Friday, January 12, 2007

Froggety Frog

Slept in again this morning (but got up to change and feed Sean, and then we were back in bed). During the night, he's sleeping good 3-4 hour stretches at once. I'll get up when he starts asking for food, change and feed him at the same time (he gets distracted with eating while being changed, so there is less fuss!) (He still doesn't like to be cold, I don't blame him for not wanting to be naked while having his diaper changed!) (Oh, and god bless breast fed babies! The diapers don't smell!)

Today, daddy worked again, so it was just Sean and I all morning. We watched some TV together, and then we napped on the couch by the fireplace. I've been trying to sleep whenever he sleeps, but sometimes it's just not possible. Plus, I don't need to sleep 20 hours a day like Sean does.

This afternoon Jamie helped me give Sean a bath, and he didn't cry as much as the first bath, but he still kvetched a bit... afterwards, he looked soooo cute in his bath towel, I had to take some pictures:

And I had to snap a photo of his cute little feet in his Habs socks! You have to see how tiny these things are in real life. They fit on my thumb!

Here is a pic of me with Sean in his mirror in his bedroom. I love it. I think I'm going to start doing more of these self portraits of the two of us more often. Right now it's easy, because I can hold Sean literally with 1 finger (ok, just kidding, with one hand, since he's sooo light! But I know that won't last for long.)

So, I'm really frustrated right now, Sean won't sleep in his bassinet or crib. He only wants to be in our arms, and I cant hold him all day long and all night long, I'm seriously getting nothing done. I need to not only pump so that Sean has what to eat, I have to do other things as well, like allow time for myself to eat (I never have time in the morning to eat breakfast, especially when Jamie is at work, because I don't have two hands to even pour myself a bowl of cereal). Sean just doesn't ever want to be put down. I'm almost about to pull my hair out about it. And I can't stand for him to cry either when we do try to put him down. I let him for a few minutes, to show him that we won't run to him the second he cries (we don't want him to get used to the fact that if he cries we'll pick him up immediately), but I can't stand to have him crying either. So, it's like, what to do?

I finally got my sock blockers in the mail today! Now I just need a pair of socks to put on them!

So the Blue Moon site it up and running again and I paid for my club kit today. I can't wait to get my first package in the mail in February... I'm so excited for my very first skein of Socks that Rock! I'm a STR virgin, it's true. One of two Canadian retailers for STR is in Edmonton and somewhere else. In Edmonton, they carry it at River City Yarns. I know this because Barb just got some there. I am not sure where the second retailer is, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was in Toronto. Definitely it's not Montreal. I've never seen any at Mouline, Effiloche, La Tricoteuse, or The Wool Shop in the West Island.

So.... my Column of Leaves Scarf. I had re-started it. And then after the 8 rows of garter ridge to start, and after 2 pattern repeats....I notice a mistake. So, being overtired and frustrated today, I ripped it back to the end of the garter ridge start, and will re-start the pattern repeat tomorrow, if I have any time at all to knit. We'll see if time permits. Time, what's that? Especially knitting time. What's knitting? (LOL - Just kidding). I just hope that I don't make another mistake, I need to REALLY pay attention to what I'm doing while knitting this scarf.... One small mistake, and it's very frustrating! Maybe I'm just too much of a perfectionist...

This weekend is half laid back and half busy, I'll talk about that later on. I must go pump again. I feel like that's all I do these days.


Jofrog said...

Do you have a pouch or a sling? Already this morning I've walked the dog, washed the dishes, cleaned the living room, made and ate breakfast, and now I'm reading blogs and email... all with Kaya in the pouch! She loves it, and I have both hands free! Most days she spends more time down, but this morning it was just easier to wear her.

Good luck with Sean!

Caroline said...

I hope I'll get to see your socks that rock at a meeting. I really want to try it but it's so expensive.

I love that picture of you and Sean, you should get it framed. And these tiny Habs socks are adorable.

Barb said...

that's a great pic of you two :) I love those sock blockers can you get them in a store or only off ebay? You're right about Toronto being the only other Canadian retailer of STR, it's Lettuce Knit that carries them as well, you are gonna LOVE those sock kits your about too get, it is supper soft yarn and I LOVE the colors it comes in :) i'm not sure what too tell ya about Sean not wanting put down, I'd say leave him fuss for a couple minutes, don't run in right away, but you said you already do's hard hearing them cry, I always picked the girls up after a couple minutes too, I NEVER let them cry for too long, but I also never went right away at the first peep they make...try the swing in your room at night maybe? the cradle, roll a couple blankets on each side so he feels a little more snug, maybe he's just wants too be warmer, I did that with Leslie and it seemed too work out

Jennifer said...

I love the teddy towel, I think I have the same one (and a duck one too). Sean looks too cute in that photo! As for crying...I don't know how you're going to teach him that he's still ok if he's not being held. I like Barb's idea about bundling him up...maybe it's the weight or heat he likes and being swaddled would help? Good luck!

Karine said...

That's a great picture of you and you bébé and those Habs socks are adorable. As for his crying, here's a site you could go to, maybe it will be of some help.

g-girl said...

such a sweet pic of you and sean. :) you know, he wants to always be held cos he likes the warmth. He's used to it. You could try bundling him up so he won't even notice.

Drea said...

Your looking pretty :-)
Im curious how do you manage to let him eat and change him at the same time?? :-)

Maggie said...

sounds like you need a sling or carrier. This really helps out a lot when the little one doesn't want to be left alone or put down. Slings are wonderful, and easy to use. If you get a carrier make sure it is one that converts to a back carrier for when he's older.
How DO you change him while he's eating? That sounds impossible.
For breakfast, I would suggest getting some pop tarts or breakfast bars. they're easy to grab and eat on the go.