Tuesday, March 25, 2008

march twenty-five :: 31 days :: day twenty-five

Day Twenty-five. Busy morning with classes, stayed in this afternoon so I spent no money.

This morning we had our first new session at the Y for the class we were taking on Mondays. It's now on Tuesdays this session (for the Spring). We got the schedule for the entire session and the activities we'll be doing sound fantastic. I'm so excited. Excited for Sean!

I spoke to Sean's teacher about the play dough, apparently I probably could have added more flour, it would have worked. I'm going to try again a new batch, but this time with regular flour, maybe it'll make the difference. The batch I already made, I will try to add some more flour (whole wheat) but if it's ruined, it's ruined, and I won't care. But I will try to see if it's still fixable.

There were some new faces this morning, and another preggo mom! You can't even tell she's pregnant though. She's at 17 weeks, about 2 months behind me, but not showing at all. Also her 2nd child, and her son, Kyle is 2 weeks older than Sean (December 12th - Sean is December 28th). Sean turns 15 months on Friday, her son is already 15 months. I wonder if she'll find out the sex of the baby, but that should be in the next 2 weeks or so at her 19 week U/S. I'm curious! When this class ends in June, I'll be about 34-35 weeks pregnant - my gosh! I'll be huge! Going up the stairs to the classroom is starting to get hard, but at least shortly we'll eliminate wearing jackets, so that won't be a weigh-down anymore.

After Sean's gym class this morning, we had 30 minutes to make it to the pool for my new session of Aqua-Strollers which was class number 2 today. Last week I missed because I was sick with Bronchitis. Today, because there were handicapped boys with a female counselor only, they had to use the family room. Usually they can use the men's room, because usually they have a male counselor, but not today. So I had to go into the women's room with Sean. First off, no changing table. Secondly, the lockers in the women's room are not meant for a mom & baby. It was half as wide and half as tall. GRR! I usually pack up my umbrella stroller and it fits into the locker as well! With plenty of space to spare. Today - I barely fit our bags/clothes into the locker and then I had to take the stroller with us - there was no way it was fitting in. GRRR! Not my ideal situation.

So we head to the pool. Turns out I'm the only one in the class! (Well Sean & I are the only ones in the Aqua-Strollers class)! Last week there was someone else, but she thought it was a parent & tot class so she decided to not stay in the class, as she wanted a class to learn how to handle her kid in the pool. Plus, her kid was 2 years old, and too big for the flotation device that the babies/toddler's sit in for this class. So in the end, I got a private class today, and the head of the department is giving it a week or two. She is going to see if she can push anyone else to join on the weekend while classes are going on - but is not sure what is going to happen. She said she'll keep me posted. I see her on Thursday anyhow, she's the one who is actually teaching Sean's Thursday class with a trainee. I can't wait to see what new faces are in his Thursday class. The Thursday class is 13 months plus (whereas his last swim class that he took was 4-12 month mixed in with 12-18 months and it was more babies than toddlers, which was very discouraging in the learning department - the babies slowed us down from advancing in the class).

On the way home, Sean fell asleep in the car. I got a ton of work done while he was asleep. Phew!

My sister stopped by on her way home today, and wanted me to show her how to cast-on/start a hat on DPNs. I showed her how to cast onto more than 1 needle - and start to rib. I can't wait to see what she makes! I'm so darn impressed that she's interested in a hobby that I'm into! Check out her today's post progress! Oh my am I impressed! I thought it would be easier for her to learn a hat on DPNs before getting her to do socks on DPNs, this way she gets used to the idea of knitting in the round with larger yarn/needles/stitches, than tiny stitches that could fall off, etc.

Sean was acting all cute this evening while my sister is over. Oh my do I love this kid more and more every single day. How could you not love this face?

Look Cynthia - Sean loves the pink doll you made for me. He wouldn't let it go! Thank you!

So I've been going through my knitting stuff, and I'm going to be destashing a few items. I got this spindle just over a year ago, and am not a spinner. I'm not into it. I don't have the patience or the want. I would rather spend my time knitting - than actually spinning the fibers. So I have a drop spindle for sale. If you are interested, please email me and we'll talk details. Must destash. I'll also be destashing some bamboo circulars, so stay tuned.

