Saturday, December 11, 2010



Quentin was dressed too cute today, I had to take some pictures. I absolutely love his winter boots that he's wearing. And the hat he's wearing, is a sneak peak of something Quentin got in my Virtual Baby Shower. (Thank you Sarah for knitting Quentin this hat!) The awesome leg warmers that came with the hat, won't fit Quentin for a good while, but once he fits in them, I'll definitely photograph him wearing them! Today was the first time Quentin was dressed up in clothes rather than being in a sleeper. He was going to go watch his oldest brother skate, so we had to get all dressed up!


Mackie has been obsessed with my camera lately. He wants to hold it and use it. He was very upset this morning that I wouldn't let him use it. I think we might actually be getting Sean an extremely inexpensive digital camera (boxing day sales maybe!?) and then we'll give Mack Sean's Fisher Price digital camera to play with. Do I have 2 future photographers in my house? They're both obsessed with taking photos on the toy digital camera.

Sean impressed me today with his skating. It's been a few weeks since I've been to watch him skate, and has he improved majorly! (And please ignore Mack begging me while being very uspet to use my digital camera).

On our way home from Sean's lesson, we stopped off to get Sean's skates sharpened. Jamie wanted to me to check out "the experience" of getting your skates sharpened. Apparently Seymour is the guy to go to to get your skates sharpened. He's the skate doctor. He's a pretty funny guy, Seymour. His shop is a wee tiny garage behind some building near our house, and it's pretty nifty in there. He knows how to properly sharpen & contour a blade, and I am sure I'll see the difference next week when Sean gets back on the ice. Seymour even has a mouse as a pet who has a house made out of a hockey skate. It's too cute.

A CLSC nurse came to our house today, and the good news is that, on the high calorie diet, Quentin gained 20 grams from yesterday. Today he weighs 5 lbs 1.5 oz. Luckily I don't have to take a trip to the Montreal Children's Hospital, and I have to keep doing what I'm doing. And by keep doing what I'm doing - is the high calorie diet, and waking him to feed every 2-2.5 hours - which is really brutal. I ended up having to take a nap all afternoon (as soon as the nurse left until supper tonight). I couldn't keep my eyes open.

I also never got around to taking the surgical tape strips off yesterday, as I ran out of time. I was able to find some time to have my mom come over today to help me take them off. I don't know why I was so scared of having them off - it wasn't so bad. We cleaned my scar and it's looking very good, healing quite nicely. Thankfully. It also feels so much better now that they've been removed. My skin feels freer and not as itchy.

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My email inbox is out of control again, I have Ravelry message to reply to... so if I owe you a note or an email or a message... stay tuned... it's coming soon. I promise. Personal time? What's that? I'm dying to knit a stitch, read some of my book... you know... when I get a moment.


carolyn said...

Sean looks so adorable out there skating like a little mini snowman (all bundled up). He is doing AWESOME! And poor Mackie - usually he's all smiles (though honestly it was nice to hear your voice for the first time on the tape!) and I'm glad that the high calorie formula is working for Quentin. Lainie was a spitter-upper and didn't regain like she was supposed to, either. I was breastfeeding and the doctor asked me "Are YOU eating enough?" to which I about cried! But she turned out okay. It's brutal to be up constantly (and holy cow, do I feel for you!)--hugs!

g-girl said...

well, i'm glad to hear that you won't have to take a trip to the hospital and that the high calorie diet is working. i just hope he won't need the extra calories for too long since it's already taking a toll on you! are there only a couple of kids in sean's skating class? he's doing really well. :) oh and i love quentin's boots!

Lisa (JeepGirl) said...

Baby Q looks adorable!!!

IrishGirl said...

Quentin is so new and yummy! I love newborns...that sweet smell and soft (um, sometimes) sounds they make. Kinda makes me want another one ;) Adorable family, Robyn!

Sarah said...

You are very welcome! And to think I thought the items I knit were so damn small, I was worried they wouldn't fit ;) It's been a while since I had a wee baby obviously.

sapphireblue said...

What an adorable baby!

Tara said...

With 3 boys, you guys are going to LIVE at the rink! lol

Bea said...

He's a little gnome!!!