Saturday, January 27, 2007

My Angel

I did not get a good night's sleep last night. I just couldn't sleep comfortably, and had to wake up to feed Sean (obviously) so I only got about 5 hours (max) of sleep. I'm not even sure it was that much.

Today I ran some errands with my mother, and my father watched Sean for me. I got a lot accomplished today, even though I have a ton more errands to run still this weekend, things that I need to cross off my to-do list. I got Sean a bunch of new clothes at Walmart & at Zellers today (thanks to a gift card at Zellers) and I can't wait for this kid to start fitting into things! He's going to make one handsome kid!

Here are some pictures I took of Sean before heading out on those errands today:

Wide awake before a nap...

Fast asleep just before I left...

And here is Sean being watched by Bosco.

These are a pair of mittens my grandmother knitted up for Sean, so that his hands don't get cold in this nasty cold Montreal weather. Aren't they just the sweetest things!

Tonight, my cousin Jenn & her hubby came over to hang out with me and see Sean. Jenn got some baby holding (and practice time) with Sean... (she's due in May with her first baby, a boy also!) We watched the movie Flushed Away (what a great cartoon movie! I loved it!) and Yannick helped me put together this Ocean Wonder's musical thing on Sean's crib. Sean loved it so much at my parents house (my mom has one on her crib) that I finally gave in and had Yannick help me put it on tonight:

So we took a picture of Sean with it!

Yannick also helped me figure out my new humidifier (my house is dry) and also my Safety First Diaper Genie thing. It's not that or too complicated, I'm just overtired and instructions don't mean much to me!

After Jenn & her hubby left, I cleaned up my stuff from the weekend, and then FINALLY opened the two parcels that came for me as I was walking out the door on Friday to my parents house. I WISH I had opened these on Friday, but... just didn't have the time.

I received my order with the Stitchionaries and Knitting for Peace. I can't wait to go through them and start reading them!

And then I got my package from my Secret Pal 9 Angel! It turns out, that Shelley, who I was spoiling - spoiled me back! Wow! That's all I have to say. Look at the amazing stuff that Shelley has sent me. It was too thoughtful of her:

Opal sock yarn (she has an online Opal shop)! I even got a ball of my fave color (the pink one) in 4 ply! Been looking for that like crazy, and Shelley had told me that it's not available (was that a plot to get me to not look for any so she could send me some?

I got gum, I'm a HUGE gum chewer, and some candies (that I love!)

Shelley took the time to knit me Irish Hiking Pattern gauntlets (I love them!) and she also sent a cell phone toy for Sean (which he loves already!)

I got 2 magazines and a journal (I love journals and notebooks!)

She sent along some patterns.... I can't wait to knit them up!

And here is the loot! Beads, cinnamon candles, hot chocolate, more yarn, tea, lipgloss, face masks, bath stuff, Sharpie markers in my fave 2 colours! Air freshner for my car and vanilla soap.

And the last (but not least) two items, that I wanted to show in detail are:

Some awesome stitch markers (I collect stitch marker) and this HANDKNIT by Shelley sock keychain! How awesome is that?!!

Thank you sooo very much Shelley. Everything was thoughtful and you put a lot of work into putting this package together for me. I thank you a million times over! Thanks for being my Secret Pal 9 Angel when my original pal couldn't come through for me. It really means a lot to me that you wanted to do this for me!

Alright, my eyes are starting to close on me. I must get sleep before Sean's next feeding!


Barb said...

nice spoils from your rescue Angel, it's funny that she was the one you were spoiling, I still have'nt got my reveal so i'm not sure who my pal is yet, the lady I was spoiling got her package from me last week :) I've never tried Opal sock yarn yet, the pink one is pretty

Me said...

:o) Hi Robyn xoxox I am so happy you loved all the goodies in your SP9 Angel package - I had the best time putting it together for you :o) When Patty asked me if I would like to be your Angel I was SO HAPPY and of course said YES right away - enjoy it all as you deserve this and MORE xoxox lots of hugs Shelley

g-girl said...

i love the pic of bosco watching Sean! :) that's nice that your parents have a crib at their house for Sean to be in. You indeed got lucky with all those goodies from your sp9 angel! :)

Drea said...

He looks so sweet sleeping :-)
Dont you love shopping for him? I dont ever get tired of buying my boys outfits! I thought forsure I wouldnt like having to buy more boy clothes.. but I seriously dont get tired of it :-)

Since your heart baby gap check out Taites blog. He is sporting a baby gap outfit someone got him at our shower.

Love the knitted gloves :-D Those are very useful.

Firefly said...

Oh my goodness his cheeks are so cute, I just want to squeeze him! Your angel totally pulled through for you, didn't you get some packages in the beginning from your original SP? I haven't gotten any packages in this SP9 exchange yet so I am hoping that I get an Angel as sweet as yours. Enjoy the Zzzz's when you can.

Maggie said...

is that a teddy ruxpin i spy in baby sean's crib?! :o I LOVED teddy ruxpin! <3
i also love the face he's giving in that first picture :)
(and how huge does Bosco look beside that crib?! :o )


Danielle said...

What great Angel package. I collect stitch markers too!

The first picture is super cute ...ok they are all cute. Bosco watching the wee one is a really good one to.

just blog strolling

Knitting Mama said...

Hi Danielle - It wont allow me to access your blogger profile - can you please email me at so I can answer back your comments! Thanks!!!