Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Lilypadz & Skip Hop Dash

Today while on my way out to do some errands, I saw that gas was at 91.1 cents per liter. The sign looked like 9-1-1 --> as if you'd be calling the police, and I thought it was funny, so while at a red light I managed to snag a photograph... I thought it was pretty funny:

The main purpose of leaving the house today was the fact that I absolutely HATE my diaper bag. It's just not practical for me right now. It probably will be good to go for walks or to the park, but for a full day out on the town - it's just not got enough room. So... I splurged and got myself this new bag by Skip Hop:

I picked out the Olive colored one, with the orange trim, since my stroller is brown. Now, they have a brown one, except it's got a PINK trim, and though I like pink - I have a baby boy. Pink no good for that! Anyhow, it's a pretty snazzy bag, and it even has clips to go on my stroller, so that I do NOT need to put it UNDER the stroller in the stroller basket, which can be used for other stuff... which is great. I really like this new bag. I hope it erally is of good use. I feel really bad, because my grandmother got me the other diaper bag, and I even picked it out - it's the one that matches my stroller (same company, Graco), but how was I to know that it wan't going to be practical (just pretty to match my stoller)? You can check out the company Skip Hop here, and view their other products and read up more on the diaper bag, if you're curious or interested.

While in the store, the owner, who is due herself in March, sold me on this product:

The lilypadz are great for nursing mothers. I plan on trying them as soon as my disposable ones run out (that I already opened the pack). This new product seems great. I'll let you know if it's as great as it sounds! View their site for more information, here.

Tonight, Angela came over, we watched some TV and I got some knitting done. My Column of Leaves scarf has some progress (pictures coming soon!) After returning home from dropping off Angela and doing a quick pharmacy errand, I caught the end of the All Star's hockey game, and I was disappointed to see that the West won. We had some great players playing for us in the East (Huet, Crosby, etc...) and it was just a little disappointing. Oh well - maybe next year. I hope to be able to get tickets to the 2009 All Star's game, they're being played here in Montreal! Jamie & I are VERY VERY excited.

Took some pictures today. In tradition with my "self portraits".... here is one of Sean & I in his mirror in his room:

I just love it!
And I posed my little guy sitting up with his stuffed elephant that his 2nd cousin Jennifer made him. Sean's starting to be a lot more aware of his surroundings these days, and I love that he's starting to be more interested in things - it makes things so much more fun!

Tomorrow consists of laundry (what a surprise!) and a little bit more errands (not far from the house)... but if I don't get those errands done tomorrow - then I'm not going to be upset by it. has shipped off my Stitchionaries and my Knitting for Peace - so we'll see if that comes in the mail tomorrow - that would be nice!

C'est tous pour maintenant.... Check back tomorrow for more in the life of a stay-at-home mommy & her adorable baby (okay - I'm biased!)


Summer Engh said...

Hi I just want to say that the picture is awesome. Your baby boy is getting big. Hope the Lilypadz work for ya.

g-girl said...

oh, i love today's self-portrait! the new diaper bag looks cool. good luck with the lilypadz and have fun doing laundry today!

Drea said...

I love sjiphop bags I almost got one myself. I have a similar one called fling silverline bag. It has a lot of the similar features. Like the straps to hook onto the stroller back.

and yes I have my matching graco bag.. i hardly used it. Only time I use it is when we go to a beach or some place where I can use the cooler option it has (its insulated). Its way to big to carry on normal days :-D

Drea said...

oh and i love the photo of u and sean, hes so cute.