Monday, January 01, 2007

Bath Time Is So Much Fun.... Rubber Duckie....

My milk finally came in today and I realized this when my shirt was leaked on! Now I can feel that I'm adequately feeding my son, because I've been soo worried and nervous that the colostrum was not enough, but he's been eating like a champ!

I called the postpartum about the lack of my son's bowel movements today. The nurse I spoke to told me that since I'm breastfeeding, it could be normal. That usually only formula fed babies can get constipation. She suggested that if I wanted, to take a thermometer, put some vasoline on it, and insert it into his bum and the push it in and out a few times gently and softly to stimulate anything that was blocked, if there was. A little bit of poop came out, but it wasn't the same consistency that was his usual poops, so I knew something was blocked. After that, he had a feeding, and then the moyal (rabbi) who will be doing his circumsicion this weekend came by to visit to check the weight of the baby, and when we opened his diaper, he had a FULL one.... everything that was blocked up now came out. I felt so relieved. Then he's had bowel movements since. I now know that his crabbiness the last two days, the constant crying, etc, was due to constipation. Ever since this relief in his bum, he's been a completely different baby. I feel so much better now!

This afternoon my grandmother and my parents came over to visit with Sean (I'm not important anymore!) and my mother helped me give Sean his first bath at home!

As you can see - Sean didn't really take a liking to the bath idea.... hopefully next time it will get easier. And thank goodness, he did NOT pee on me while I bathed him.

Tonight I took care of some paper work after feeding him and Jamie watched him while I did some work. My desk is clean now, and I can actually see what's what! I took care of some cleaning in the house today too, garbage day should still happen tomorrow (unless it's a legal holiday, which apparently it might be), and cleaned the bathroom. (The laundry never ends, especially not Sean's!)

I'd like to get some knitting done, I'm jonesing to knit. Maybe once I get more comfortable with nursing, it'll come easier for me, and I'll be able to knit. I want to contact a lactation consultant, to come help me out, maybe I can get some tips or something to make breastfeeding coming easier for me and Sean.

I got accepted (I was on the waiting list) for SOCKS THAT ROCK: SOCK OF THE MONTH CLUB! I am soooo excited. I just need to pay for my membership, (which I'll take care of that shortly) and I'm super excited!! I'll get 6 kits in the mail to knit socks with throughout 2007. How cool is that???

Tomorrow I have plans with my sister, I hope some shops that I want to go to are open, if so, we'll do some errands together. Wednesday night I'm planning on going knitting with the Montreal Knits, to get out of the house. Sean is coming with me, to meet the ladies!

Almost done typing up my birth story... so stay tuned!


ScrapHappy said...

What a cutie!
Things will get easier, esp. now that your milk is in. Those first few days are the hardest! That little guy is going to fatten up quick! Can't wait to see those little thighs with the rolls... ah, I love it!
Hmmm... I was going to make another comment but now I cannot remember what!

ScrapHappy said...

Oh, I know what it was... the Socks that Rock... save some leftovers for me! :)

Mrs. S said...

Congrats on your new addition - he sure is cute :D

Carrie said...

Are you sure you didn't get peed on? I thought that was some necessary part of the bathing process - heehee! That's a great bathing picture. Breastfeeding is a wonderful, sweet thing to be able to give your baby. How good of you to be doing it. Congratulations again!

Barb said...

Yay on Socks That Rock, i wanted too join that but it's a little pricey for me right now, but the yarn....oooohhh that yarn is sooo pretty :) can't wait too see all the pretty socks your gonna make :)

Bethany said...

Congratulations on your new little one... they are lots of work, but lots of fun too! Enjoy him!

g-girl said...

you mean you can't knit and nurse at the same time?? ;)

Drea said...

Isnt it funny how some babies cry during their 1st baths and some dont
Caleb cried just like Sean is doing in those photos... non stop the entire bath. Taite though didnt cry until we took him out haha.

Taite is now on formula only.. I had issues pumping.. clogged ducts all over... so after battling back and forth with myself i decide it be best just to put him on formula.
I figured he got the colustrum and two weeks worth of breastmilk that he was ok.
Caleb was on formula since he was a month old and hes fine.
Part of me wishes I was nursing him... but a big part of me knows that for me I will be much less stressed just formula feeding for numerous reasons (cant get into them right now haha ill be here an hour)

but what i was going to say... is that the 2 weeks taite was strickly breastfed his poopies didnt smell hardly any and were really wet and easily cleaned.

He pooped like 3 times a day though.
Now that he has been on formula for two days his poop is completely different.

SMELLY and thick!
its all comimg back to me :-) stinky formula poops haha
Guess thats one big disadvantage to formula... it produces nasty poopies!

Jenny said...

You are right, that poor little guy definitely does not like the bath! Glad to hear he got things moving--my sister had the same problem with her little one after birth.