Friday, December 24, 2010



Today I discovered, that, when I'm all alone with the 3 boys, it takes me an entire hour to get organized to leave the house. Especially since it's winter, and I have 3 kids to suit up, and pack into the car. ONE FULL HOUR. I need to figure out what I can do to reduce that. However, unexpected stuff happened during that hour. Diapers needed changing, one kid ended up in time out... you know... the usual.


I had a great day with the boys and my mom. We braved it and spent the afternoon at the mall. Got GREAT parking (surprisingly) and thought it wasn't as busy inside as we had expected. Had lunch, and did a little shopping. Ran into family & some friends. Sean came home and said his feet hurt and he was tired! (Tired was the point!) What a nice day. (The boys had no daycare today, so I would have gone stir crazy had we all stayed home).

Merry Christmas to everyone! Hope your tree is filled with all that you've wished for. (And your stocking too!) Santa is visiting our house too (we celebrate all holidays) and I cannot wait to see Sean & Mack's reaction tomorrow morning. I just cannot wait. Camera batteries are charged and gifts are going to be left out by Sean & Mack's door (like last year for Sean). This year, Mack gets to enjoy it too, now that he's old enough to understand what is going on!


Amelah said...

Glad the mall was not too hectic! Sounds like a nice day!!

Cute picture of Mackenzie on the phone - Can you hear me now?! Should be a phone company advertisement!

Can't wait to see pictures of their faces of Xmas morning :) Lucky boys!!

Yarnhog said...

This probably isn't what you want to hear, but I think an hour is about right. I'm really type A, and one of the hardest things for me with babies was having to put my schedule second to all the kid-related delay.

I hear you on the staying home. When my youngest was a newborn, I took the kids to the Wild Animal Park by myself. An older man commented on how "brave" I was, but all I could think was how much harder it was to be stuck at home with them all!

Bea said...

Happy Christmas! Glad you got out for a bit!

dawn said...

I know all about the time out on the way out the door. This morning Josiah took about 10 minutes just to put his velcro tennis shoes on ughhhh! Looks like a lovely day once you got going!