Sunday, January 28, 2007

One Month

Sean is one month old today. I cannot believe where time has gone! As I said on Thursday when Sean reached 4 weeks old, I cannot believe it, and it feels like just yesterday that he was born. His own unique personality is starting to be apparent when he's not sleeping. We've been blessed with a fantastic baby, who only fusses when he's hungry or naked during a diaper change. (I wouldn't want to be naked either! It's cold!) My love for this little guy is beyond what words can even describe.

Today I feel better than yesterday. Yesterday I was just beyond tired. I got a bit more sleep today than I did yesterday, but it's hard with Jamie out of town, and I'm doing all the wakings in the middle of the night myself. When Jamie's around, we share the getting up and feeding. Oh, and once I'm up at the 7 ish a.m. feeding, chances are I'm not going back to sleep after that.

I got some knitting done today (and last night) and my Column of Leaves Scarf is starting to take shape. I will photograph it shortly and show it's progress! It's looking snazzy! I love it! It's a lace pattern and not something I could memorize, so I have to follow the pattern VERY carefully. But I'm really enjoying it! Pictures coming soon! Promise!

This evening I had dinner at my parents house, and then my sister is now over and she's spending the night. Last night was kind of freaky in the middle of the night, getting up to feed Sean in the middle of the night, alone. Even with my alarm on the house on, any little noise - even if it was just one of the cats - freaked me out! Tonight I'll sleep easier!

Tomorrow is my postpartum apointment with my OB. I'm sure everything is going well, so it should be a very quick appointment. I'm spending the day with my sister (and Sean of course!), and then Sean and I are off to the airport to pick up Jamie.

Off to go watch TV with my sister. Goodnight!


Me said...

oh that photo of you and Sean is amazing :o) There really is no love as deep as the love a Mother has for her children - it is difficult to explain this deep feeling until you have children :o) Now you understand this love... You are such a wonderful loving Mommy xoxox enjoy every second xoxox Hugs Shelley...

p.s Sean is a content baby because all his needs are being met - he is happy so he is content - GOOD JOB Mommy and Daddy xoxox

halloweenlover said...

Happy one month to you! I keep trying to comment on the last several posts and for some reason Blogger won't let me. Grrr.

Sean is such a cutie! Congrats on the weight gain!

Creative Genius? said...

OH MY GOSH - one month already?? Time flies! He is a cutie and gets cuter every day!

g-girl said...

happy one month and 2 days to sean! :) I forgot to comment on how glad I was that your postpartum appt. went well. can you tell in what order I'm commenting on your blog?? lol.