Thursday, December 16, 2010

12.16.10 :: 130 weeks old

Mack is 130 weeks old today.

Today I ventured out of the house just to take Quentin to the CLSC to get him weighed. We’re nearing Brit Milah time, and I have the Rabbi (Mohel) coming to my house to see Quentin to make sure he’s okay for the Bris and go over everything. I absolutely hate going to to the CLSC now because they treat me like I am a first time mom and have no idea what I am doing. It’s like “thank you, but this is my third baby, and it’s not the first small baby either”. (I make ‘em tiny and evict them early… what can I say?) The next CLSC walk-in weigh in is Tuesday, but I think I will ask my nurse that I have been dealing with if she minds coming over on Monday. As of today, Quentin is now 5 lbs 6 oz. He gained 1.5 oz since Monday (Or 40 grams since Monday). This isn’t that great, because from Saturday to Monday he gained 40 grams a day for a total of 80 grams. Maybe he's just having a slow week/couple of days? The nurses really make you paranoid… and I’m trying to ignore it. It’s not as if he lost weight… he’s just having a few slow days.

I tried to work on a few things today, but the most important was to clean in my office. I’ve had piles of stuff (magazines, mail, random stuff piling up on my 2nd desk in my office. I wanted to get it all organized, and did a good job doing that today, while Quentin napped.

Though, speaking of napping, I have been taking advantage of ‘sleeping when the baby sleeps’. It’s taken me THREE kids to figure this one out... but I have been napping when Quentin naps, and I have been napping with Quentin. He’s so cozy to nap with. I love it. And they are only small once. I swear, I'm really savoring EVERY moment with him, since he'll be my last baby/newborn.

I finally got around to using the Spray Starch on the bookmarks for the teacher’s gifts. I ironed them and they came out nice. I have been putting together the teacher’s gifts for them which I want to bring to the daycare next week. I still have a few more items to make for the gifts, hopefully I will have time to finish them all. I am hoping they all come out like I want them to.

Today’s Link Love:
- Love this Sew Comfy Wrist warmers Tutorial.
- I am in love with this Alphabet Pillow.
- This photo of this newborn is just too cute. (I have a thing for newborn photography right now… can you tell?!) I have people telling me I should start doing photo sessions.. Toying with the idea… I do have a photography degree after all.. maybe I should put it to use!
- This photography just kills me with th hats…! So freakin’ cute.
- Unsure as to why they are in a tub..!?
- Great photo and LOVE the name of her company… Little Bums, Fingers & Toes!


g-girl said...

look at those cheeks!!! :) so adorable. :) hopefully the nurse will go to your house to do the weigh-in. that sucks they treat you like you're a first timer. glad you've finally decided to nap when the baby is napping. lol. everything else can wait-it'll all get done when it needs to be.

Tara said...

The only thing I can think of to say is: 100$ for a stinkin' pillow???? :)

Amelah said...

Awesome baby Photography pictures in your link section! Very weird that the couple is in the tub though!

Glad you are getting SOME rest!!! :D