Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Azure Wraps Rock

Today it took me a long time to get my act together and get to my mom's house. I did manage to stop at Acura and get my car looked at (thank goodness for having a hook-up there, I got my car looked at immediately, and fixed right there on the spot!) For some reason, my automatic car starter never worked. You'd do all the steps to get it working, and it would just choke and choke and never start upon re-starting it. I only need it when I go out - because at home I have a double car garage. But now, with Sean, going out, in the middle of winter (now that we're starting to have normal Montreal winter weather) I'd like to use my car starter. My car starter now works.

Here is a picture of Bosco (in the background) and Piper, my mom's Danes. They are so good together, and with each other! They give each other kisses, it's really cute. I hope my mom's home when Piper goes into heat - or she's going to have puppies!!! (Which would be really cute!)

I just love these two dogs. Piper is on the right, Bosco on the left. They kept standing at the gate, (I was in my parents room) and they just wanted to see the baby!

This is Sean sleeping on my mom's bed, while I was pumping (or rather trying to - I'll get into that in a minute).

On my way to the West Island today, I did stop at the new shop near my house (I missed their grand opening on Monday due to our snow storm). Their website is here. Anyhow, what I wanted to go to them for, is the Azure Wraps. I really wanted one when I saw it at the Mom Show back in November. Anyhow, I got one today, in black, so it matches everything.

I tried it on for the first time at the belated Xmas dinner that my father's company had tonight. It was postponned because my husband was in the hospital with me while I was in labor, and the manager was sick with the flu. (Not just cuz of me in labor - lol). (Or so that's what I think!)

Sean slept on my chest the entire evening during dinner (I managed to eat won ton soup without spilling any on his head since I couldn't lean over the table to eat it!) Sean loved being close to my body in a very womb like position.

The Azure wrap is kinda pricey (55$ CAD plus tax) but honestly, so worth it! I am NOT going to get rid of my Maya Wrap, but keep it for when Sean will be sitting on my hip to be carried. It won't go to waste. (I talked to the Azure Shop owner about the Maya Wrap, since she actually sells them as well!)

Today I thought I was having breastmilk production issues, but I actually think it's my electric pump having a bad day. I will re-read the instruction booklet tomorrow and if need be call the 1-800 number for The First Years. I got home and hand pumped - no problem. I was sooo frustrated, because I thought I wasn't producing enough, as Sean's been eating like a champ. Hand pumping manually - I got enough for 2 full meals. Electrically - not much was coming out. I wonder what I'm doing wrong (after it working beautifully for the last few days??)

I had to resort earlier and give Sean one bottle of formula. I literally thought I wasn't producing enough - Sean didn't spit out the formula. Daddy says that diaper change after that bottle was not so pretty! LOL. And now we know why they say breastfed babies are better! Anyhow, I'm not going to get rid of the formula, I'll definitely keep it for emergency reasons, etc.... like tonight. Sean was hungry, I wasn't going to let him starve, so I gave in and gave him ONE bottle. I'll do it again if I have to. I'm not afraid to anymore. But I really don't want to have to give him formula. His apetite is increasing though.

Another milestone tonight, I got Sean back on the breast! He had one meal being breastfed. I'll still give him breast milk in a bottle in the middle of the night tonight, just so we can all get back to bed quicker, but yeah! I'm very happy about it. I was in the middle of pumping, and Jamie made a joke saying "Let's see for kicks if Sean will latch on..." And he did... and he ate like a champ!

Alright, well now it's my bed time. I'm beyond zonked. Must get some sleep. Still trying to get used to this schedule.

My grandmother is coming over for lunch tomorrow and to spend some time with Sean and I. I have some laundry I'll be able to get done, and maybe even some knitting?!! (Knitting, what's that? LOL. I'm jonesing to even knit ONE stitch!)



PatentPrincess said...

Awwwww, the doggies are so cute! Great danes are some of my favorites. I'm glad that you and Sean are enjoying the Azure wrap. Right now I'm researching wraps/slings/carriers for me and my baby and it's kind of overwhelming how many different options are out there!!

To answer the questions you left on my blog, I'm having a baby boy and he's due on March 2. Not too long!

Have a nice Thursday!

Jofrog said...

That's FABULOUS that he latched on! Way to go Sean! Keep it up, and don't get frustrated. Showers are great for making breasts and nipples feel a bit less abused.

Maggie said...

Hooray Sean!! I was told it's really common for early babies to have latching problems at first. I was in the same position as you are. Keep practicing, it gets better and better. Oliver is mostly breastfed now except when I'm at work.
Does your pump have different settings? I've found that I have to turn mine to the highest one to get a good amount.

Jennifer said...

Congrats on the new wrap! I'm so glad you got one that works well for you guys. I can't see it really well in the photo (are you wearing it over a black shirt?) but I'm so happy you got one you can use!! And YAY on the latching on too!!!

Firefly said...
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Firefly said...

That wrap looks neat, it is hard to see how it works, is it complicated? Looks like you'll be able to knit with him cozy on you chest!

Me said...

Sweet Dogs!!! ahhh let them sniff Sean - with your supervision of course :o) That wrap looks amazing and look at little Sean sleep :o))))))) and your hands are free !!!! I loved the post - of course I love all your posts LOL
hugs xoxox Shelley

Barb said...

yea Sean for latching on :) The wrap looks neat, I wanted one when I had Leslie but never did get one :)

Drea said...


Love the azure wrap. And your right very similar to my moby wrap. I love mine. Its dark brown that goes with most things. :-) I couldnt get anything to girly since Taites a boy.. plus if it was a pink wrap my hubby would never wear it hehe.

Oh and congrats on getting sean back on el boobie-o :-) thats so exciting!

Have a great evening.

Karine said...

Love the doggitude, love the wrap. That said, if you silly muggle don't know who Snape is, then there's no saving you...

Jenny said...

That wrap is so cool! I really want to do the baby wearing, but there are so many choices out there--I guess I will just have to try and see which ones feel best.

Good luck with getting Sean back on the breast--hopefully that will be easier than pumping.