Friday, January 26, 2007

I Heart Baby Gap

This morning after dropping off my husband at the airport early morning, I came home, got some meals ready for Sean (meaning I pumped out two bottles) and then headed to spend the day in the west island of Montreal. I first stopped by my old work, and had them do a passport picture for Sean (which now, I've learned, that if you're driving into the USA you do not need a passport, the passport is ONLY if you're flying into the USA) (I'm going to double check this, because I don't want to show up at the border for a wedding we have in the USA in March, to have problems at the border because Sean doesn't have a passport. (I can't get his passport until he gets his birth certificate - which should be soon). Anyhow, my old place of work did a HORRIBLE job with TWO sets of passport photos, that I'm mailing them back to them, and asking for a refund. (It's out of my way to go to them with a baby and being 20-25 minutes from my house - more with traffic). Anyhow, while out at the mall this afternoon with my mom & grandmother, we checked at the passport office, and they were refused. (I knew before even asking, that they'd be refused - I mean come on, I worked there for over a year, and then in another photo store for another 2 years, I know how to take PROPER passport pictures, so I knew that they would be rejected). I don't even know why I left the store and paid for them. I think that was my mistake #1... Ugh.

Anyhow, I spent the afternoon at the mall with my mom, grandmother & Sean. That was fun. I had some gift certificates to Baby Gap, so I spent them, and got Sean a lot of really cute pants, and tops and sweaters, and all kinds of cute articles. Oh, I can't wait for him to grow, so he can find into them! Just a few more pounds for him to gain! Oh, he'll be my handsome little man!

It was fun just walking around the mall, having an ice cream, and no worries on my mind (besides when the next feeding will be, and if he has a dirty diaper)!

This evening I had dinner with my parents, grandmother & sister, and then we tried to watch the movie The Night Listener on DVD and boy, what a CRAPPY movie. It reminded my of an episode of Law & Order: I think SVU. I'm determined to figure out which episode it is - but that will be tomorrow, I'm tired. We never made it to the end of the movie, and it's only an hour and a half movie!

Jamie's working at the Toronto Toy Fair until Monday, so I'm surrounding myself by friends & family this entire weekend! And, I'll also take some relax/chill time for myself. Sounds like a plan!

This morning, as I was walking out the door (literally), the postman delivered my package from (Stitchionaries!) and also a package from my Secret Pal 9 Angel. I can't wait to open it up, and see what's in there as well as learn who she is! All I know, is she's Canadian, and she's a registered nurse who deals with the elderly. She's a mom, and she knits (duh!). That's all I really know about this amazing person, who has volunteered to be an Angel for SP9. I'll open the package tomorrow - upon returning home from a day of errands!

I took some pictures today, but I'll have to upload them tomorrow - I don't have my card reader with me at my parents house. So do check back tomorrow for those!

Summer Engh - Thanks for tagging me, but I've already been tagged by Barb - and did the Weird Things Meme! Thanks for thinking of me though!

Alright, I have to get up shortly to feed Sean - so more tomorrow!


Caroline said...

It is true that you only need your passport if you fly to the US. You will need it to drive to the US in 2009 (I think). Though of course it's always better to have it with you any time you travel outside of the country.

g-girl said...

yay for your stitchionaries! my sister works @ baby gap. now that we have a niece, she's always looking @ stuff for her. the boys stuff is SO much cooler though!