Monday, January 15, 2007

Old Navy Baby

This morning I got a package in the mail (door bell actually startled me), from Marga. She sent Sean some stuff from Old Navy. (At first I totally thought Marga had crochet this doll for Sean, sorry, doll is not an appropriate word to use for a baby boy, so, let me rephrase this... I thought Marga had crochet this stuffed animal for Sean.... but it's actually a set from Old Navy).

It's a stuffed animal, a blankey and a long sleeved tshirt with the matching stuffed animal on it. Thank you Marga, that was really sweet of you, and you shouldn't have! I know you said you couldn't resit - but still! THANK YOU! Sean Thanks You! I hope your recovery from your tonsillectomy is going well. Feel better soon.

Today was a chill day, my mother and sister came over to visit Sean. I took some really cute photos of my cutie:

I wonder what he's thinking about in this picture??

I just love love love every part of him. I love kissing his little toes on his feet. He's starting to react to us kissing him and smiling. I love it. It's either smiles or gas... who knows, and who cares, it's smiles to me, and I love it!

This evening we went to a friend's house to watch the conclusion to the premiere of 24. I hope it's going to be a good season this year.... I'm glued to the edge of my seat already!


Maggie said...

I can't remember if I've posted here before, but Sean is absolutely adorable! I really like the thinking picture. How funny!

Firefly said...

I wish I had made it myslelf, so far I haven't ventured into crochet land. I know it probably isn't the best quality for a baby toy but it was just too "on sale" to resist and I like the one toothed "dog". I got it mostly for the shirt anyway so even if he never fits into the shirt it was to cute to pass up.

Glad it arrived safely and from now on I will try and curtail baby buying, you are just the only one I know who has had their kid, everyone else is still "baking".

Still addicted to pain medication and stuck in bed but the neighbours wireless has been a saviour(even if they don't know it) and I have been able to keep in touch with the outside world all from the comfort of my cozy room.

Ola said...

Hi from a fellow Canadienne but Vancouverite, so I'm on the other side of the country. ;-)
Your baby is so cute! Congrats!

K. said...

You know that in that pic, he's thinking about something very important...along the lines I happy or is it gas?? Lol! He's so cute!

Drea said...

love the oldnavy set. I get in trouble any time i shop there :-)

oh and i recorded 24 for travis while he was gone. he loves it.. ive never watched it though :-)

Me said...

oh I just really need to give that BIG TOE a kiss - please xoxoox

Raesha D said...

CUTE Old Navy goodies! I still can't get over how tiny he is!!! Such a little cuddle bug:)