Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Sean Went Knitting

Today was a really relaxing day. I had a few hours to myself this morning when Sean napped after a feeding (which is going SOOO much better now that I know what I'm actually doing!) and then after lunch, my grandmother came over to hold Sean, while I got to shower, do some laundry, and even answer a few emails.

This afternoon I got a call from our local CLSC and an English speaking nurse will be coming over tomorrow to weigh Sean and check in with me. I am very happy she's coming over, I have some questions for her, and I am glad that she will be able to weigh Sean. I hope there is some progress in his weight. I'm hoping that all the feedings that I've been now doing properly, that Sean is gaining weight. Even just a few ounces, I'll be very happy. I don't know how fast he could be gaining weight, but I hope it's enough. My mother will come over tomorrow to be here while the nurse comes. My family can't get enough of Sean! (Which is good!) The breastfeeding, now that I know what I'm actually doing, is beautiful. I enjoy the bond between mother and child. It's something my hubby will never understand. And it's a bond that I will have to eventually have to learn to let go. My right breast nurses beautifully, and my left breast right now is a little sore from mal-feedings in the past. It'll heel and it will all be just beautiful. It's such an amazing gift, to be able to breastfeed. Plus there are no hassles of bottles and formulas and preparations. I like just being able to feed wherever.... whenever.... you know?

This evening, I went knitting with Montreal Knits - and we were a full group! (Picture below of some of the knitters!) I don't even know how many we were, but I'm guessing it was somewhere around 17 or 18 knitters. Really! It was a nice huge group. Lots of new faces as well.

Here is Sean and I at the Stitch N Bitch.

And I actually got some knitting done. Just a few rows, but this is a pattern I really need to concentrate on, so that's okay! I am really happy with the way it's coming out.

Oh - by the way, Ariadne Knits is now online! The site looks fantastic! Mazel Tov again to Mary & Molly Ann!

Before my son gets too big, I decided that I should take a picture of him next to this silly huge dog that my mom got for Sean on behalf of her dog (it was a present from Bosco).

A little difference in size, don't you say?? Just too cute!!!
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I ordered some yarn today from a woman who was de-stashing. The color is absolutely fab. I will be getting 12 skeins, and it's Bramble Rowan's Soft Tweed. I got it all for a great price. I'm thinking a sweater or something fun like that. I love the color, so much fun! It's coming from Ottawa, Ontario, so it shoud get here early next week, she's mailing it out tomorrow!

My in-law's brought over tonight my CJAD gift basket that I won. There were 4 Safety First products. I will post a picture tomorrow, but I got some pretty neat stuff. I couldn't believe what I was receiving! Sean has been super lucky so far in his life! Winning contests and making money!


Barb said...

LOL that dog is HUGE!!! very cute pic :), I'm glad too hear you got out, it's always nice, I need too find a knitting group around here :)

Firefly said...

You have some great photos on Flickr(I went through all 272)> I can't get over how cute his little face is, almost makes me want one now!

g-girl said...

everything sounds great! :) Sean even got to go knitting, lucky lil newborn. :) He kind of has a look on his face (with the dog) that says, "Please don't fall on me." btw, what are you working on? It looks really pretty! The yarn you ordered looks cool too. :)

Caroline said...

Your son is even more beautiful in person. I'm sorry I couldn't stay closer, with the cold and all... Keep posting pictures!

Drea said...

Its so cool you knit!
Your inspiring me to take it back up... as well as my mom :-) she is a champ knitter as well. I love all the things she makes for me. (Im wearing a scarf she made me for christmas on my blog post from today - its sooo soft!)