Thursday, December 30, 2010

12.30.10 :: 132 weeks & 1 month


Quentin is a month old today.


Mack is 132 weeks old today.

Please take a few minutes and go over to Tara’s blog and send her your prayers. Her daughter Émilie was diagnosed this week with a benign brain tumor and will be operated on January 4th. Please pray for her. I know I will be. Tara - my thoughts are with you & your family.

Oprah has a network coming to TV on Saturday. She's taking over DHC (Discovery Health Channel). It will be called OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network). I get it on our satellite dish and already have About Season 25: Oprah behind the Scenes set to record. Can't wait to see that. I'm finally catching up on watching the shows on my PVR. I had over 80 episodes and now I'm down to about 40-something. I will catch up.

Is it possible to still nest after you give birth? Today I continued on my cleaning frenzy (after a long morning nap that is - naps are a must these days) and today I moved the dresser in Quentin's room that holds his changing pad. I'm still looking for a few missing things around the house, and didn't find anything but one children's book behind there, but vacuumed all the dirt/dust. Yesterday when I pulled up the mattress and box spring off my bed in my bedroom, I did manage to find 1 missing sock (I think Sean's). I do plan over the long weekend upcoming to move both Sean & Mack's beds from the wall and see if there are any more missing socks that maybe fell down the side of their bed. I wonder what else I'll find back there.

Quentin is finally going through a growth spurt. Before, when I was preparing him 60ml of water to 1 scoop of formula, which made just over 2 oz of formula, now I'm preparing double that (120ml of water to 2 scoops of water) and he's drinking about three quarters of it (Roughly 90 ml he is drinking). There is no way to make exactly what he drinks to avoid wasting formula unfortunately and there is really no point in saving (refrigerating) 1/4 of the bottle (which is what is left after he drinks) for his next feeding as I'd have to make more than that anyhow. I also realized why Quentin was "leaking" some of his formula out of his mouth when he was drinking (this was only sometimes happening). I had gotten a "gift set" kit from Playtex Advanced Ventaire. I didn't realize until today that there were both "slow" and "fast" nipples in the box. I thought it was a newborn kit (meaning all slow). Oops. I'll have to go tomorrow and get a few more slow nipples to replace the fast ones, which I'll keep for later on when Quentin is older and needs a faster pace nipple to drink. Now that I have that issue resolved, hopefully there won't be anymore formula leaking out of his mouth as he eats.


Kerry said...

You've got gorgeous babies Mama!!!

Jennifer said...

thanks for the reminder to set my dvr to tape the episode 25 show.. so excited for it!

g-girl said...

oh i had no idea she was taking over the discovery health channel!

Tara said...

I'm super behind on your blog, so I'm giving it a look-over and commenting on select posts only (sorry!). Thanks for the prayers, Robyn. They were really appreciated, and I'm sure every positive vibe we received helped :)