Monday, December 06, 2010

12.06.10 :: 205 weeks old


Sean is 205 weeks old today.

I finally got to celebrate Chanukah at home.


Last night we took some family photos with the menorah.
(Yes, we were all wearing Habs tshirts - except for Quentin who needs to grow into his)
Sean & Mack just got their Habs tshirts yesterday for Chanukah.


Last night Quentin also got his first bath at home. He was bathed once while we were in the hospital before he ended up in the incubator.

Some tid bits from last week:

Before my water broke, I had called my GP. She wasn't in & booked solid for the next day but spoke to Jamie's cousin who is the secretary there, and told me that if I get no where with my OB, to call her back, and she'll see if my GP could squeeze me in tomorrow (for the hacking cough I had before going into the hospital). In that phone call I learned that the clinic that my GP works out of - is closing it's doors in February. (Just my luck with doctors or what!?) My GP is still keeping her patients, just not sure where she will be working out of yet. I am guessing I'll know more come Sean's 4 year check up in December (which at the same time is Quentin's first check-up). I actually in the end ended up being able to book an appointment with my original OB on her last day (Nov 30) before she leaves on Maternity. I was glad I was able to book it with her, and honestly, I was going to discuss with her at the same time, that new OB she had me see on the Friday before my water broke. However, I never made it to that OB check-up as I was already admitted to the hospital (and actually, my appointment was for 10:30 am and Quentin was born at 10:27 am). Ironically the new OB was on call when my water broke. I kind of laughed in her face and said "See... I evict them early". (Though, I kind of wish Quentin had stayed in one more week, maybe we could have avoided the whole nursery/incubator/IV/Monitoring/Antibiotics, thing. Though, I know of a 38 and a half weeker that needed the same treatment as Quentin that was born a few days after him. So you never know). And now I have to pray that our GP doesnt end up in a clinic too far from here, and I have to switch GPs for us & the kids... yet again.

Sean said something funny a few days before I went into labor :: That food made the baby in my belly, and the ultrasound machine makes the baby grow when the doctor puts the blue stuff (gel for the ultrasound machine) on my belly and rubs it all around. Ahhh, the stuff kids come up with. He has questioned how Quentin got out of my belly - but now that I didn't end up with Vbac I can avoid the fact that some babies are born... naturally. The boys have been quite respectful of the fact that I have a "boo boo" on my tummy and they have to be careful to not touch my belly until it feels better.

The CLSC nurse came this morning and weighed Quentin. He's now 2.25 kg, which is 2250 grams, or 4 lbs 15.4 oz. Crap! That was Sean's discharge weight from the hospital (he was born 5 lbs 5 oz). I need him to gain weight, as he needs to somewhere between 5 and a half pounds to 6 lbs (depending on the mohel) for his Brit Milah. He lost more than 10% of his birth weight now (which was 5 lbs 10 oz) and I am scared that he's not going to gain weight fast enough. I fear that the nursing I was doing was not enough, and his mouth is so tiny that I don't even think he's latching properly (the nurse found bruises on my left side and it's all cracked - no fun & rather painful if you ask me). I am not sure how nursing is going to go - which is super hard for premature babies. I will let you know what I decide to do about that.

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Tara said...

Love the Habs family pic! I hope you find a solution you're happy with as far as nursing/not-nursing Quentin is concerned. I was in the same situation with Émilie (lost more than 10% of her body weight), and it ultimately worked out fine, although I DID spend 2 days feeding her every 2 hours. Fun!

g-girl said...

hope your GP doesn't end up moving too far away from you! ohhh, hope quentin is able to put on some weight soon. i didn't know babies could lose part of their birth weight!