Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Look What the Mailman Brought!

Today brought on some mail. I received a small package in the mail from my Angel, which was super nice of her. She sent me a copy of Today's Parent magazine, which came with some gum (I love gum) and some tea. Ironically my Today's Parent first subscription issue came in the mail today, but the good news is - it was a different issue than what my Angel sent me!

I also received some mail from Patty. She sent me some beautiful denim jean colored yarn called Demin Daze. It's Alpaca baby, but I am not sure the "brand" of the yarn? (Patty??) She knit up the most cutest booties for Sean - (picture below of him modelling them), and she also sent me some spices, which was supposed to help me kick start labor, but the day she mailed it out - was the day my water broke, (I think) and now I'll just use for regular cooking!

In the mail also came a lot of goodies, (and a few bills as well - blech), but the nicest thing that was sent was a note card stating the a tree has been planted in Israel, in celebration of my son. My friends Lauren & Seth in Philly had one planted for him. Thank you very much Lauren & Seth!

Yesterday, I was talking about some gifties that my friend Leora brought me from Israel. It was these two hand bags:

They're reversable, which is really cool. I had one in blue and orange, but I used it to pieces and I had to replace it. The one I had was given to me by an Israeli soldier, that I'd met. Anyhow, at the end of my trip, I met up with my friend Leora, and she had said that she would pick me up some of these bags in Eilat (where we didn't go on our organized trip unfortunately), and mail them to me. Well, she did pick them up, back in June of 2004, and well - never got to mail them to me. So now, two and a half years later, she is back in Montreal visiting, and has brought me these bags. They're in very simple colors, and I love them. One is black and blue the other black and khaki green!

Today Sean and I hung out. We got a lot accomplished, and even though I felt like I spent most of my day pumping (that's what I feel all I do these days), and eventually late afternoon, we made it out the door to the grocery store, to pick up my photo order (honeymoon pics) and pick up some groceries.

Here are some photos of Sean from today:

Sean modelling his new booties from Patty!

And my little guy snoozing anywhere he can (here he is on his changing table):

And in our den...

Well, I must go pump (again), and go to bed. The nurse is coming tomorrow (instead of today) to weigh Sean, since today she had way too many vaccinations to do at the CLSC, she couldn't leave. Tomorrow, she'll be coming with a nurse who is doing a stage, so it'll be two nurses coming tomorrow, should be interesting. The nurse that I spoke to on the phone today, who will be coming, wants to help me get Sean back on my breast tomorrow, instead of me pumping. We'll see how I feel about that tomorrow.


Jenny said...

Very cool bags and good luck with the nurses. I am sure being able to nurse Sean will be a lot easier than having to pump constantly.

Barb said...

what nice gifts :) is Todays Parent any good? i've never read it. Good luck starting nursing again :)

Raesha D said...

Those booties are adorable!!! And he is just too cute for words:)

K. said...

How freaking cute is Sean!

g-girl said...

the booties are super cute! The bags are very nice too. :)