Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My Two Favorite Guys

I am surrounded by males in my house. My husband, my child, and our two cats. These two guys above are my fave right now. The cats, even though I love them to pieces have been acting weird (obviously) since Sean has been home, and they're kinda on my naughty list. I guess they're just being animals though. Zeus has been trying to get into the baby's room - but has not succeeded. (We have a high gate on the room - so far that's working).

Today was a relaxing day. I did manage to get out of the house for an hour to go to the post office, and pick up some thank you cards for all the wonderful gifts we received for the Brit Milah. Now it's a matter of finding time to write them all out. (Used to be good at mailing those out RIGHT away, but now... we'll see how long it takes me!) (I've got over 50 to write!)

I'm hoping to get to Post-Natal Aqua on Monday night. It's the same class as Pre-Natal Aqua. I miss the instructor and I miss the girls in that class. It was a lot of fun. It was my hour to myself (and Sean when he was in my belly!) It made me feel good! I really want to get back in the water, I'm hoping it works out for Monday!)

Nothing else going on here. I want to find knitting time. Where does my time go? Really? I can't believe another WHOLE day has come and gone.

Tonight Jamie and I flipped between the hockey game (What's going on with the Habs, they're on a bad losing streak - they need some good luck!) and American Idol. The ones that can't sing - they make us laugh. (We only watch the auditions for the ones that can't sing.... then we stop watching. After that - it doesn't interest us anymore). Tonight, there were some pretty funny ones.


Drea said...

the aqua classes sound cool! oh and you made me realize im surround by only men 2.... including the cat! lol

Me said...

A house full of guys is wonderful - I also have a house full of guys - except for Emma our Beagle xoxoxox