Friday, January 19, 2007

Relaxing Day

Today was a relaxing day, nothing at all to report. Slept in, did some of Sean's laundry (the diapers we have a little too big on him, and well, he's leaking - not fun!) Daddy's going to go tomorrow to buy some Pamper's Swaddler's - because well, even those are a little too big (but Huggie's Preemie's are a little too tight!) I am so sure Sean is still not 6 lbs yet, but hopefully close to it. We'll find out Tuesday when we go to his doctor for his very first checkup!

My in-law's came to dinner tonight, and then stayed to play some poker with Jamie and one of his friends. It was a quiet night tonight, everyone seemed to be busy. That's okay. I'm all for a quiet evening.

My father-in-law took this picture of us during dinner (Sean had a bottle while we ate):

I love the way Sean is looking at me! He must love his mommy! (No complaints here!) (We must teach him to look at the camera though!)

And after dinner Mommy & Sean took a nap on the couch. My father-in-law saw this as a photo opportunity, lol! (As usual!)

So, really nothing to report. On the knitting front, I knit 5 rows yesterday while Angela was over, and 1 more row got knitted today. I'm paying more attention (I've been getting more sleep!) to the pattern and no boo-boo's yet in my Column of Leaves Scarf. Once there is more progress I'll photograph it. First, I must get a few pattern repeats accomplished. Hopefully this weekend!!!

Other than that, everyone here is good! Hopefully they'll be more to report tomorrow.


Me said...

Sean's little face is just focused on his Mommy :o) That is a wonderful heartwarming photo - xoxo - SHELLEY

Karine said...

You sleep with your glasses on?