Monday, January 08, 2007

We Went Shopping. This Mommy Got Shoes!

So, right now Sean sleeping in our bed at night. It is the only thing that is allowing him to sleep at all during the night. During the day it is absolutely no problem at all, to put him in his bassinet or crib, but at night, he doesn't want to go. He kvetches, and lets us know that he'd rather be in bed with us. I don't mind it at all, not one bit... but... I'd rather him in his own sleeping quarters, whether it be the crib, or the bassinet. I don't know what to do about it.... I think my son has his days and nights mixed up! But in an instant, he's quiet and goes to bed once in our arms in our bed. I kid you not. He knows what he likes! Does anyone have any suggestions as to what to do about this? Anything to solve this??

Today I went out with my mom and sister to do some errands. We all had to go to the same places so they came along to give me a hand. Extra hands are always needed when you have a newborn and want to go shopping!

My first experience out with the stroller today was a lot of fun!

And as selfish as it is, I love having somewhere to put my purse and coat while shopping (and pushing everything in the stroller!) I love the little basket under the stroller!

This mommy needed some new shoes, so she popped into Payless and got herself not 1, but 2 pairs of shoes. Much needed shoes, I might have to add! I wanted 1 pair of slip in shoes, in black, something that can be casual, and dressy at the same time.... so I picked up these:

And then I saw these, and for no reason at all, I got them for me. These were actually on sale a little bit cheaper than their advertised price, so I was happy about that. This mommy is going to have really cute feet in really cute shoes! Ahh.... shoes! Not my most fave thing (that would be purses) but very very high up there on the list!

I also picked up a bunch of things for the house, at another store, where I also got a swing for Sean. I honestly thing this swing will keep Sean happy and mommy & daddy sane! (Sean loves to be rocked, and well, our arms can only rock so much!)

I picked up the Ocean Wonder's swing by Fisher Price. It's my new best friend! (And Sean's too)

Here is Sean enjoying his swing.... decked out in his scratch mittens. (Mommy love the scratch mittens as she was told to wait about a month to cut Sean's nails, and well, she doesn't want Sean scratching his face or eyes!).

This evening my friend Leora came over. Leora made aliyah (term widely used to mean Jewish immigration to the Land of Israel) a few years ago, and is currently back in Montreal visiting. It was really good to see her. She even brought me something that I had given her money for (in shekels - Israeli currency), two and a half years ago, when I was in Israel (June 2004), which I had asked her to get for me, and mail for me. I had totally forgotten about what I had asked her to get, and she surprised me. (Photos coming tomorrow - I''ll keep you in suspense until then - but just a clue - it's one of my fave things in the world!) And I could only find ones exactly like this - in Israel...! (One was given to me by an Israeli soldier, in a trade for something I had that was Canadian that she wanted and I loved it and used it so much that it got destroyed, so I wanted to have another one (or two which she got me!) of my own!

I got to hang out with Leora for a couple of hours, she got to meet Sean, and see my house, and have dinner with me.

Sean got mail again today - from my friend Sherrie in Boston. She sent him some books from He received : Dr. Seuss's ABC, Green Eggs and Ham, Hop on Pop, Make Way for Ducklings, and Three Little Pigs. I wonder if there was any reason these books were selected, I'm going to email Sherrie to ask her (and thank her!).

I got a lot accomplished today, and I'm very happy about that. Sean even got to go out today and go shopping for the very first time (I don't count stopping at Walmart on the way home from the hospital shopping, I just needed some newborn preemie diapers, since the ones I had were WAY too big for him!)

Tomorrow, I'm hoping the nurse from the CLSC comes back to weigh Sean - need to make sure he's been gaining between 25-35 grams per day. He needs to be at 5 and a half pounds or more by Sunday. That's our goal right now, in order for him to be circumcised. But at the rate the he has been progressing so far, I'm sure that will be not a concern. Tomorrow we'll find out how much he's gained since Saturday (when the nurse from McGill weighed him at 5 lbs exactly).


Christina said...

Our son would only sleep if he was held. For about the first three months, we co-slept since it was the only way to get some decent sleep. (During the day I'd put him in a sling or a front carrier.) After those first months, he decided he'd sleep in the cradle. He's two now and hasn't slept with us since those first few weeks. Just do what works best for your family.

Jenny said...

I know a couple folks that had the exact same swing and they loved it! I am sure you and Sean will be singing its praises in no time.