Saturday, January 13, 2007

My New Best Friend

This morning I open our door to six newspapers. Jamie stole one to read before I got to snap this shot. We usually get 1 paper, that we pay for. And today, since Sean's birth announcement was in the Gazette, we were told we were getting 4 extra papers, but we got 5! I'm not sure what I will do with 5 (my mom took one copy) but I know I want to put one birth announcement in his baby book, and one in his scrapbook, and keep one paper intact, and that leaves me still with another copy I think. Oh well. I'm sure it will find a use/place! I got compliments today on how well it was written! Due to privacy, I won't be posting it because then I'll have to start erasing everyone's last names, etc... but it was very well written, in my opinion! (Put my enriched English education to use!)

Today, my parents came for lunch, or brunch, whatever you want to call it, and it was nice having them over. We watched the Habs get KILLED by the Ottawa Senators (8-3) I don't even want to talk about it.

This afternoon after they left I ran over to the pharmacy and picked up my new best friend. They just just got it in, and for a very good price I do have to admit:

The First Year's ELECTRIC breast pump. For some reason, I was under the impression that breast pumps were 300-400$. This one was under 100$! And I tested it out this evening - it's indeed my new best friend. What used to take me an hour to an hour and a half to pump.. is now taking me not even 10 minutes. Yes, you read right! Not even 10 minutes!!!! I highly recommend this pump to anyone planning on breastfeeding/pumping.

This evening Jamie's dad, sister and our nephew came over for dinner, and we ordered in Chinese food. It was delicious! Jamie's dad bought us a bottle sterilizer, which is also by The First Years. It's actually this one here. Jamie's sister and our nephew brought Sean a couple of gifts, and I had to show you this:

Sean better be a Habs fan! Cuz his parents sure are!! (the black circle in the kit - is actually a HOCKEY PUCK WRIST RATTLE! How freakin' cool?!!) The rattle won't fit Sean's wrist for a while, it actually fits around my wrist right now!! But this is really cool. We also got some nipples for baby bottles, and also some music cd's for Sean. Thank you!

I got a LITTLE intsy wintsy bit of knitting done today. A whole 4 rows in my 8 row pattern repeat! That's all I had time for. Maybe now, with my ELECTRIC breast pump I'll get more knitting time!

I need to get some sleep. We've got a big day tomorrow. More about that tomorrow.


Barb said...

woo-hoo for the electric pump, what a time saver huh? what a cute baby set :)

g-girl said...

that is awesome for the electric pump! :) what a cute lil habs outfit-love that the hockey puck is a wrist rattler! Let's see..what to do with your extra can post it on the fridge? frame it?

Drea said...

cool pump :-) I have the soothies bottle set

Nathalia said...

Hurray for the pump and hurray for Sean's weight gain! You must be so excited!

Firefly said...

I told you that electric was worth a try, two boobs at once! Can you set it up so you have two free hands to knit or is that still a dream? That hockey puck wrist rattler has got to be one of the better "fan" gifts, I've seen plenty of bibs and ensembles but never such a wicked accessoire.