!
The sweater is gorgeous - even unfinished.
You definitely look about 27 weeks - not 24.
I like the name Mackenzie.
good on you getting something free and cleaning it up for you.

AliP said...

I am early on in the BSJ and am confused. Someone needs to DEpithify EZ's instructions to clarify exactly what she means. I will keep going and just pray that it works.
Congrats on finishing.

Balkan Style Bloggers said...

I, too, keep my Koigu KPPPM around for petting. I've knit tiny baby socks with koigu, but never a pair for myself. Your pink Koigu is beautiful!!

Your BSJ turned out awesome! I have EZ's Knitter's Almanac, and I am anxious to knit up a February Sweater, but I honestly get confused by her patterns. I am not a very good ridge counter!


Trish said...

Banana Split Oreos?!?!?!?!!? MUST FIND NOW!

Tara said...

OK, I agree with Jamie that Banana Split Oreos sound gross. And I can't believe you have to wake yourself up to take your Antibiotics! That's crazy.