Cool Crafty Links I want to share:

- Fu Manchu Mustache
- Dreidel Softie
- Cute Toddler Skirt (A reason I need to have a girl one day!)
- Sunshine Knitted Socks from SockPixie
- Swiffer Cozy Pattern
- Men's Knitted Hat - The Marsan Watchcap
- Pixel Art Cookies
- How to make Lip Balm
- Embroider Kids Clothing
- Pyramid Door Stop (Sew)
- Ceiling Storage Idea
- Fabric Grocery Bags (Sew)
- Gift Box Templates (Not free but neat!)
- Circular Needle Organizer
- Fabric Shopping Bags (Sew)
- Envelope Pillow (Sew)
- Scrabble Coasters (Craft)
- Button-tab Hat Pattern (Knit)
- Shrink Ring Tutorial (Craft)
- Manly Baby Vest (Knit)
- Hobo Bag (Sew)
- Salad Dressings/Sauce (Cooking)
- Reuseable Silverware Tray (Crafting)
- Cloth Doll Tutorial (Sew)
- Braids Made Easy (Bird in the Hand Tutorial - Knitting)
- The Not-Too Beret Pattern (Knit)
- Swirly Girl Socks (Knit)
- Newfie Mitten Pattern (Knit)
- Smiley Face Socks (Knit)

I received in stock today 3 of the 11 colorways I ordered from Shibui Sock Yarn. It's gorgeous stuff! I am hoping that the last 8 arrive in the mail tomorrow, but I wanted to get the 3 that I already received listed - so they're already up for sale. I am really impressed with the colors. Shibui means "elegant with a touch of bitterness" in Japanese, and ShibuiKnits takes inspiration from that sentiment. You will love the deep, vibrant colors, of the soft yarn. I know I do!

This evening I kinda just stayed and chilled on the couch. It was indeed an awesome relaxing weekend. I loved it. Needed it. Wanted it. I managed to do a load of laundry - so that was good. (The never ending laundry!)

I'm finally slowly catching up on the blog reading I have to do. I have a ton of saved posts in my bloglines that I want to catch up on that I've saved - slowly doing it. So if you get comments to a bunch of posts in one shot - you know I'm finally catching up! Hopefully I'll get on track soon. Also this week I plan on catching up on my emails as well. I'm a little behind in that department as well. I am trying to get more organized - hopefully I will be able to achieve it - and keep it.

I've decided that I'll probably continue with doing a Slow Month in April as well - after making a few purchases at the beginning of the month that are necessary. (And one that is wanted!)

Day twenty-five. Counting down the days left. It's only 6 for this month. I won't be counting next month, as I did for this first month, I'm simple just going to do it.


Kerry said...

My March sock kit arrived in the mail yesterday. OMG!!! What an amazing package!!! The yarn is absolutely to dye for gorgeous! I knew Shelby was amazing but this is really over the edge. I can't wait to knit it up! And since I've found a cast on I LOVE for toe up socks I can't wait to try out this pattern. My littlest one made off with my pencil but I got to keep the belly button cover. LOL Thanks for such a great kit Robyn!!!

Barb said...

LOVE the Shibui!!! can't wait to see what your other colors are before I order some, ya know i'm going to LOL

Caroline said...

All these cute pictures of Sean are not helping my baby fever! He's so cute!

Big Girl Feet said...

aww Sean is such a sweetie!! and great links- thanks for sharing!!
looking forward to our june swap!!

Kat said...

Hey, we have that same Thomas kid sofa. Such a cutie.

Firefly said...

So how does the sock software fit into the "slow month"? I think I have blown slow month, I have been shopping for things for my trip to Vegas, next month(after Vegas) will have to be "slower" ;)

Kimber said...

The duffle coat is not too girly! The model in the book is a little boy so it would also be perfect for Mackenzie.

You're right about the due date - it will definately be interesting to see who delivers first! I just want to "cook" this baby as long as I can so it is a distinct possibility with my "complication" I might go first (my daughter, with no complications was 10 days early).

I am so annoyed you haven't gotten the cheque yet. Let's give it until Friday and if it hasn't arrived then we will figure out something. There must be a way I can pay with Paypal without an account like other sites...

g-girl said...

oh no...hope that more people sign up for your aqua strollers class. once you've got the playdough recipe figured out, you'll have to share it with me so I can try it out on my niece. :) wow, you're going to extend your slow month?? talk about brave!

Tara said...

Seriously? You're doing another slow month? I think I'd have trouble with a slow WEEK! :)