Thursday, January 11, 2007

Happy Due Date To Me

Today was my official due date. I thought I'd wish myself a Happy Due Date, and thank goodness I don't have to put an eviction notice on my belly, Sean graced us with his presence two weeks ago today! Happy Two Weeks to Sean! I can't believe I've been a mother already for 2 weeks.

Today I braved it and cut his nails. They said to wait until he's a month old, incase I cut his skin while snipping, BUT, Sean was born with long long long nails, and they really needed to be cut today. This way, now we can go a few days with no scratch mittens, which he hates, and has figured out how to pull off himself! Smart kid I have here!

He's still sleeping in my arms at night, (and no, I'm not afraid of rolling over on top of him, instinct, I don't think I would, however Jamie's afraid of rolling over him, so he says that he half-sleeps, and he's been getting lowsy sleep because of it lately). Poor guy. I'm hoping Sean will get into his bassinet at night, but he goes in for like half an hour, and then kvetches to be held. Spoiled kid! Honestly.

Today we slept in a little (after getting up and he ate, and I changed him, we crawled back into bed). Daddy has been working all week, so it's just been the two of us (with occasional visitors) all week. We've survived! It's a little tough on my own, but next week Jamie's starting to work from home 2 days a week, so it'll be a little easier for me to get other stuff done as well (our laundry has been neglected, but Sean's gets done, as well as other house chores getting neglected. Kitchen needs to be cleaned, bathroom needs to be cleaned, carpets vaccumed (cat hair build up and I DO NOT want Sean to get any allergies).

This afternoon, after I was done pumping and feeding him, and changing Sean for the millionth time, we headed out the door to do a return to Jean Coutu (I had something that needed to be returned before it was too late), and pick up some more newborn diapers, and then we headed to do a quick return at Walmart, and pick up some items that we needed (like coffee for daddy who was all out of Maxwell House). Mommy wanted to look at some pj pants, but totally forget cuz it was getting late and we didn't want daddy to worry where we were upon his return from work.

This evening upon getting home, Sean gave us a little panic, but we're all okay now. I swear to god, my heart skipped a beat. Sean had a blocked nose (I need to figure out how often I need to clean his nose with the nasal aspirator, which doesn't fit into his nose just yet, because he's still really tiny, it's supposed to go in the nose, right?) and he was probably trying to breathe through is nose, and had too much saliva in his mouth, that he swallowed the saliva and choked on it. It scared the living daylights out of me, because his face turned bright red for a moment. It passed, and we cleaned his nose with the aspirator, but I swear, I've been checking him every few minutes this evening to make sure he's okay. I really got freaked out. And I know that things happen, and I am sure I'll get scared a lot more over the next 18+ years of his life, but as long as he's a baby, depending on his parents for care, and something like this happens, we must remain calm, and not panic. I think we did a very good job this evening in remaining calm. Jamie's first reaction was to breathe into his mouth, to give him some air, just incase, and I'm very impressed with the way Jamie handled himself. I think though, after a small nothing incident like this, I want to pay money to get us both CPR certified for infants & babies/children. I know my pre-natal teacher is certified to teach it. I'm going to email her to inquire about it. You just never know when you may need it for your own family, or someone else's child, to save a life.
I gave Sean a little bit of Infant Tempra just incase it's a little cold or something because his nose was a little runny... I hope it goes away. We're going to stay in for the next couple of days, just in case, I want to make sure he's 100% healthy.
Okay, I have a hungry baby looking for food. And I must change his diaper. Sweet Dreams!


BB said...
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Maggie said...

sean is SO cute! i just love scrolling through and looking at all the pictures :) soso cute... i just wanna scoop him up and cuddle him! he looks so tiny :)

(note, I don't actually like kids much and generally avoid holding babies as they generally freak me out... so, really, sean is super-power cute ;) )

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Drea said...

wow he did come early! :-) hes so cute. the photo below this post reminds me a lot of taite! I have like the same photo :-) was he napping on your chest?

Taite gaged on his spit today during his nap ... thought it was funny he did that today after I emailed you. He hasnt done it in a few days.

Creative Genius? said...

Oh my goodness - I have like 6 emails started to you and saved as drafts and I can't seem to get to finish them (as it is now it's 1:26am and I am up trying to catch up)...

1. Your birth story was wonderful (I love that you noticed the snow was falling)

2. Sean looks so tiny in the swing I love it

3. Sean is so dang cute I can't stand it - he is soooo tiny I just want to eat him up

4. Your question on warming up the milk.... I pump and freeze breast milk so my hubbie can bottle feed him one bottle at night... so we warm that up to room temp - although Avi has started demanding it warmer... the stinker :-)

Ok i need sleepy!!! Keep posting photos!!!