Thursday, January 18, 2007

3 Weeks

I cannot believe that Sean is already 3 weeks old. Where does time go, seriously? I am not sure. Days fly by, and really quickly, if you ask me. Now I know what my father means when he told me that once you have kids... time just flies by... I am NOT ready for time to fly by... I need it to go slowly! I keep telling Sean that I want him to stay this small forever... but I know one day he'll be taller than me most probably (hopefully!) and asking for the car keys to go on a date. Yeah, I'm NOT ready for that yet.

My little guy likes to sleep in his swing. I love it when he dreams and moves his arms around while he sleeps, it's too cute. They are usually accompanied by facial expressions too - it's great! Keeps me amused, and boy could I watch him for HOURS!

I missed a package last night while we were out at our belated Xmas dinner for Jamie's work. Anyhow, I picked it up today, and it was from my friend Lauren in Philly. Jamie's fave part of the gift package we got, was this adorable Philadelphia Eagles jersey (which Sean will grow into).... Jamie's FAVE NFL team is the Eagles! It is just TOOO cute. Thank you so much Lauren. (I know you read my blog!) There was a few other gifts with it, I will photograph the awesome stuff Lauren sent, and blog it tomorrow!

So, since the census was that no one could see the wrap on me in yesterday's blog post, because I was wearing a black sweater, and the wrap is black, I took some new photographs today. Some self-portraits, 3 weeks postpartum:

I am telling you - this wrap IS my new fave thing! I just love it. It was a very good investment.

Today I went for lunch with my grandmother, and then spent about 2 hours in Walmart. Went to do a return (and that was it) and walked out 2 hours later with a basket full of items. New garbage cans for the house, some new PJ pants for me (it's all I wear around the house these days.... so I wanted to get some fun ones to be comfortable! What else? A cool collage memory board, one for my office and one for Sean's room (will photograph once they're hanging) and some other things. I love Walmart - the evil corporation that it is!!

After getting in, we watched Oprah & Dr. Phil, and I need to remember to watch one of the two on Monday, there is a good show being aired, but now I can't remember which one it was! LOL. I'll probably be pumping at that time, so I'll probably plop myself on the couch!

Angela came over tonight, we had dinner and watched Ugly Betty and then CSI (half of it) and knitted. It was nice to have a friend over, even as zonked as I am.

Alright, I have to go to - you guessed it - pump. It's all I do anymore! LOL. If you want to find me, you know where.... on my couch!


Carrie said...

I love that wrap! He looks so snuggly held!

Drea said...

heh elove the wrap. the only difference i see in yours is its shorter than mine. Is yours really long unwrapped? mines huge! I have to wrap it around my waist twice to fit... but i like it that way... because Travis can wear it.