Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Hiccups

Today was a nice day, a very peaceful day, actually, as we got to spend it just the three of us. Well, sort of. Jamie watched football and hockey (Habs game mid-afternoon as well as an Eagles game on as well) and we kinda just did our own thing today, sharing the responsibilities of caring for and cuddling with Sean.

This afternoon I took care of a bunch of things around my office that needed looking after, and finally sat down and went through the 1600+ digital photos that I took on my honeymoon and chose about 300 to print. Today was the last day for 2 for 1 prints with the photolab I go to, so I made sure to sit down and get that done. It was hard choosing and then a lot of work editing color and cropping, etc. I can't wait to go tomorrow and pick up my photos!

Tomorrow is errand day, I have so much to do. It will be my first day out of the house with Sean, to do errands. It'll be my first time using the stroller - I am very excited about that too (I just need to first figure out how it folds down to stick it in my trunk!) My to do list has been growing and I am very excited to get out of the house. I haven't left the house in a couple of days!

Pumping has been taking up a lot of my energy. I hope that I can either continue to pump or to have Sean latch back on again, I'm almost healed, so I will see in the next few days how it goes.

It seems as though Sean's umbilical cord will fall off any moment now. It's kind of on it's way there now, and I can see it will need some cleaning on his belly button once it falls off, so I hope that I catch everything and one of his outfits doesn't get ruined because of it.

The hiccups.. Sean has been having them almost every time after eating. I wonder what is causing them, I've never even had the hiccups this much in my life! Anyone have any information on why he's getting the hiccups after eating, and what I can do to eitehr prevent it, or help them go away (and stay away??) Has anyone else experienced this?

Alright, I must get to sleep. Even though Sean and I took a 3 hour nap before Desperate Housewives was on this evening, it's now bed time. I want to be able to function tomorrow!


Mrs. S said...

The only thing I can suggest is gripe water - it says on the bottle that it helps cure hiccups. You can even give him a bit before feeding him as a preventative thing rather than wait and give it to him as a 'cure' once he gets 'em. When Zoe gets the hiccups I usually just latch her back on for a few moments and they go away, but if eating is what causes them I don't know how well that would work!

Drea said...

the hiccups are sooo normal :-) he will get over those with age... and it wont happen as much. Taite doesnt get them after each feeding but a lot at night for some reason.

Oh and enjoy the stroller ride! its soo fun taking them out the 1st time. I got a new double stroller so I look forward to when I get to use that.
Although I probably wont use it for a while because its SO cold out. It isnt the type of stroller that a infant carrier snaps into.. so id have to transfer Taite from his carseat to the stroller... and with it being in the teen's here (19 degrees some days) I cant do that. So stroller rides will have to wait a bit hehe.

Firefly said...

Pumping is definitely time consuming and hard work. Maybe you should try renting an electric pump from a pharmacy/hospital/LaLeche and seeing if that makes things easier, it is supposed to be faster and you only need one hand.

Jenny said...

Enjoy your first errand day with Sean. I am sure it will be quite an adventure for you!

Rhoda said...

I'm learning that hiccups are a normal occurrence with infants! My mom says it comes from not being burped after a feeding. With my niece, they don't wait until she's finished the bottle to burp. They burp halfway between. You know, I even enjoyed the stroller ride and like you, it's nice having somewhere to put all your stuff! I could totally see what a great form of exercise it can be if taken advantage of!