Monday, January 22, 2007

Post Natal Aqua

I got word that my mom's friend in Toronto, who actually co-owns my mom's purebred dane, that one of his girl's had a litter over the weekend. 9 puppies were born, all fawn's - (like scoobydoo in color) except one - a brindle male (who is pictured below this image).

Apparently, this brindle male, was the only pup who DIDN'T mind being weighed. Isn't he just the cutest? I would totally love a Great Dane, but unfortunately, my house isn't big enough for a Great Dane, my cats would be pissed off, and my hubby doesn't want a dog that is any bigger than a golden retriever or labrador. So, there goes my dreams of wanting a Great Dane. (They're just such beautiful dogs).

Today I ordered this above book for Sean. Basically it's a photo album but on soft cover, that babies CAN put in their mouth - because that's what babies do. They put things in their mouth. This way, I can put pictures of Sean's family into the album, and he can know who loves him! (Like we don't tell him enough already. I make sure DAILY to tell him that I love him, and that his daddy loves him). My nephew has this fantastic book, and he still to this (I'm pretty sure) day flips through it (he's 4 now).

Jamie and I have been listening to a LOT of Sesame Street (Thank you Lindsay!) and Sharon, Lois & Bram, Baby Einstein, Raffi amongst other children's music. Jamie has this obsession with the Pinball Song. It's the first song on one of the cd's we have, and Jamie found the video from the original Sesame Street broadcast on youtube. Here is it below:

Click here to view.

I went out this afternoon on a few errands, and got to Walmart, but forgot my Walmart bill at home. I did have a few other things to pick up there, but the main reason for going was the return. Have you ever done that? I was soooo mad at myself for doing that. I know I'll be back at Walmart again soon (I feel like there is always something I need there), but still! I had every intention of doing that return today!

Tonight I went to POST-Natal Aqua. Boy it felt great to get back into the water! It's the same class as the pre-natal aqua that I took - and I missed my girlies! One girl, that I made friends with - is almost in her 38th week. WOW! Time flies. And another is almost in her 37th! I remember when these girls still had weeks left to go - and they were admiring my ALMOST baked belly! Now, I get to admire theirs! I shared my stories tonight, I hope I didn't scare any of the girls, but boy did I preach EPIDURAL! Ha ha! It's all about the epidural!

So - someone left a comment last night on my blog about Fenugreek - a herbal remedy that may be able to help with my breastmilk production. I plan on picking up some tomorrow (my local pharmacy that has herbal items was all out - so I'll be in the area of another store tomorrow), but while talking to a herbalist - who was on duty at the pharmacy while I was there - (I didn't know such thing exist), I am trying a liquid called Fenouil - which is from the vegetable Fennel (I love eating this!) and it's supposed to a) help with breastmilk production, and b) help lose weight! I learned something new today. Also - Fenouil has a bunch of calcium and vitamin C and other stuff in it - which is good for Sean as well - to get via my breastmilk. I'll keep you posted on how well it works. I'm starting it tomorrow as well. My production seems to be a little bit better today, and I'm starting to drink a LOT more water - which apparently is key. (I'm a really bad diet coke drinker - and juice drinker as well!) And no - drinking milk doesn't produce milk! (Someone told me to drink more milk today - I was like - "You don't even know what you're talking about, so shut up!" LOL)

I had a garlic dressing tonight on a salad for dinner - I really hope that Sean doesn't reject his middle of the night bottle! I haven't had a problem with onions, he seems to be okay with that (I love onions on everything!) and tonight we're testing garlic!

Tomorrow is Sean's first doctor's appointment. I can't wait to find out how much he currently weighs! My guess is just under 6 lbs. (Somewhere at like 5 lbs 14 or 15 ozs - but that is just my guess! LOL). Let's see if I'm correct! Anyone else with a guess!?? Leave a comment and let me know how much you think he weighs - and maybe there will be a surprise in it for the winner!

Tonight I got some knitting done on my Column of Leaves scarf. Yey for knitting time. I watched Deal or No Deal (I love this show), Heroes & 24 tonight, and while watching TV, I got some knitting time in, as well as pumping time as well with the electric - it seems to be working better these days - I think it was just my frustration the other day that wasn't allowing it to "work" properly.

Alright, that's enough rambling for one night. I better get some sleep before I need to be up for the next feeding!

ps - to all those whom have left me blog comments - I will respond to them tomorrow! (Thanks in advance for all the tips & advice - I really appreciate ALL of it!)


Carrie said...

Oh, I'm so jealous! Post Natal Aqua sounds awesome! Good luck on your breast milk, but watch the garlic =-) I took my 6 month old to the hospital one night, thinking she had seizures, but we finally figured out she was in terrible pain from the saurkraut (sp?) I had earlier. *sigh* Actually, garlic is probably fine, but when do I get to tell that story?

Maggie said...

Unless you eat a TON of garlic I don't think it makes any difference to the baby. I eat garlic and onions and such all the time and never had any issues. Oh yeah, and you can still drink juice...our midwife said to mix half a glass of juice and half a glass of water. That way you still get the flavor, but you are getting water as well. This works better with stronger flavor juices like cranberry or grape.
Post natal aqua does sound wonderful. Is it as relaxing as it sounds? Plus, time to yourself!

Maggie said...

ahhh! I LOVE the pinball song!! :D

Jennifer said...

lemme try this posting thing again, since I think Blogger ate my first comment. Since no one else has, I will take up these odds and wager a guess on Sean's weight...I'm guessing 6 lbs 3 oz. Good luck!

a friend to knit with said...

Oh my, those puppies are sooo cute!
Hope the garlic didn't bother Sean.
O.k, I'm guessing 6lb 1 oz....and yes get the knitting for peace book...really cute! Hope your day was great!

canadian_mummy_2002 said...

I think Sean weighs 6 1/2 lbs. Hope you had a great day!

Jenny said...

Oh those puppies are so cute! I can't believe how big they will get when they start out so little! I am lucky that my pup is still little and very manageable. I don't know if I could handle a dog that big!

Snarsh said...

I'm gonna guess 6lbs on the dot.

Drea said...

I have that same photo album. Caleb loves it still. I need to change the photos though... they are very old! haha.

g-girl said...

ohh, the puppies are so cute. it's too bad you can't have one. good luck with the herbal remedy--I can't remember how to spell it right now. hope the garlic agreed with sean too.