Sunday, January 21, 2007

Knitting Time

Did you know that you have to go to now to learn how to make Kraft Dinner in the microwave, that the instructions are no longer on the box? They used to be on the box, but not anymore. I had to run downstairs, log online, check the instructions, and then print them (they are now taped to my kitchen pantry door). Now, the whole ordeal would have been easy, but in the middle of printing, my printer lets me know that I'm out of Photo Cyan color. Then it decides that it's out of Magenta. So, I had to dig through my office supplies and find ink. What was supposed to be a two second thing, turned out to be five minutes. All because I had a craving for Kraft Dinner.... which happens like 2 times a year. (I can't even tell you the last time I had kraft dinner was)...

Today we gave Sean a bath. I've actually figured out the PROPER way to use the baby bathtub and now Sean actually enjoys being bathed! What a difference from the last bath, where he was not really thrilled with the fact that he was being bathed.
I won a contest with SP9! Patty my hostess held a contest recently where we had to post why we love or hate snow. I posted, and got entered into the draw. (I never win anything, so this was quite nice!) Anyhow, since my name was drawn first, I got to pick which Lorna's Laces colorway I wanted, and I chose a pastel colorway called Happy Valley! I may be mistaken but I think I've won stitch markers as well? I guess I'll find out when I get the parcel in the mail! Yey for mail! I can't wait to see the postman again sometime soon!

Right now I'm struggling with breast milk production and I'm very depressed about it. I'm struggling with a decision of what to do.... I really wanted to breastfeed and that was the final decision. However, I am dealing with flat nipples, which is making it impossible for Sean to latch. So, that's why I've been pumping. And I don't know what I'm doing wrong, because now I think my production is slowing up... As you can see, I am very frustrated at the moment. I don't know what to do. I'm scared to call the lactation consultant, because she's just going to want to get Sean back on the breast. I'm not so sure I want to, as one experience of him latching this week, doesn't really count for success, but I guess it is the first step. I just don't know what to do.
Today I actually got some knitting time! I am soo happy about that! Here is my progress:

I've been working on my Column of Leaves Scarf - and with NO boo-boos this time! It's coming along great!

Sean's been sleeping in his crib at night, and only in the mornings have we been bringing him into our bed to cuddle with us. This we're okay with. Here's a few pics of my cutie being put down for nap or bed time:

The beautiful elephant blanket is from our friends Lauren & Seth in Philly. It was accompanied with the Eagles Jersey. The blanket, has a matching stuffed Elephant, it's soo cute. I love it! And it's SUPER soft! Here's the set:

They are both just absolutely gorgeous. Thanks again Lauren & Seth!

And I'll leave you with one funny pic and one cute pic of Sean (the funny one is the 2nd one):

Awww, how cute!

Uhm, what's with the finger? (This was NOT posed). I called Jamie in from the other room to take a picture of this. I caught him already swearing and he's not even a month old! I hope he didn't learn that from me! I've been VERY good with my "potty" mouth lately!


Barb said...

LOL Megan 'swore' at us all the time, it's pretty funny. Yea on winning the contest, more yummy Lorna's can't wait too see your prize pack :)

Jofrog said...

Oh no, supply problems! Go, TODAY, to your local natural foods/vitamin store and get Fenugreek. It really works. You have to take 3 610mg capsules, 3x a day, and it takes 24-48 hours to kick in, but it works. We used it and have friends who did also. If it's at a theraputic dose your sweat and urine will smell sweet like artificial maple syrup. Good luck!

Firefly said...

You should call the lactation lady if you have any worries, she should be able to help and ultimately as long as he is getting breast milk all is good. She is there to help with lactation not only latching on. I am sure that once you speak with her she will relieve some of your concerns and you can find a solution.

This web page has some interesting info:

Hopefully it is just some small thing that will easily be fixed, I'm sure you've got "The Right Stuff"!(Jordan was always my favourite)

Maggie said...

Drink lots of fluids and pump as often as you can. In a few days (or maybe tomorrow) your production will be back to normal. That has always worked for me. Keep practicing with the latching, too. It should get easier as he gets older and has more head control. (I know from experience) Good luck!

K. said...

I LOVE that pic of Sean giving the finger, it's adorable! Hope to see you soon!

Creative Genius? said...

Ok here is what I do.... I drink a TON of water... I have found that if I don't get 64 oz of water per day that my supply goes down. I actually measure it to make sure I drink enough.

Also when I pump I press on the different milk ducts on my breasts - you'd be amazed how much milk I get out by pressing on different areas. Then when I am sure I am done pumping for the session I then hand express some into the bottle before I use it/freeze it. Again I get a ton that way too.

There is a mother's milk tea with fenugreek - I don't like the way ti tastes but my friends swear by it.

Also with flat nipples - have you tried the breast sheilds to help get them out?

Carrie said...

Oh, I'm so sorry nursing isn't going well =/ I don't have any good advice, but do what feels right to you. The lactation consultant would probably have a few tips. Your situation can't be abnormal. Sean looks adorable! My kids point with their middle finger =-0 quite embarrassing.

Jenny said...

I swear my sister has a picture of my niece with the very same finger positioning! It must be something they just like to do!

Just Me said...

The elephants are that a velvet fabric or is it a really nice cotton??

I'm going to add you to my sidebar - I forgot. :-)

You asked about how did I get a blog pic on my sidebar? I don't know what you mean by that. Talk to me!

Just Me said...

Oh, I had to use my secret pal login name, I'm spacing out on my other one.

spjustme = Patty (aka knitgirl63) :-)

ttulizzy said...

That picture of Sean giving you the "finger"! I laughed, then had to show my husband and had a good laugh too!

g-girl said...

that is just great, he's already swearing!! lol. love the elephant blankie! I'm glad to hear that he sleeps in his crib! sorry that you're frustrated with what to do regarding feeding him. :( I know how much you just want him to have breastmilk and I hope the advice that others who are more knowledgeable on the subject than I am have given you works out. :)

lil-rose-thorn said...

He's just too Cute!!! ^_^

Drea said...

Hey I have the same peanut blanket. Its by Amy Coe. I requested it from my hubby. I had that one picked out if we had a boy, and a pink polkadot one if we had a girl. I love the Amy coe collections at Target. The lbaket is very mod ;-) after all its called Peanut Mod.

Sorry I havent been to your blog th epast few days. Our internet has been down. Hope all is well!

Taites got another cold...::sigh:: this is the bad thing about having a toddler when you bring home a newborn. Its like impossible to keep them from getting each other colds!