Sunday, December 26, 2010



After sleeping in this morning, I hung out with Mack (and Quentin) while Jamie took Sean to the ice rink to shoot some pucks around. I think I have a little budding photographer (above).


To keep busy while we were home we worked on some water painting. Mack really enjoyed this.


Once Jamie and Sean got back, Jamie built our first fire. We've never used the fire place before. We actually had the fire going until late this evening. It was nice to have it. The house smelled so good from it, and all we were missing was some marshmallows.


Even Quentin enjoyed the fire from his swing.


I recently received in the mail some yarn I got from an exchange I did on Ravelry. I exchanged 2 other skeins of Malabrigo Worsted for these 2 skeins in the Ravelry Red Colorway. I think it'll become a scarf.


I have finally found some time to organize my photos and I'm working on the post for my virtual baby shower that my knitting friends hosted for me (do I have amazing friends or what?) In the meantime, Quentin is modeling a pair of baby pants that my friend Sarah knit for him. They are perfect for a winter day like today. And they fit him well - and he has room to grow in them. (The virtual baby shower post IS coming).


Today's Link Love:
- This free santa hat pattern. I wish I had seen it before Xmas, I would have knit one for Quentin. (Though, I'm not sure when I would have had the time!)
- This wooden toy camera is just flippin' awesome.
- Absolutely LOVE this bookshelf. Maybe I can get my dad to build one? They're sold out online.
- Love this baby mat. Too cute. I think I have a thing for Giraffes now.


Bea said...

I was SO wishing I could make a fire this weekend. No logs. Glad you guys got to enjoy one.

Jennifer said...

does he love the camera??
ps.. that preemie santa hat is adorable!

dawn said...

Wow looks like Mack was having a blast with the new camera! I love the look of concentration on his face when he was painting. The knitted baby pants look adorable on Quentin!

sapphireblue said...

Nice yarn!!

g-girl said...

that camera is so cool! very nice bookshelf too. :) nice that you guys can now get cozy by the fire!