Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Sean Won A Contest!

Jamie's step mom entered Sean into the Special Delivery of the Day contest at the local radio station! Sean won a gift basket!

Here's the email they got!


The couple you've submitted have won CJAD's Special Delivery for tomorrow morning at 6:50 AM!

Let them know it will be announced on the CJAD morning show with Andrew Carter.

Thanks for listening.....Happy New Year!

Lisa Fuoco
Promotions Director/Entertainment
Montreal's News Talk Leader CJAD 800

Last night I had a really rough night. I had previous rough feedings, but this morning at 4 something in the morning, he just fought my breast off, and wouldn't eat. The other time it happened, after a one hour scream fit (I'm not talking crying, I'm talking screaming), he finally latched and ate. But today, early morning, he just wouldn't. It's frustrating.

... very frustrating.

To the point of crying on my behalf. It's been a very emotional last 24 hours.

I let him fall back asleep and he didn't have that feeding. I felt really guilty. I almost prepared formula for him, which I DIDN'T want to have to do. I am really for this breastfeeding business.

So I called a lady on the Consultant's list that the hospital gave me. I spoke to her late this afternoon, and she listened to me, asked questions, and then decided it was best for her to come tonight.

It was the best 80$ I have spent in a long time.

She weighed the baby, checked the baby, and he has dropped a few more ounces. Nothing to worry about, or she would have sent us to the hospital. He does have a slight tint of jaundice, but that will go away, now that she has shown me how to breastfeed properly. I feel soooo much more confident now about feeding my son. I was NOT doing it properly. Not at all. He was getting food, just not enough. And it was painful. The nurses at the hospital during my stay were useless. One nurse shoved my boob in my son's face and then left. The service was horrible while I was there, when it came to the nurses. I think it's because they were CRAZY busy, and overwhelmed.

I am so happy that she came over tonight. I think I can sleep easier knowing that my son will get to eat properly from now on, and I know how to give him my breast, and how for him to latch on properly, so that it's not painful for me, or for him. I hope this will result in less screaming fits on his behalf!

She had this really cool "prop" with her, it was a knitted boob! You heard me correctly - a knitted breast! It was so she could show me how to squeeze and hold my breast, and all that jazz. It actually really did look like this breast in the picture to the left. I asked her if she had made it herself, and she told me that she occasionally knits. Tres cool! I was very impressed. I never have seen something THIS creative before! (I googled online, you can actually find patterns to knit a breast!) (Not that I'll ever need to! HA HA!)

I have a lot of learning to do - but I think that it will all come in due time!

It never fails - getting peed on while changing the diaper! Why do babies wait until you take off their dirty one to pee??

{To anyone I owe an email or comment back to - I will get to it tomorrow while Sean naps. I will have some time to do that then! Until then, I am going to go feed my son, and then go to sleep - I need it!}


g-girl said...

congrats on the gift basket you'll be receiving and yay for you being able to breastfeed!!!!!!!!!!! I wonder if that's what my brother's gf needed-a lactation consultant to show her how to go about breastfeeding.

Barb said...

Congrats on the gift basket :) I can relate about the nurses not showing how too breastfeed correctly, that's why I did'nt nurse Megan for very long, WAY too painful, When Les was born I remembered somewhat how too do it correctly, I also requested a lactation nurse for when I was in the hospital the first day which helped a lot, it really is worth the few extra bucks too get some help :)

I hope you rested some and have a better day today :)

halloweenlover said...

Aren't lactation consultants fabulous? I took a course with one while I was pregnant and it was the best $ I've ever spent!

I'm so glad you're feeling better. This mommy stuff is tough!

K. said...

You go Robyn! You're the breastfeeding super-mama extraordinaire!

Kris said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! Its hard work but SOOOO worth it my daughter is 11 months keep it up befor eyou know it it will be second nature and the frequency of feedings will slow down. Best wishes.

maggiegracecreates said...

Girls pee too - it's just pointed in a different direction. My grandmother always said it was the cooler air that caused it.

I am so happy for the three of you and he is beautiful.

Jofrog said...

I'm so glad that you saw a lactation consultant so early on! Our daughter, Kaya, is one month old (tomorrow), and we just had our second consultation with a LC today. (The first was two weeks ago.) It was SO HELPFUL! We were having a really tough time too, her problem, not mine, and it was almost unbearable. Keep going with it, and call the LC again if you need to. Keep up the good work!

Jenny said...

I am glad to hear that the consultant was so helpful. I totally plan on taking advantage of that service as well, because I bet most of the problems can be solved right up front with someone to help you get through it.